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Prophecy 31 “Do You Hear MY Footsteps MY Children?”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 12, 2019

Prophetic Message

Do you hear MY footsteps MY Children? As I walk around on the floor of your minds. In the corridors of your hearts. As I walked in the Garden of Eden, they heard MY footsteps. I say to you walk with ME! I say, where are you? MY Sons, MY Daughters, where are you?

Be not like Adam, as he hid himself and Eve hid herself when I called for them, for they hid themselves because they were ashamed. Because they sinned, they broke MY Commandment. And they just wanted to hide. And I said to him “did you eat of the fruit of the tree that I forbid?”

So hear MY footsteps this day. I walk in the garden of your hearts. The garden of your minds. Where there is planted the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And I give you the same Commandment. I gave you the same Commandment. You shall not eat of that tree, the fruit of the tree. And I look and I’ve looked at each one of you. In one way or another, all of you ate of that fruit.

Then comes the salvation story. I, YESHUA, descended from Heaven to earth. In all MY glory. To the frame of a little babe. And I grew up among men. I was a carpenter’s son. The eyes of the world were fixed on the mighty, the strong, influential, eloquent, the rich, the powerful and they knew it not that GOD was in their midst. In the form, of a carpenter’s son. Then MY Glory was revealed. I confounded the world. Oh, they hated ME, they hated ME, they hated ME. And MY fame went around but did you know I cared not for fame? I will go to take care of the ones MY FATHER trusted ME to lay MY life down for. To lay MY life down that many will be saved.

And I laid MY life down on that cross and I poured out MY blood – for GOD so loved the world that HE GAVE HIS Only SON, HIS Begotten SON.

And I died and I rose again. For all who believe in ME and actually put the works behind their faith, as they repent and they turned away from sin. And then I planted MY Tree of Life and I said “eat”, where I forbade them the tree of knowledge. I say to you all, “eat”! Eat of MY Fruit and live! Let ME uproot the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Allow ME to lay the axe to the root.

And as you repent, and as you confess, the struggles with one another, sins – that’s like striking the root of the tree. And that which falls becomes a new tree, for that Tree of Life produces fruit such as your testimonies. For I use your testimonies of ME. I use your testimonies of where you’ve been to pour out MY life on those who hear you.

Come to ME, MY Children, come to ME, come to ME, and let ME hold you to MY breast. Let ME caress you, let ME remind you of who you are and who I AM! Allow ME to uproot all that brings you fear. Every insecurity, every shame, allow ME. I was a carpenter’s Son. I know how to tear down and how to build up. Why do you think MY Heavenly FATHER chose a carpenter as MY earthly father. I, YESHUA, knew what I would do. That I would tear down, and I would build up.

Did you know this? MY earthly father was also a gardener? He taught ME many things. How do you think I learned so much and I spoke in parables? Of that which I knew. Joseph, MY father, MY earthly father, carried so many qualities of the Heavenly FATHER. He was chosen for ME. MY Heavenly FATHER knew where to place ME, just as I know where to place you MY Children. And I’ve given you a Father like none other!

Joseph taught ME, I, YESHUA discipline. You think it was easy to raise the SON of GOD? Joseph taught ME how to work hard. How to be a businessman. How to work hard with MY hands. Joseph taught ME the Torah. You MY Children, are under the same training that I, YESHUA, was on when I was on the earth. So learn quickly, learn quickly. I pour out MY grace, MY mercy upon you, but learn quickly there isn’t much time left! I said be transparent. To search the cores of your heart. If you don’t know where it is, ask I, YESHUA, as some of you have not been doing this, for you did not like what you saw. Do you think I like what I see?

I want to clean up! That’s what I do! I clean up the mess, allow ME, allow ME, allow ME, allow ME to wash your feet! Allow ME to wash your feet! If you do not allow ME to wash your feet, that shows you do not allow ME to wash and clean your heart! Are you receiving MY rebukes? Are you receiving MY correction? I say the same to each of you! To all of you! Every Prophecy are MY Words, MY Words! And how you know, does it pierce you to the soul? Does your flesh cringe!? Do you fall to your face!? Are you humbled? Does the flesh rise?

These are MY Words! MY Words are life! Sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing the soul and the spirit, discerning the thoughts, even the very intents of the spirit. Doubt – I see it! Fear – I see it! Lust – I see it! Rebellion – I see it! Hatred – I see it! Envy – I see it! Insecurity – I see it! If you try to hide it, I kick open the doors! If you try to bury it, I dig it up!

MY house! It’s MY house! I bind the strongman! And plunder the house. I remove all that that is not pleasing to ME. I tell you what else I see – a love that is growing. I see MY compassion. I see MY peace. I desire for you to remain there to abide there to enter into MY rest. I see MY thankfulness. But I tell you this, why do I reveal to you what’s in the heart?

I tell you, it’s like in the Garden of Eden, the tree of knowledge of evil and good and the Tree of Life. Allow ME to complete the good work. Allow ME to do the work. For did I not say I am always working? MY FATHER is always working. Allow ME, Allow ME, allow ME, allow ME! I literally draw a sword slowly, I put it through your heart. Sounds violent, but the kingdom of darkness will suffer violence, anything in the dark, but I do it out of love. I put one hand on your shoulder, the other hand holds the sword. And I push it through your heart. And it goes out through the other side. This is why you are convicted. This is why you’re pierced to the soul. I literally pierce your soul out of love. I did the same to my mother on earth, to MY mother Miriam! I took the sword and I pierced her soul. I had words of rebuke for her too. I knew who I was! And who I AM!

And she said, “I know this my SON, is GOD’s SON! I did not expect this! MY own SON to look me in the face and to speak the words that would reduce my flesh to ashes, that would pierce my soul.” That’s why MY Mother is in Heaven. She had to hear ME she had to listen, she had to obey, she had to receive ME! I warned her.

For I tell you MY Children, with every word that is spoken, when you open your mouth to speak, there are layers of revelation that goes into your soul. That you don’t know. There is a revelation that goes up to Heaven, like the Cloud of Witnesses they look and they say, “Wow!” It’s more than just a word, it’s life. It’s eternal life. So I look into your hearts. Each of you. Each of you, I look into your hearts, and I say, “Open up the door.” Whatever you’ve buried, dig up. Don’t let I, YESHUA, have to do this work – make it easy for ME. Make it easier for ME, MY Children. And this happens through transparency, this happens through repentance. The more you become transparent, the more you’re willing to acknowledge your sin, the more you don't allow the flesh to rise, the more you hasten the time that I can use your mouth, that I can clean the heart.

MY eyes go to and fro. To and fro. Up and down. You think I’M just invisible? [You say] “YESHUA, help ME throughout this day!” not fully realizing… Why do you think I keep saying “I‘m closer than your next breath”? Even though I’m invisible to your physical eyes, everything is transparent to ME! Sometimes you are like little children playing 'hide and seek'. You just cover your eyes thinking that you’re actually hiding. Then I come seeking. I see you right there in the open with your eyes covered. Deceiving yourself that you actually hid. Just like a little child. And you’re surprised when I find you. You’re surprised and you say, “YESHUA you truly do see all things?!” And I still shake MY head and I say, “It wasn’t hard to see from this perspective.”

Hide this way MY Children, hide yourselves in ME under the shelter of MY wings, under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY and you will find rest for your souls. I will deliver you from the fowlers snare and from the noisome pestilence and you will not fear the terror by night, nor the plague that destroys at midday, and you will not be like those in the kingdom of darkness in the day that they fall and the dead are all around you, but you will only see with your eyes the reward of the wicked.

Just set your love upon ME and I will deliver. I will catch you on high because you have known MY Name. Call upon ME and I will answer you and I will be with you in trouble. I will deliver you and I will honor you. And I will satisfy you with long life and reveal to you MY salvation (Yeshua). But it starts with how you believe! Do you believe ME? Even the prophet speaking?!

Enter into MY rest. Enter in. Thanksgiving and praise! Don’t you enter into MY courts this way? In MY courts there is rest, for that is a place of rest. For you’re standing before the great I AM, I YEHOVAH, and with thanksgiving. I want you to praise more! I want you to give thanks more! And see how I complete the good work I’ve begun in thee.

End of the Word



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