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GOD Exposes The Wicked and Avenges HIS People | Heavenly Manna

GOD Exposes The Wicked and Avenges HIS People | Heavenly Manna

    BELOVED ABBA YAHUVEH, THY Heart doth grieve over those who proclaim to know THEE but by the fruit of their lives they prove they do not. They are filthy in their sins and altogether vanity. They persecute THY true apostles and prophets, crucifying them before the world. The blood of the holy martyrs doth soak the ground. The blood of the martyrs doth cry out! Hear their cries and avenge them speedily for THY NAME’S sake. Let the Righteous Fury of THY Right Hand be made bare before the nations! Issue forth and unleash THY Tempest! Scatter the power of the heathen and bring them to naught. In the days of old THOU confoundedst Jannes and Jambres. Break THOU the rod of the Assyrian! The idol shepherd hath gone forth. Before him hath he sent the hireling and the wolf. A cruel game do they play with the people. The hireling betrayeth the flock and doth sell them into the mouth of the wolf. The wolf cometh not but to kill, steal, and destroy. But THOU, THOU MIGHTY GOOD SHEPHERD, cometh that we might have life and life more abundantly. THY sheep have nothing to fear, for with THINE ROD dost THOU shatter the enemy. YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH, THOU laidst down THY Life for the sheep. No man took it. THOU willing laid it down. No man, woman, child, or creature could murder THEE. By the Command of the FATHER didst THOU lay it down. Blessed be THY FAITHFULNESS, for by THEE am I healed of mine infirmities! Blessed be THY SELFLESSNESS, for by THEE am I delivered from mine iniquities! Blessed be the LAMB of GOD who taketh away the sins of the world! One Drop of HIS BLOOD hath the Power to cleanse humanity of their sins if they will but believe and receive the ATONEMENT. Stand forth, THOU MIGHTY PRINCE! Stand forth and judge! Shake the nations in THINE Fury and tread the WINEPRESS of the FIERCENESS of the WRATH of YAHUVEH of hosts! Gather the cluster of grapes, for they are ripe! Cut off the counterfeit vine! Uproot the satanic plant! Stain THINE Garment with the blood of THY foes! THOU who comest forth from Edom, THOU art mighty to save! By the POWER of THINE Right Hand hast THOU delivered THY people Jacob! O let the earth rejoice at the deliverance of Yisrael! Let the earth and the fulness thereof give GLORY with thanksgiving unto the AVENGER of the people! We shout for joy at the Mighty Triumph of our KING! HE hath not left us without help! Nay, HE hath fully recompenced the wicked and set the captives free. We were lost in sin and rebellion until the MOST HIGH set forth HIS Light in our midst. Yea, though we dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, HE wrought great signs and wonders among us. My heart doth rejoice in THEE, EL GIBBOR! My heart doth tremble at the blow of the horn shofar! HE cometh with ten-thousands of HIS saints to execute all the ungodly for all the ungodly deeds they have wrought and all the blasphemous words they have shot at the High Throne of SOVEREIGN YAHUVEH! My heart doth leap for joy at the mention of THY NAME! THY NAME is health to my navel and healing to my bones! By THEE do I dash through a troop! By GOD MOST HIGH do I leap over a wall! Nothing shall by any means harm me if I do not fear. Nothing shall by any means cause me to perish if I will but HIM obey! PRAISE be to the LIVING GOD YAHUVEH!!!

THOU heardst my cry in the night and during the day. THOU art ever with me, for THOU art my Peace and my Stay! Help me this night to dwell in THY Tabernacle. Hide THOU me in the Secret Place of the MOST HIGH. Cleanse my wounds and bind them up. The war is fierce but the rewards much greater. THOU desirest a people that will obey now and not any later.

The darkness cometh when no man can work. The sun is setting on the horizon. May we work the works of HIM who sent us. May we, from the Wrath of GOD, be counted worthy to escape. We keep our hands on the plow and lift not a finger from. THY KINGDOM come and THY WILL be done. Let the Healing Power flow with the arising of the SON! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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