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Prophecy 58 “Be Blameless MY Children: Keep MY Commandments And Live!”

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Given to Prophet Shema'Yah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on June 25, 2019

Prophetic Message

Stupid! How stupid are these people to come against ME? After all that I have done to feed, lead, guide and direct with MY Shepherd's Rod (Psalm 23). But in truth, I have preserved all those who have loved ME and I have destroyed all others (Psalm 145:20). For it is clear that they do not love ME. To see unrighteousness and to stand for injustice in the face of MY truth! For in truth, all these people knew the truth. For it is written in the Scriptures. The foundation of MY Throne is founded upon righteousness and justice (Psalm 89:14).

And look at the injustice of all these people to slay MY Children! Xenia (Amightywind member), you are fallen in the streets. And your soul has escaped you! And how many souls have been lost over foolishness?

But it is all written in MY Law. At the rejection of MY Torah, a great curse has come upon them all (Lev. 26:14-46; 1 Sam. 15:23). For when you do not stand for righteousness, you become blinded by sin. You become taken over within. And not many have escaped (from Amightywind ministry), and their names you do not know. For the ones that you do have all been slain within; lost their lives and their souls. And this grieves ME so.

Keep MY Commandments and live (Prov. 7:2)! This is the command from the start. All MY true Children will have escaped this. For MY Word does not lie. As you obey, it comes back upon you. It performs all that which I sent it to do; without failure! And that is the same for the disobedient. MY Word does not lie (Num. 23:19; 1 Sam. 15:29; Tit. 1:2; Heb. 6:18)!

What you have here is man trying to play GOD. And a multitude of the wicked chasing after it. But there is one GOD, and I'm not found in the Amightywind [ministry] and I will burn it to the ground! With MY right judgments and MY righteous Right Hand, will bring it down. To repay to the faces, to take vengeance upon all who have not loved ME! I'll destroy them all (Deut. 7:9-10)! And many casualties there have been. But they chose to ignore MY call. For I tell you, not one within (the Amightywind ministry) was not warned! Instead of taking it to ME, they believed the lies.

But this is only the beginning of MY righteous end-time works – to make an example before all – of those who do lie. Of the lies within (the Amightywind ministry in this case, but all lies spoken in secret will be exposed; Luke 12:2). There's no lies within this Ministry (no lies in Torah Keeper Ministry). And near and far I do call all MY Children – the true, those who love the truth – to come near. To come to ME. I gather you all from the face of the earth! To avoid the traps of the enemies in every nation around the world.

MY Judgments shall stand! Do not touch MY Sheep and MY Lambs! For I, the Good SHEPHERD, do take MY Rod and beat them all away (the enemies/wolves)! All the wolves, the wolves in sheep's clothing. And MY work shall stand, because I cannot fail. Those who are true will not fall. For it is in MY hand they all stand and I will not lose one of MY Sheep and MY Lambs. No matter where you are on the face of the earth. No matter what enemy you face. MY righteousness still stands. I will protect you and deliver you MY People. No matter the plots and the plans of the enemy of your soul (Ezek. 34:11-12; Psalm 23:1-6).

MY Children, MY coming is quickly and you have to get yourselves ready because this world has met its end. And I am not to allow anymore the things that have been done within the world to continue forward. I halt the unrighteousness as I raise up a standard. And they do battle. And do not go any further (the wicked and their unrighteousness). For they have come to meet their demise! Just know that all those who pursue you, have met their demise. For it is MY plan, and I use you, I wield you as MY battle-axe in the world to slay MY enemies,(Jer 51:19-23) those who do stand against ME! I use MY helpless little Lambs. MY innocent, MY blameless! For you have no sharp teeth, and it is MY trick (YAH speaking to HIS Lambs and Sheep) to draw them in closely. Before they know, the LION of the Tribe of Judah is ready to devour them!

Be blameless MY Children! And watch ME work in this earth, as I draw out MY sword against all MY enemies! All your enemies, one-by-one they fall. Starting with the Amightywind [ministry]! Off the cliff they all went... they all fall (Luke 6:39; Matt. 15:14). Following their queen, queen of denial (GOD calls Elisabeth Elijah “the queen of denial”). [Amightwyind is] Saying within, “I am righteous!” They wipe their mouth and say, “I've done no wrong!” (Prov. 30:20). The blind leading the blind! And no wonder they fell into a great pit! For the curse that has come on Amightywind is a great curse! And it shall not turn back! For I raised MY hand, in this day, and I declare “I shall destroy them all!” Anyone who has believed these lies is in great danger of Hell fire! Of losing your soul!

And I will not strive with man! Senseless! This is senseless. Why would you all do this? Why would you all do this? What are you doing? When I told you to flee? And you find your soul in an irreparable state!

I AM the Great I AM! And you listen to ME, O Earth. Hell and She'ol have opened up its mouth to receive every one of you all who does not worship this righteous Law (Is. 5:14; Enoch 60:6). This way of truth. This good thing that I have given to you: MY Torah Laws! And MY Son YAHUSHUA!

Just know that now that many shall fall because grace is being removed from the earth. If they do not come quickly, they will be met with great violence! For the KING is coming! I shall slay MY enemies! This is MY Earth! This is MY footstool! And it does not belong to you! But I have said, “the meek shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5:5). MY righteousness still stands. And there is nothing to pervert or to change that. Not now, not ever! Never! Never will I change! Never will I change (Jas. 1:17; Mal. 3:6)!

It is you, O Earth, you shall bow to ME! For it is written, “every knee shall bow in Heaven and on the earth, even those under the earth,” those creeping creatures (Phil. 2:10-11; Is. 45:23). It is I who shall stand and decimate MY enemies. And those who are remaining shall go into captivity. For enough is enough! And MY eyes are too Holy to see the blackness, the darkness of the sin; the lawlessness. I am finished with you, O Earth!

There is only time for mercy if you will have it. For I hold out MY arms, MY hands. And you have to pursue mercy. You have to make peace with ME (Is.27:4-5)! For there is no more grace. There is no time for grace! For you have caused ME a great wound. And it was finished at the Cross when that soldier stabbed ME in the side, and yet you are intent to repeat the blow (John 19:34). And I just wanted you to know how much I cared. How I loved you! And gave MY life for you. Yet you spit in MY face and bite the hand that fed you!

For MY righteousness is in all the earth. And I have given to all abundantly. And I cannot stand to see MY SON to be trampled again and again. HE is MY Beloved! And I gave HIM for you! So I release MY fire after all of you. And I pursue MY enemies. I pursue you all to the depths, even of the sea. I catch all MY enemies. I slam you and throw you down. That goes for you too, Marine kingdom! For there is no kingdom but MY Kingdom. MY Kingdom that is set up, that will be set up (Dan. 2:44-45). And I dare you, I dare you to stand against ME! For I am a great KING, a MAN of battle! And I do lead MY Armies, MY Forces, to battle and it's only victory WE shall see. And it was won at the Cross. And I establish MY Victory over you.

So you listen to ME now, if there's any chance for you at all, and I said, “on your knees you will fall and repent.” Repent to ME! Repent to ME! Flee this perverse generation. For there are so many who are not even human and they pervert the Earth with their weird creations and the changing of MY Laws; and their perversities, things that no one should know; let alone discuss! And I want you to know I will scorch this earth with unquenchable fire (Mal.4:1)! For I am finished with you all. For you will not mock and taunt ME at all! For it is I who will have the last laugh. As She'ol claims you all, who is not covered in the Blood of MY SON YAHUSHUA.

End of the Word

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