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Prophecy 45 Hear O Israel, The time of Jacob’s Troubles Is At Your Doorstep!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on June 21 , 2019

Prophetic Message

Smashing I will smash. For the hammer will fall, has fallen upon this earth age. For if you will not fall upon the MESSIAH and be broken and be humble, then be prepared to be smashed as the living stone falls down! [As it] comes down to establish to be the chief corner stone, the Kingdom of eternity for the statue will fall! The head will be severed.

The kingdoms of this age shall be the KINGDOMS of our GOD! I YEHOVAH say so! And whatsoever I decree, that shall it be. Not in your timing, o man! But in MY timing! Says I YEHOVAH GOD of ages. SO get in line O humanity. The valley of decisions. Multitudes are therein inhabiting space and time. Are you wasting MY time?!

Choose ye this day which GOD you will serve! For eternity stares you in the face. Each of you have a place in MY eternity. Is it in hell or is it with ME by MY side? Choose wisely! Choose speedily. Today is the day of salvation. Who guaranteed you tomorrow?

Oh Israel who guaranteed you tomorrow!? Prepare to be shaken. For I shall shake you with a shaking as I stomp MY feet and crack the foundations of what you think to be true! But you have built upon the sands of time. The sands of your time. The traditions of men. For you neglect the weightier matters of justice, mercy and truth and grace, nitpicking over cumin and grain offerings.

But where is your mercy!? For you turned a blind eye to the poor who inhabit on your streets and I’M not speaking merely of those that wear rags in the physical! I’m talking about MY starving sheep and lambs! You evil despicable rabbis, I’m coming after you! I shall defrock you! I shall strip you, I shall take that prayer shawl away!

For you have a form of godliness, but where are the true prayers the utterances from within?! Vain repetitions, prayers, abominations! Chants! Chanting but no heart! Merely repetitious words! Merely repeating MY scriptures! Does not please ME, does not impress ME- for I AM looking at the heart.

For you speak uplifting words but your heart is far from ME, oh Israel. Not all, for I have a remnant, I have a bride, a sleepy bride. But I use MY Torah Keeper to shake her awake in the spirit. She is waking. And now I just wait for the website to go up and I shall use this website. It’s a double edged sword to slay, to hew down MY enemies in every which way. So stand back MY children and watch your FATHER work the works.

Yes, you must work works, but watch ME, for I AM your example, the Elohim of ages. Work MY works, not your works. For you will be wasting time, but when you do everything in MY timing, this pleases ME.

The bride prepares herself with the oil ready! The wicks trimmed, burning brightly, even as a burning bush in the wilderness. Allow ME to speak through you MY children. Allow me to set you ablaze with MY fire. You will not be consumed. You will not be destroyed but you will be as an example unto ME.

For the burning bush that Moses beheld was a foreshadow, MY children. Of I YESHUA having to spend 40 days in the wilderness burning brightly but not being consumed. So I speak to you Israel, because I love you. Be prepared, get ready, because the time of Jacob’s sorrows is merely upon your neck. The antichrist will rise up and bewitch you for all those who are not prepared. What a time of sorrows of troubles, of weeping, sadness, of lamentation. Read the Book of Lamentations, oh Israel. Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself. Just call upon the NAME of YESHUA in that darkest hour. And HE shall be there to save you, to rescue you, to deliver you. Trust in Psalm 91. Be as that king David and rejoice in MY presence. There lies victory.

So many of you speak of the patriarchs, but how many of you truly follow their examples? For it is entertaining for you to speak of them, but again how many of you follow in their footsteps? They follow in the footsteps of the MESSIAH. So shall you, Israel. Repent! The Kingdom of heaven is at hand!

The hammer shall fall. I shall break the clods into pieces. I shall refine MY people. I shall judge with the gavel. Yes, I shall wear the Emperor’s clothing. You shall see, you shall give ME Glory as you look upon the one you have pierced.

In mourning you will mourn, seeing ME in all MY glory, as I plant MY feet on the Mount of Olives. Cleaving it asunder to the right, to the left.

So be prepared, oh Israel. For MY coming, who comes as a thief in the night. Just call upon ME, O Israel, in the darkest hour. I shall rescue you from the antichrist. But you shall learn hard and valuable lessons along the way, so finally at last you will bend the knee, you will bow before ME. A tough and terrible road you will have to travel until that time and knowing you will know that I AM HE and I come to deliver thee.

Just bow and incline your ear to every word that I say, MY children, you will never go wrong. Just remain humble, remain pure. Allow MY grace, MY mercy to flow through you. For doing this you will show that you love ME.

For much grace and mercy I poured out when I was on this Earth as I allowed them to abuse ME, to mock ME. For Pharisees to rise up and smite ME and to bite ME. Serpents, vipers! For you I suffered, for you I died, for you I did rise. For you I AM coming back. Just continue to read MY Torah instructions. For how can you be Torah Keepers if you do not know what is written in the Good Book?

Remain in joy, remain pure, remain fierce in the zeal of the living GOD YEHOVAH, not zeal for the moment but eternal zeal! That zeal I clothe you with. Now go forth MY Children.

There are much fish to gather in. Cast your net into the deep waters. And be not concerned, for I will sustain you even in your darkest hour. For I AM your guiding light! I never grow dim, I never go weary, sleep or slumber. Just don’t go by your own understanding, for your own understanding is your own footsteps and I warned about the ways that seem right unto man and there at the end is his death. The wage of sin is death. But I plant you in the goodly land. Where there is broad space to flourish to grow.

Allow ME to order your footsteps for MY footsteps are sure and solid, leading to victory.

Your life is not your own. Remember that, that is key. The Key of David. The church of Philadelphia all of you are. Just continue to grow strong as that fir tree. The 5 wise, drinking deep from MY living waters, hearkening unto no stranger, not the voice of the hireling.

So hear, O Israel, this day, and be at peace MY children, be at peace, rest in ME mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and every way that you can think; rest in ME. Be living sacrifices for MY praise, honor, and glory.

End of the Word



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