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Prophecy 18 “Do Not Mix Meat and Dairy - This is MY Kosher Laws! Thus Saith YAHUVEH of Hosts!”

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 14, 2019


To give you an idea of why this Prophecy came forth, there is a Jewish tradition that we are "not to mix meat and dairy", and it came from Exodus 23:19. The Torah commands us: "Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk" (Exodus 23:19). The Torah forbids eating meat and milk in combination, and even forbids the act of cooking them together (as well as deriving benefit from such a mixture). As a safeguard, the Sages disallow the eating of meat and dairy products at the same meal, or preparing them with the same utensils. Therefore, a kosher kitchen must have two separate sets of pots, pans, plates and silverware – one for meat/poultry and the other for dairy foods.

Prophetic Message

(I was sitting on ABBA YAHUVEH’S lap in Heaven and HE was so sad. He told me that I have no idea about the pain that HE has to suffer. I asked HIM, “What can I do ABBA to comfort you?” HE showed me HIS Children serving each other in a vision in Heaven while I was sitting on HIS lap, and HE said, “You can serve one another like MY Children.”

Then I asked Paul – because Apostle Paul came into the room – “Paul, what do you want to teach us?” He said…)

The interpretation of the Tanakh (Bible). Oh, I grieve! I grieve at how they twist my words and claims I said not to keep Torah Laws and the Laws of Kosher!

‘Do not mix meat and dairy’ are MY Kosher Laws, thus saith the LORD YAHUVEH of Hosts, ROCK of all ages, GOD of Shalom. It is pretense to say that I did not do these things when I was the strictest of them all. Do not despise small beginnings, beloved.

You will scribe MY Torah. YAHUSHUA told me to tell you, oh faithful Daughter of Zion. When you read MY Torah, you stir up this anointing. When you speak, MY Words are inscribed literally in the air. Be careful with your tongue. There’s a reason I’ve named you.

I am Paul, and I am that man that was forgiven. Never look back at the past. Move on Daughter. You want to know how I, Shaul, did it? I never remembered my old past nor did I tie it into the new.

You need my Living Waters, thus saith YAHUVEH, to refresh your mind anew. When fatigue comes upon you and you feel weary, give ME a shout of praise, even if it’s in the mind – and I will lift the veil of darkness of slumber that clouds the mind. Hold every thought subject under MY authority and give ME authority to do that.

Oh, how I love you! How much I’ve missed your alone time with I, YAHUVEH, and I, YAHUSHUA! Get to know US more Daughter! Oh, how I love thee! Thou art precious in MY sight and thine eyes are MY eyes and I will sustain thee and cover thee and hide thee under MY Wings of Glory. I love you MY precious.

End of the Word

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