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Prophecy 4 “Repent, Golden Jerusalem!”

Updated: Jul 4

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on January 19, 2019

Prophetic Message

(I see YESHUA under a tree on top of a hill, HE had arms around HIS knees, and waved at me from distance. I walked next to HIM and watched the Jerusalem together with HIM.

I saw and heard HIM say...)

I AM looking at MY Jerusalem, how beautiful, the golden city. But enemies will come and take siege. Until that day, Jerusalem will not be delivered. Not until she goes through fire and shout “Blessed is he who comes in the name of YESHUA!” (Psalm 118:26, Matt 23:39) You see how much this will take. If she's obedient, this will not be necessary. But I AM all knowing, and I already know. I know the stone that will remain. (after the destruction)

I know how hot it needs to be (I see fire in the furnace). All of you go through furnace. And you, just keep listening to Dad Ezra. You will find a Northern Star (find YESHUA). For there is your soul's desire (Heaven).

(Vision: I see YESHUA drawing a circle on the sand, and like the clock HE draws lines and portions it on the sand clock)

I set time for each ordained time, you are in MY timing and all is appointed. The time is not too far off. Take back what the devil stole. Time is already revealed. Seek and you shall find. (I see YESHUA points to my heart). It is not too far. I will come get you. Be ready and wait for me, your Bridegroom. Don't wander off. (Note: remember, this promise is given to those who belong to YESHUA the MESSIAH, HE will come take HIS Bride and Guest, make sure you are ready each day as if you are living the last day on this Earth.)

For it took so much to save you. Don't let it go to waste. Your Brothers and Sisters are all waiting for MY glorious return. But not until MY Jerusalem repents. And not just the physical Israel.

I saved you and your Brethren, and preserved you until your Dad Ezra comes. For it is MY will that you go through it. How will I test gold without testing? But I know who is MINE and I rescue.

No one can outrun ALMIGHTY's way, not even you. What is preordained, you shall do. For it glorifies ME. Your past sin is far from east and the west. Be not bitter, and grow not weary. But seek ME more. For I desire alone time with you, far not enough. Don't waste your time on useless things. Focus on ME more, I am your soul's lover. No one loves you more than I do.

I created sun for the benefits, but they worship the sun. And I shall destroy it! (Vision See YESHUA holds sun in HIS hand and crushes it.) How many no longer fear ME? (I see people still shopping under the sun and even after disaster struck) And I have shaken the Earth, blew the wind, bring down the hail. But what did they do to ME? To MY SON? Mocking, more mocking. I am sorrowful for what I must do, not even your IMMA GLORIA can appease this anger any longer.

That is why I need MY Elder Bride, MY Ezra to come, to comfort ME. You don't know how much joy I have when I see him. His heart is full of ME. I am the most important. And at one time of all your life you had lost that. But he is different, so follow his example.

Do you see how much I have given you all? The best of what I have. As your Sister says, the best of all over the Earth. And you are the best Children. So be obedient to each other, don't let pride rise up. Watch the attitude when you answer. I don't want to see disrespect. You are all so important to ME. Tell them, you all please ME. I will speak when you listen.

I love you MY Daughter, bring this Message to them. To MY Ezra, tell him how pleased I am with him. All the Heaven will see how I adorn my Mordechai. He has gone through life's tribulation and became the best gold. Gold from MY mouth. And it pleases ME.

All of you shall be like your Dad Ezra. I will adorn you with crown of suffering like none other. For you gone through with your Dad Ezra. And your Dad Ezra will put them on you. It is a crown from him.

You see, I don't do anything without revealing to MY Prophets. Stories foretold and just waiting to play out. Oh enemies of MINE, you want to play? Let's see how far you can play GOD. It is dangerous to play with fire, but that's exactly what you do when you touch MY Son (Ezra). You had them pray against him, taking his life in your hand. But I say NO! Because he doesn't belong to you!

And you, another evil Jezebel, I will deal with you later. I will count all the cases. You keep records (of people's mistakes)? Then don't blame ME when ALMIGHTY count all your records! You count all the records of MY Daughter that were all washed clean! Who are you? You shall suffer greatly. Calamity shall not leave your household.

Oh, your son, you held him so high and couldn't see him losing his souls. What kind of mother are you? Did I leave you that kind of example? You have no one else to blame but you.

And you, another evil one. Your father honored you with that name, but instead of being a courageous warrior, you became a coward. I will spit you out of MY mouth. I will chew you up and down until you have no bones left. This is the anger of the ALMIGHTY GOD.

(I hear lion’s roar)

You don’t play with ALMIGHTY GOD! I said it again and again! Touch not MY Anointed, nor do my Prophets any harm!

How many listened, how many heard MY cry? (YEHOVAH weeps)

(YEHOVAH gathers HIMSELF to continue speaking)

... And you, the other evil one, your father that delivered you is not the devil. But you in your own mind [to think the father is the devil]. I have given you the best, but you spit on his face. I will whip you and your wife. Her heart grew cold. She will not last long. And you will see.

It shall happen. At my command. At the time of Moshe and Korah, MY hand is in the play. I AM the Master Player. You are just MY pieces to achieve MY goal. You are not irreplaceable. So what made you think you are on the judgment seat? You will be judged. (Luke 6:42)

When you point at them, you don't see your own sin. I will rip your eyes open, and you will not be able to avoid your sin (they will and must see it).

There's more judgment to come. They only think they are in the winning side. That's the illusion devil gives.

How can you be victorious when you forsake MY Torah? MY Torah, MY Torah! Ezra teaches, so easily tossed away. (YEHOVAH weeps). I gave so much. I gave the LIVING TORAH. Do you not remember how HE was crucified? It wasn't you that was crucified. So listen to Ezra. But you don't dare (to listen). For you look down on him. You think you are higher than him (to think Christian ways are higher than Jewish ways).

You are wrong, and it will be put under microscope for you to see. Every tittle shall not go away. (Matt 5:18)

You (the evil ones against Torah Keeper) think your blood can wash away sin. Did I YESHUA give you that authority? Stop playing GOD. Only I judge, not you! Put down your bucket (that is used to do the blood marking). You cannot save one soul. You are a glorified mouthpiece. Be put into place! (Vision of this person before the stair case in Heaven, and YEHOVAH pushes the person to chair that they were supposed to sit on, to put them in their place and not over YEHOVAH'S authority.)

And you, the other evil one, you blasphemed your sister. Speak evil of her. And your husband, a puppet. Just a toy of fallen angel. They have taken over your soul, just like your other brother. Ezra nourished and treasured you both. Put so much work into the studio, but it will become a rubble. A result of the Babel Tower. You shall see. I cannot bless what does not bless ME. I have warned.

Be cheerful MY Daughter (the Prophet speaking). For you are in MY will. The only way to Heaven. Dad Ezra is right. He has been walking in it for many years. He is newly saved, but that's only in men's time, not I YEHOVAH's time. MY glorious Tree, I await your glorious return. (It reminded me of a vision I saw Thor returning to his father after his triumph, YEHOVAH uses the symbolism from movies to tell us things. In this case, YEHOVAH was using something that I already know to tell me that when HIS son returns it is triumphant as what was shown in the movie.) That's just a shadow of how it will be. Cheer up! I have not left you and will not leave you. Your Dad worships me, so why do you think it will be any different? Just worship and follow his way. And miracles, wonders you will see! I have many plans for this Ark. Ezra's Ark.

Each of you walk hand in hand with Prophets of Old. Yes, there are many more. And these are just the main ones (The Prophets that pass to Heaven they are still working in the spiritual realm because they are also in the numbers of Cloud of Witnesses, and just because someone pass on and left the flesh does not mean they stopped working for GOD). You seek and you shall hear their voices, will help you to grow more advanced.

Give glory to ME! For I do new things and glorify MYSELF in your midst! I don't just have 1 prophet, I have 7! All of you shine in different ways. I have so much joy seeing each of you reflect light on each other. It brings more beauty. Why do you think these are the only colors (of gemstone)? In heaven there's more. And you will see MY mountain of Treasure.

How I adorn MY Torah. Each stone of my Children is encrusted on the tablet of stone (10 Commandments). I treasure MY Son, and HE is the biggest gem on the 10 Commandments. It is all about HIM. Glorify HIS Name. HE is MY greatest SERVANT and your MASTER.

I gave HIM the Earth and see how HE manages. HE came as a humble babe in your midst. Many are saved, many are condemned. But that's not important now. I want to talk to you about HIS love. How HE chose to go on the crucifixion. You see, as GOD there's no need for sacrifice, but HE did it for the mankind knowing they would fall. It is pre-ordained. For who can understand the ALMIGHTY?

There are many mysteries within the Bible. And some you will only know when you get to Heaven. I take joy as you search and find. So let me teach you more. Do you know YESHUA has a Servant Realm? That's right. HE kept those that are the most faithful by HIS Side and send them out to serve in other planets, to serve others. That is why it is so important to master servanthood. For that is the heart of my Bible. Dad Ezra teaches it, YESHUA teaches it, and you shall teach it. For Servant is not greater than the Master. (John 13:16)

How I look at the Earth and only see coldness. I know what you struggle but it is not too hard for the ALMIGHTY. But show me your heart, let your action to prove "you love ME". For that is what I am looking for. Action behind the words just like your Dad Ezra - He is my greatest Servant. For he gives all and you have seen it. He leaves none for himself and I will greatly reward him for that.

There is much more that will come unto this Earth and Ezra already prophesied the calamity upon them. The 3 days of darkness shall not depart them for they are in darkness. But, I, YEHOVAH am in the light, and all those that follow MY Ezra's way. You have nothing to fear. MY birdy, you are the song that wakes ME up in the morning.

I hear your yearning and your heart. But know what is of ME and what is not. And you will be free. It is not MY desire for you to be tormented, to be distracted by satan's scheme. Can you not see it is only for you to get side tracked? It is not MY will, so stop it now. Satan had taken your imagination for run too far, take it back now. What your Sister told is true, imagine the wall and break through it as a super girl! (GOD taught us to use our imaginations to fight against evil)

You are MY Super Girl along with MY Super Man! There is no spiderman so don't misunderstand. Satan had to throw in his creation to defile MY plan, but it was never his plan so how can he mess it up? I only allowed it for a purpose.

I am the Master Blacksmith. I take and choose MY Best pieces and discard the rest. Far more than you know.

So worship ME, let ME know you glow even in the darkest hour. But it is coming to end quickly, MY Ezra is speeding up the time, so follow quickly MY Children his ways are proved to be the best way to Heaven. He is not YESHUA, but an example to you to follow HIM as if HE (YESHUA) is on the Earth now.

I have MY perfect planning, and I cannot reveal. But Ezra you have many waiting for you in Heaven. Your grandma, how she loved ME and taught you about ME. I love the stories she told ME. I rejoice knowing you. So don't despair MY Children, when you see your Dad goes, cheer up and shout HalleluYAH! for I am coming for MY Bride! MY Elder Bride! All the universe is waiting for this moment since creation. The true manifestation of Sons of GOD. And Daughters. But how would you know how to reach it if I don't send Ezra to teach you? It is MY will... It is MY Will... Be at peace now, MY Child. Be at peace.

End of the Word

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