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Prophecy 33 “Have Faith in ME as I Have Faith in You, Says YESHUA HAMASHIACH!”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 18, 2019

Related Scriptures

Matthew 21:21: “So YESHUA answered and said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ it will be done.””

Luke 7:50: “Then HE said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.””

2 Corinthians 5:7: “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Prophetic Message

Have faith in ME as I have faith in you. MY love for you is undying, for it could not be killed at the Cross. Hear MY Messages this day, for I will not lead you astray. It is by your own lusts that a person is led astray.

Hold on tight to the hem of MY Garment and don't let go. Don't hold on to or cling to the reprobate cloth of Babylon. It is mildewed, it is blighted. On it are found all the sins of mankind.

If you can't trust ME now, what makes you think you can trust ME then? That's why I give you easy times to practice, to perfect that which makes you noble, so that when you are pressed on every side, you won't cave in.

So meditate upon ME this day as you work, as you go about your day which I have given you. Be grateful with a servant's heart, for this is what the Kingdom is all about. I serve MY FATHER and HE serves ME. WE, the HOLY TRINITY, serve each other and this is what WE expect from OUR Children.

Love one another and you will be fulfilling the commands. I pour MY love in you this day, MY bright Shining One. Shine, sparkle for ME this day, for I shine for you, for am I not your GUIDING LIGHT? I do shine and will shine for you so the darkness will not overtake you. Just be humble. Just be quick. There is not much time before the days of doom. I will protect you. Just keep your gaze upon ME – your LORD, MASTER, and SAVIOR.

I draw you unto MYSELF, for you are MINE and I am yours. Devoted unto thee am I. Show ME your devotion this day. Selah.

Don't wait for feelings. Don't wait for emotions, MY Son, for they will override your faith if you allow. Emotions are never to dictate the truth, what is truth. Many kings have been slain because they waited on a vain emotion, a vain appeal to the flesh. But I would spare you this.

So don't wait – but always remember – faith is a fact and not a feeling. Emotions do lie. I said at times a soldier does want to run from the battle because of weariness, tiredness, fear. But MY Soldiers are warriors and not wimps; valiant men and women whom I will use as a battle axe in these End Times.

So just focus on ME, on MY boldness, on MY courage, on MY faith. I will never let you down, but always uphold you with MY righteous right hand of Salvation. Selah.

I will have more mercy than judgment (HE meant HE desires to show mercy rather than someone perish). I love to forgive, or why would I have sent MY Only Begotten SON to pay the penalty for your crimes and sin? HE shed HIS Blood to make atonement for your souls. Worship ME this day. Look at MY love for thee! It cannot be comprehended in this life. Just know that MY grace is sufficient for thee in all matters. MY hand is upon you, so rest in ME. I give you strength. I give you energy. I make the crooked paths straight and the seas smooth to travel.

Not in all matters do you need to know the reason why. Just have faith and I shall consume the adversary. Yes, I, YEHOVAH, shall obliterate and destroy, shall throw down everything that can be thrown down. That which is to be planted shall be planted and flourish.

You have been planted by MY master gardener in the NAME of YESHUA. All of you flourish before ME. So take heart and do not doubt, do not fear, for your DADDY YEHOVAH is here to rescue you, to redeem you from the hand of the fowler. I am with thee even to the end of the age. Selah.

HE loses not HIS treasure, HIS love, the apple of HIS eye. You are all of these things and so much more. I have entrusted you with much and shall in the future, but now is not the time to speak of these things, for I, YESHUA, do not want the devil to know MY good plans for you.

They are good and to prosper you in all ways. You shall be delivered of all your fears and not remember them; even as the mother giving birth forgets all her sorrows once the child is brought forth. So I leave you with these Words this day. Will you sing to ME? Will you comfort ME?

As a MASTER CRAFTSMAN, I labor many hours, many days, many weeks to put back together what has been shattered. I find what is lost and return it, make it whole, make it good again. This is what I do because of love.

I have done countless hours of surgery on you, for I AM the GREAT PHYSICIAN. You are MY patient and I will perfect, complete the good work I started in you. Just have faith and do not doubt, do not take the bandages off until it is time. I know what is best, what is the best medicine.

MY Word I prescribe to you daily. It is the cure-all unless rejected, for I will not force anyone to get well. That is not how it works. I have already paid the Price, even down to the very last drop of MY Blood.

So I want to see you flourish, to see you leap for joy. I have called thee and ordained thee for this time and this hour. I am never late. You just think I am. I dress your wounds. I apply the balm. I wash you and make you whole again. So pay attention to ME. Follow MY lead and ye shall prosper in all ways.

You will see. I love you. Now run to the High Calling of being the Bride. Make haste! With love, your YESHUA.

Part 2 of Prophecy

France, France! I shall cleave you in two for the atrocities done against the unborn. For three transgressions and for four, I shall judge you: for haughtiness you thumb your nose at your CREATOR. I am not amused. I am not mocked.

The Great GOD YEHOVAH shall judge you for your works of iniquity. I sent Mary Magdalene to you. What have you done with the inheritance she left behind? I see nothing but moral decay, a stench in MY nostrils, the stench of decay and death, iniquity. You shall pay for this!

Where is your mercy, oh America? Many chances have I given thee. I give you one more. But I know what shall happen as line upon line, precept upon precept comes to fruition.

MY Word does not lie. What has happened before shall happen again. Just trust ME, oh Remnant of MINE. I shall keep you safe in the heart of America. Missiles shall pass over but it shall not come nigh thy dwelling. It shall not consume thee. Wake up five foolish! Wake up! Don't be caught unaware.

Judging yourself is not your job, but your HEAVENLY FATHER's job. I lavish whom I lavish. Do not doubt. I know the frame of man, the frame of dust, and I know what spirits I have put in.

The flesh is of none effect to ME. I focus not on the outward but the inward. Learn this lesson well, and you shall avoid pitfalls and heartaches, saith, I, YEHOVAH, who has spoken this day. Now heed to it!

I love you. Do you hear ME? Yes, there is rank and order, but that does not define your value. The value is found in the Blood of the LAMB, MY Passover LAMB, YESHUA HAMASHIACH. In HIM do you trust. Get ready, for you shall see the fire in MY eyes that penetrates the soul. I AM for you and not against you. What loving father is against the child he adores? It is not so.

So be careful and be humble. I watch all you do and train you, guide you. The future is not a thing to fear, but to behold in wonder at the Majesty of MY NAME and you are caught up therein. With love, your DADDY YEHOVAH who loves you and sets you as a banner in the sky. Selah.

I love you, and speak only blessings over you, for that is what a good FATHER does. I AM YEHOVAH and I AM sending MY Only Begotten SON for thee. So make haste and do the things I have called unto thee for to do. There is still much work to be done, but if you will be diligent, it will be accomplished in MY perfect timing.

None of you truly comprehend the magnitude of this time and season. Just remain obedient and rejoice with every correction, for correction is a healing balm. Apply it. I love you, and have such good plans for you. What I, YEHOVAH, put together, let no man put asunder, for it would have been better off if he had never been born. Selah.

Do not look upon a strange woman, for though she flattereth with her eyes, war is in her heart to take the precious soul to lead it in the steps of Hell through the very gate thereof. MY Son, incline thine ears unto ME. Hearken unto thy Good MOTHER, for SHE tendeth for life in thee, not death. SHE leadeth one not astray but clothes them with Princely Garments, yea even the garments of a Lord and King. So be humble and be quick to repent.

Repentance is a virtue, as is patience. Bear HER yoke and prosper in the tough times. Deny HER yoke and Wisdom, and death will hold fast to thee. So this day cling to HER. Forsake not HER precepts which tend only to life. Follow HER ways which lead upward, unto the hill wherein the pure of heart dwell before the LORD's Face. SHE was raised up before the LORD; continually HIS delight.

He who finds a good wife obtains a blessing from the LORD. His days shall be lengthy, shall be prolonged that he may enjoy her sweetness and kind fruit. She is diligent in the task of her hand, daily loading her soul with the benefits of the MOST HIGH. She is not proud or arrogant, but continually seeking ways to improve her humility. She subjects her ways to her husband, for he is Godly, being a caretaker of her soul.

They delight together in love, forsaking not the blessed cistern of their youth. In holy matrimony they wed and in SPIRIT by truth they dwell in righteousness all their days. Aside do they set their differences, find unity in the MOST HIGH whose benefits and mercy are a “yea” and an “amen.” They seek to please HIM alone, for it is unto HIM they owe their lives.

So rejoice MY Children, for blessed are you among men and women, among mankind. Bless the LORD, oh my soul! Bless HIS NAME and laud the EMPEROR! Hallelu YAH! Selah.

End of the Word



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