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Prophecy 12 “Come, Let Us Reason Together!”

Updated: May 27, 2023

Given to Torah Keeper for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 7, 2019

Prophetic Message

YESHUA says,

People, fall on your faces. Revere, Revere, Revere! I AM HERE.

Tell them, the earth quakes at MY wrath for I am consumed by MY fury. The world mocks at the “Passion of the Christ”! They know not the suffering they shall endure for this! They mock at MY Blood at Calvary that was spilled for them on Jerusalem’s soil. Don’t be like the heathen, warn them! For MY FATHER’s rage is at the end and MY 2 Olive Trees shall arise!

First the night must come and then the morning. Can you hear the birds chirping? Oh then why do ye complain oh world!? I YESHUA weep! I weep for MY passionate love is trampled on and thrown in the fire of the destruction of souls by many! I see them mock ME! Do you think you’ll get away with it oh heathen of this world?! Oh, hear ye and heed to this Prophet! For MY rage boils hotter than the sun! How dare you! Gay marriage like the plague is causing the majority to now sin by the sin of determining gay marriage and the acceptance thereof. Know ye not it is written in the Torah Law this is an abomination unto I YEHOVAH, YESHUA, IMMA GLORIA?! A mockery of all that is Holy!

Oh I love you! And now write what I’m speaking forth, not a Word more not a Word less, so fear not what heathen speak! For I will put fear in the hearts of men when I put MY plagues on them for coming against MY Olive Tree, MY Branches on MY Candlestick.

How do ye not yet understand? I am the living Torah! I am the WORD that was made flesh and I died for you, oh world, so you could enjoy MY FATHER and I and MY MOTHER for all eternity!

All of MY holy ones listen! Gabri’El blows his horn and MY sound is alarmed through the universe! If you listen you shall hear. Ask ME to hear. I AM here. I am nearer than your closest breath. I am with you and I blow kisses to MY Bride! I am your lover and I am your BRIDEGROOM, your KINSMAN REDEEMER and I am worthy!

End of the Word



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