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Prophecy 17 “I Am Gabri’El, Write What I Am Telling You To Say!”

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on February 13, 2019

Prophetic Message

(Gabri’El appeared to me) I am Gabri’El! Write what I’m telling you to say. (I saw the golden scroll)

Jerusalem, you are as a wayward daughter and ye have been led astray by your many lovers. MY hand is against you, thus saith the LORD of Hosts, ROCK of Eternity, GOD of Ages, that will never grow weary and never stops judging sinners for their wages of unrighteousness.

Just like Balaam, son of Beor, you petition on behalf of opinions and vain imaginings and your slumber has caused you to sin and fall by the sword. Ye know not that I, YAHUVEH, will judge you for these things?

Listen and hear ye the judgments of EL ELYON, ROCK of Ages, GOD of Eternity! Decree is sent through the land that once you were as MY Esther of New who sought MY face day and night. You were as MY only lover and MY beloved and betrothed wife. But after bitterness, jealousy, envy encompassed the soul – ye have gone astray from ME! Ye have sought after other mighty ones who do not have faces nor do they even have air to breathe. For how can a faceless one breathe the breath of the ALMIGHTY?

But ye have turned away and exalted other ones before I AM and for this you shall pay the wages of calamity and the plagues and curse and pestilence you shall wear it as a covering.

The golden calf shall be stripped from you, leaving you naked, hungry, and full of reproach. For the multitude of the nations shall look upon thee and you shall be despised among many. For I will open their eyes and turn them against thee!

I will send forth plagues, curses, diseases, upon those once called by MY name! For you have led them astray! So now I have tested them and they have fallen into the enemy’s plans and schemes. You are held accountable for each one, each one, their blood is on your hands! For I loved each of them, but I shall take them away from you just as you took them from I AM! Oh, a great fall! You are as Babel! Oh, in one day ye shall fall!

Tremble, MY Daughter! Stand in awe of ME! Fear ME! For I AM great to be praised and worthy of all your heart’s desires, for I AM the Esteemed One, MASTER of Worlds and great among men, beasts, angels, and all the earth shall proclaim – this earth shall proclaim the praise of I AM! I AM that I AM!

I AM YAHUVEH! I AM awesome! (I see ABBA as a lion!) And I shall proclaim judgment on MY enemies! (I hear ‘Check-mate!’) Oh Kindness! Proclaim MY Son MY kindness to the blessed ones!

MY Children, come unto I AM! Come unto your ABBA! I AM thy REDEEMER KINSMAN! MY SON did die for thee! HE is your REDEEMER! HE is EL SHADDAI! HE hides you in HIS feathers, under the ruffles of HIS wings.

And woe be unto any enemy that ruffles MY wings! You do not want to see ME angry! I AM proclaiming throughout all of earth: I AM your last chance, oh earth! I AM! MY Blood was shed so you could live! (At this time I see a vision standing of earth; I heard “You’ve lost track earth!”)

So I, YAHUSHUA, will cross your path and you don’t want to see what happens when I do! You will know sorrow because I will change your course. I will strip everything away from you! You will be stopped in your tracks, oh America! In one day you will lose everything! You represent America! You are the rebellious house of Israel when they went astray after many lovers!

Oh Ezra, MY Son, I gave thee comfort and I proclaim ye are worthy! For you seek nothing for yourself MY Son, everything is for others! So suffer ye not another tear MY Son! I can’t stand to watch you cry.

Remember, I know just how to turn the heat on the fiery furnace to burn you alive! I know how to kick that stubbornness that you hold inside!

Oh, come unto ME Israel!

Please just repent! Hear ME, Israel! I AM YAHUVEH, your LOVER! You once loved ME and sought after ME wholeheartedly. Now where are your hearts? You don’t notice ME nudging and knocking at your hearts? IMMAYAH calls in the streets for you. (I see a vision of IMMAYAH at this time and SHE is standing in the streets calling out to people) SHE is your lover also!

I, YAHUSHUA, came so I could leave the COMFORTER. You see Israel, you don’t just reject ME, you reject your MOMMA WISDOM as you go astray. You’ve rejected HER time and time again. Now I, YAHUVEH, will hold time and I shall smite thee – the Giant tsunamis, natural disasters, loved once perishing and blood flowing in MY once Holy streets. I will show you. You will learn when you wail in agony.

When you cry out and say, “Blessed is HE who cometh in the name of YAHUVEH!” But blessed is he who cometh in the name of YAHUSHUA! Oh, how I love you Ezra. Receive it and believe I, YAHUVEH, when I say: Great things I have in store! Just trust and obey ME and you shall see the ultimate Victory.

I, Gabri’El have proclaimed this message on behalf of the ROCK of Ages, your ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, IMMAYAH! THEY love you dearly. Never take advantage of OUR Grace or the time I’ve given thee to praise. Love ye one another. No bitter hearts. Just worship in thankfulness, spirit, truth and fullness of joy spread ye to one another. Remember MY child (talking to another son), MY Living Waters are at your usage. Amen!

(I saw Gabri’El fly away after this Word)

End of the Word

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