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Be True and Rejoice In YAH | Heavenly Manna

Be True and Rejoice In YAH | Heavenly Manna

    BLESSED MESSIAH KING, heal my heart of all trauma and wounds. My heart is THINE. Yea, take my heart and give me one new. THOU bindest up the broken-hearted and grantest them garments of myrrh. May we gird up our loins with the Law of THY TRUTH. Blessed be THY Sovereign Hands which do take hold of the reins of my life!

Many come in THY NAME, BELOVED YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. Many come proclaiming THY Law, TRUSTED SAVIOUR, FORTRESS of ROCK. Yet, their hearts are far from THEE! They know the letter of the Law and trust in their idol intellect. They are one with the serpent; clothed with his scales. Down to hell do they take many with the sweep of their tails. Yea, they speak forth devil doctrines, with which against YAHUVEH they rail. Through their venomous teeth do they utter blasphemous tales. They lie in uncleanness, seeking to defile all that is holy. With their forked tongues of flesh do they set ablaze all creation. With their strange fire doctrines do they tickle the ears of many. “Away from ME thou blasphemous foes, I will have none of thee! Give ME the holy, whose fruit is pure! Give ME the righteous who strive to obey! Give ME the saints, whose FOUNDATION is Sure!” [YAHUVEH]

ABBA YAHUVEH, purify THOU my life. To this world I am dead and ’tis dead to me. In MASHIACH I live, for in HIM am I hid. It is now no longer I that live but MASHIACH that manifesteth through me. Let my “yea” be “yea” and my “nay” be “nay.” These lips of clay belong unto THEE. Cause them to not speak forth a word that is not holy. With THY burning coal, cleanse THOU my communication. Let the Uprightness of THY Word spring forth from this vessel. Yea, pour forth THY Living Waters within. Use me as an instrument of THY KINGDOM. And by THY Grace may I point to the Way out of hell.

YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, before THEE do I bow. Let me, before the nations, make a joyful sound! THOU art my life and peace! Where once sin was rampant, now in my life doth THY Grace abound. By THY Grace, through faith unfeigned, am I saved; not by the works of my hands. Yet let me prove my love for THEE by with action backing my holy stance. Blessed be the GIFT of SALVATION, for with THY BLOOD hast THOU made Deliverance! Blessed be the MOST HIGH GOD whose goodness endureth forever! The praise of HIM is to be forever, for HE alone is Worthy! Blessed be the SOVEREIGN ELECT who is flawless in all HIS ways!

May my heart sing forever of THY tender-mercies! Let me not forget THEE, O GOD. Let my words upon wakening be of thanksgiving and praise. Let my heart leap for joy with the coming of the morn. Though weeping endureth for the night, at the break of day THOU wilt clothe me with the gladness of THY Light.

Blessed be my Real Joy-Giver, for HE hath ransomed me from the pit! HE hath delivered me from the fearsome beast and the trampling devourer. The adversary hath been slain and by THY DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD hast THOU cut my chains. Now am I a humble bondservant of the MOST HIGH and HIS MESSIAH! Blessed be the FAITHFUL RIGHT HAND of YAH our ELOHIM! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL

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