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GOD is my DELIVERER | Heavenly Manna

GOD is my DELIVERER | Heavenly Manna

    THOU hast spoken once, yea twice, and hath confirmed the Covenant to THY children. May THY NAME be GLORIFIED and MAGNIFIED! THY Right Hand is exceedingly terrible and High in POWER! THY TRUTH goeth forth and discovereth the foundations of the earth. THY SPIRIT revealeth the hearts of men and THY Light doth drive the darkness away.

How can we not GLORIFY THY NAME! THOU art our Life and Salvation! THOU hast given us the Bread of Life and rescued us from the dunghill. Unto destruction were we headed till MASHIACH came. HE laid HIS Life down and took it back up. Never did HE grumble, murmur, or complain. HE is our Example of Holiness; Tried and True. HE hath given us a New Heart and placed within a New Song. Yea, our hearts do beat at the Voice of HIS Command. Our hearts do beat for the love of HIS NAME. YAHUSHUA is our MESSIAH and CAPTAIN of Deliverance!

The flood of the ungodly that hath arisen against us, shall pass away. They trust in the doctrines of devils and not the Word-made-flesh. They err greatly, not knowing the Living Scriptures. They do condemn themselves, for they shun the Light. ABBA YAHUVEH, let us never cringe at the touch of THY Holiness. Let us be found well-pleasing in THY Sight. Let the new beatings of our heart be wholly acceptable unto THEE. Let us not cling to vain doctrines of death. Let us consume the Fruit of THY Life-Giving Tree.

Holiness becometh THINE House, O YAH! Judgment hath commenced at the House of the LORD! O ye saints, humble thyselves and honor the KING! Weep for thy sin and repent of thy ways transgressing! Rend thine heart and not thy garment. Supplicate the KING in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. HE hath said, “If MY people shall turn from their wicked ways with all their hearts, with all their souls, and with all their might, then shall I hear from Heaven, forgive them, and heal them.”

O BLESSED and MERCIFUL GOD, by the BLOOD of the LAMB, THOU hast healed us of our backslidings. We shall not be as Ephraim, the backsliding heifer. We shall not hold to idols nor esteem the character of men. That which is highly esteemed by men is an abomination in THY Sight. Cleanse THOU us of any fault. Let us be counted worthy to stand before THY LIVING SON. Count us worthy to dwell in the midst of THY Throneroom.

Let the set apart angels cry, “HOLY!” Let the living creatures declare THY Mighty Works. Let the twenty four elders bow and proclaim THY NAME. Let all the saints worship the LAMB that was slain! HOLY! HOLY!! HOLY!!! is the GREAT I AM! HOLY is HIS SON and SHKHINYAH GLORY! Blessed be our FAITHFUL GOD, for HE is good and HIS love endures forever! Let us be found wise in HIS Sight, having eaten from HIS Tree! Let us call upon HIS NAME and be found well-pleasing! For HIS PRAISE, HONOR and HIGH ESTEEM so may it be! In YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!!!

Prophet Natan’EL


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