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Boast In GOD Alone | Heavenly Manna

Boast In GOD Alone | Heavenly Manna

    O FAITHFUL RUACH of the MOST HIGH, THOU dost wrap THINE Arms about me as a mantle. THOU dost blanket me with the Peace of Heaven. Let me not depart from beneath THINE Covering. May THINE Anointing permeate my mind, body, soul, and spirit. THOU dost lead me into all TRUTH. Unto HIM, YAHUSHUA the EVERLASTING ONE, dost THOU draw me. Yea, HE was lifted up. HE was lifted up and unto Calvary hast THOU led me. To the foot of the Execution Stake didst THOU guide me. Through THINE Eyes didst I see the horror of my sins. Clothed was MASHIACH with the blackness of mine transgressions. Upon that Cross did HE hang; naked, thirsty, and iniquity-laden. The wages of my sin was upon HIM laid. Naught of wrong that HE had done, was HE for slain. Nay, again, it was my punishment that did HE so humbly claim.

O Blessed FAITHFUL LAMB of YAH, how can I say thanks for the ATONEMENT THOU hast made for me? THOU didst endure much affliction for the joy that was set before THEE. They branded THEE a liar, a hypocrite, a spawn. They gaped at THEE with their insults and curses, though in THEE was found no wrong. THOU didst not lift up THY voice against them, but instead remained silent. As a lamb led to slaughter and as a sheep before its shearers is dumb, so THOU openest not THY Mouth. Yea, they didst shear THEE of THY Garments and parted them by lot.

O KING of the Jews, THY Love to us-ward is beyond compare. The Love of THY FATHER is deep, without err. BELOVED MOMMA WISDOM, at the Command of our ABBA didst THY SON with us share. Thank YOU HOLY TRINITY, for by this SACRIFICE can we ascend Jacob’s Stair. BLESSED be the HIGH SACRIFICE of our ELOHIM YAH! BLESSED be the HOPE of Israel, for HE is the Shofar Call! HE hath called us from darkness unto light, from death unto life! YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S death was not in vain, for by it hath ATONEMENT been made. HALLELUYAH unto the LAMB and HIS GOD! HALLELUYAH unto the KING, the RIGHTEOUS LION! HE dwelleth above the stars and sitteth upon Mount Zion! Bow at the Feet of YAH ELYON! HE is the MOST HIGH GOD and HIS Majesty will HE not share! HE alone is SOVEREIGN and the ELECT ONE of Eternity!

MOMMA SHKHINYAH WISDOM, grant me Peace this night. The bulls of Bashan have plowed deep chasms within my heart. Laughter doeth good like a good medicine. Yet at times it hath only concealed the pain of my depression. I take this false shield off and desire THY Healing in mine inward parts. Abused am I by this world, especially by those who call themselves Christian.

Where is the holy unfeigned love for the brethren of whom they claim to belong? There is no love of MESSIAH within, for far from HIM have they gone. Rid me of these strange children, who spread the pestilential doctrine! They seek to contaminate the holy, like unto the pharisees, with their leaven. Away from me, thou hypocrites! Away from me ye who are puffed up in pride! Sinful boasting goeth before one’s fall to the pit.

Let me boast in THEE Alone! Let me glory in the ONE who hath saved me! In YAH our ELOHIM we boast all the day long and praise HIS NAME Forever! Sanctified be THY NAME from this time forth and even forever more! Blessed be YAHUVEH who humbleth HIMSELF to receive the praises of HIS saints! Blessed be our FAIR CAPTAIN who hath led us out of the pit of destruction! Blessed be the Right Hand of our ELOHIM, for with High Power hath HE delivered us from great waters! By HIS Mighty and Exalted Hand hath HE planted us in the Goodly Land! YEA and AMEN!!! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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