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Prophecy 14 “Allow ME to Teach You Through Enoch!”

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 8, 2019 (Shabbat Service)

Prophetic Message

Be still MY darling Daughter, I am YAHUVEH, I am your FATHER. Oh I take you to a new elevation of your faith! Will you allow ME to break you a little? To separate you a little? I want you to spend more time alone with ME, like Enoch.

Enoch is teaching you. He is preparing your Dad Ezra. Enoch is your personal teacher because your calling is similar. Yes, I have one Bride, but the singleness of eye and the alignment with ME shall be the same. Spend more time in MY Presence. I am commanding you this. I’m teaching you to lay your flesh down. (I see Enoch say “Let me teach you.”) Will you allow ME to refine you more? You must go through trials and you must persevere. Remember Joseph – perseverance is a powerful medicine.

(I see a vision of YAHUSHUA and me dancing in the stars together. YES! I will allow you to teach me Enoch, do as ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, IMMAYAH commandeth thee and I shall follow! Appear to me! Teach me!)

I shall send the Prophets along the way, just as I did with Moshe, to help thee. You see, this brings ME comfort! I AM that I AM MY darling D’vorah!

You will and you must learn what laying down flesh really looks like. Every thought, motive, deed, will be in the spirit. Just step into MY Presence in the morning and I will take you to a new elevation. Satan fears this because he has always seen MY separation in thee. MY power is placed in your voice. That is why it is the spoken Word you prophesy that is so prevalent many times. Oh, declare MY glory with your voice! Oh, satan hates your voice! For you use it solely for ME! Now captivate I, YAHUVEH, with praise! You are MINE! I am your Beloved! I shower over you and soothe your fears and I calm the storm. Remember Psalm 91. Darling, MY love for thee shall never pass. I am here. I am your YAHUSHUA and you are declared MINE!

MY Son, speak MY Words! I have called thee MY Son! Excellent job! I, YAHUVEH, say ‘Well done reading MY Word’! Keep on MY Son! Encourage them with MY Scripture daily. I have so many wonderful gifts in store for each of you, if you will but just wait on ME. Wait on ME 1 hour a day in the morning and you will be blessed.

Enoch is MY Prophet from times of mysteries! For D’vorah, I shall reveal unto thee all mystery of the clouds and I shall reveal unto thee where MY winds are stored (1 Kings 8:38, Mark 11:23, Exodus 14:21, Matthew 14:29, Mark 4:39-40, 1 Kings 17:1) . Don’t be negligent, read MY Word and study Enoch! This will stir up MY anointing. This goes for you also Shimshon! Oh, Hannah, excellent job MY Daughter! You keep writing MY Words and loving your Soulmate and your Brothers and Sisters, and I shall bless thee.

Dad Ezra – follow his example Children. Hide under his wings. Love like Dad Ezra taught thee. I get tired of repeating MYSELF. Oh, come unto ME! Let me teach you how to love selflessly. Good job MY Son Shimshon! Job well done today. Incline your ear, MY Son. I shall show thee what to say. I shall put MY Words in your mouth! Call out to ME in desperation and I will show thee great and marvelous things! Long for ME and I shall reveal MY face unto thee – will change thee forever. You are precious MY Son. Keep striving to live Holy – in purity and Holiness.

Never defile yourselves – and I speak to all men and woman – with the defilement of the soul. Oh how I love thee! You’re MINE! All of you! And I seal you this day now say ‘I receive it’ and be blessed! Hallelu YAH! (I hear Heaven say that)

Love, your Kingship,


End of the Word

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