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GOD is Faithful to Those Who Obey | Heavenly Manna (7)

GOD is Faithful to Those Who Obey | Heavenly Manna (7)

    ALL THINE Promises are a YEA and AMEN!!! THOU keepest covenant and departest not from the yot and the tittle. By obedience unto THY Holy Ways, through the SACRED NAME and SHED BLOOD of our KING, do we overcome all things.

Let us not speak arrogantly unto our MESSIAH. Let us breathe forth proper communications unto an upright conversation. Let our lives be pleasing YAH to THEE. THOU failest not in THY FAITHFULNESS. THOU wilt do all THOU hast vowed to do. Set forth THY Word in mine heart. Let my downsitting and uprising be acceptable in THY Sight. Let me not, either to the left or to the right, from THY Ways depart.

Let all who dwell in holy unity shout for joy! Let the earth and the fulness thereof give due reverence unto our MAKER! All HIS Works are Perfect and Pure! HE is our GOD, our ABBA, our FRIEND and DELIVERER!

Set forth the timbrel in the hands of the bound. Open thy mouth, thou who sittest in the dungeon. With thy tongue make a joyful sound. Praise unto the MOST HIGH is comely for HIS saints!

BELOVED FATHER YAHUVEH, I do set forth my body as a living sacrifice. Let THINE Holy Fire purge mine members. Let me not put forth my hand to commit iniquity. THOU hast transformed this flesh-walker into a faith water-walker. Increase mine faith even the more. Let me go forth, fly, flit, and soar. It is THY NAME, THY WORD, my MASHIACH, that I love and adore!

In the NAME of YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH do I come before THY Throne. The wicked do set forth a mighty snare and seeketh to entangle me therein. What is my fault that they so grievously try to destroy my soul?

THOU knowest I seek peace and unto THY Fair Doctrine do strive to obey. They count my prayers for their welfare as curses and make me to be a song of drunkards. When wilt THOU requite them for afflicting THY faithful servant? I commit myself to prayer and them into the Hands of the LIVING GOD YAHUVEH. HE is full of fury and with fiery rebukes doth consume the adversary!

Yea, again I do commit myself to prayer. Speak, THOU MIGHTY ONE, and teach me THY Law. Make me to love THY Word, for it is incorruptible and without flaw. Yea, help me to retain THY Word, counting each one as a blessing and not a curse. Bind THY Law to my heart and about my wrists. When I awake, HE shall speak with me and when I am in haste, HE shall comfort me. The Rod of HIS Law and the Staff of HIS Word do keep me assuredly.

Cause this THINE servant to before his eyes, behold THY Beauty. THOU art the LOVER of my soul. THOU art my Song in the night season and Joy in the times of light. Let THY Refreshing wash over me. Let THY TRUTH convict me. Let not the darkness dwell with the light. These two were never meant to be one.

Into THINE Hands do I commit my life. My life is THINE. Mold me and shape me, yea even break me. THOU art the POTTER and I, the clay. Grant me a new heart and change my name. For THY GLORY, use this broken vessel of clay. May my lamp be filled to overflowing and the fulness of THY RUACH dwell within. May the TRUTH of the SWORD overflow and cut off the wicked one.

THOU art my Help and Real Joy Giver. I bow before THY Throne and seek to honor THY Face. Hear this humble supplication and for THY NAME’S Sake perform the oath. In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’el


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