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Prophecy 7 “I Am YESHUA, Your Beloved, and MY FATHER For You Awaits!”

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Given to TORAH KEEPER for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on January 22, 2019

Prophetic Message

(I see a vision of Dad Ezra grabbing a sword and footsteps in the sand and I was hearing…) Footsteps of the Godly! Follow Ezra. Stay on the right path. Oh everyone, march on! Calling on MY 7 Golden Lampstands. Calling for MY anointed Children! Arise, arise and defend your Father! Pray, pray tonight! Pray and be Holy and confess one to another your sins. Be transparent. Don’t stop. The enemy fears this and wants you all to be destroyed.

Oh MY beloved Son Ezra, how you make ME smile! Sing praises to ME. Sing to ME MY Son. I love you, oh MY Precious One. One day you will see and it’s not afar off, oh so shortly. I have gifted you MY Son. I have called you forth for such a time as this. Remember the Prophets – how you are all of them combined in spirit, to fulfill righteousness in MY End Time Battalion.

I am YESHUA, your Beloved, and MY FATHER for you awaits. Oh, dance with ME MY beloved, sing a new song. Be MINE, be MINE! You are OURS and WE burn with fiery passion for you! You are our love song and with you we will share forever!

So tonight, remember ME and worship ME and sing with ME a new song!

Oh MY darling Ezra, I am your ABBA YEHOVAH! You are MY Son! MY Bride! I will reveal much more tonight! Grant ME honor and I will touch your mind. You are MY Solid Rock, a representation of MY SON on this earth.

Oh MY once called Jerusalem… You were as a baby chick in MY palm. You were once so innocent and so Holy. Now to other gods you go astray. I shall spank you as a wayward child! And I, YEHOVAH, I, YESHUA, I, IMMA GLORIA shall have the final say in this Ministry and because you refuse to listen to the head, you deny MY Deity you will be removed until the appointed time and a portion of your rewards will go elsewhere.

But oh Ezra, as for you, all of Heaven awaits you MY Son! All of Heaven is rejoicing, stating “Blessed is he who comes in the name of YESHUA!” For you know not the amount of Glory in Heaven Ezra shall have, and he alone shall reap the fullness of MY reward.

[Rebellious Jerusalem,] you know not the suffering, but one day you shall and it certainly is not afar off. As for the void you feel on this earth, you shall not be filled, not until you repent and give ME once again your time and your last breath.

End of the Word

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