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Prophecy 20 “I AM YAHUSHUA, Your Redeemer! Oh, Come and Dance With ME, Oh Lover Of MY Soul!”

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on February 15, 2019

Prophetic Message

Oh, MY darling Son Ezra, MY Anointed, MY Lovely One! How you honor I, YAHUVEH, tonight as you walk in a new direction with the Ministry.

Oh, thank you MY darling Children! I receive your praise! WE, the HOLY TRINITY, receive your praise! All of you shine before ME as you worship! Oh MY darling treasure, if only you could see how you radiate before US! WE are well pleased. We miss spending alone time with some of you. I show MY Daughter the vision of I, YAHUSHUA, dancing with some of you! I want to dance with each of you!

Ask ME! For I want great intimacy with MY Bride and MY Elder Bride tonight! I want great intimacy!

Kiss ME with the kisses of your mouth. For your love is better than new wine! I have anointed you with fragrance as you worship ME in spirit and in truth. Oh MY Babies!

MY Boys, oh let ME come into the deepest chambers of your soul! Cry out for ME to and watch and see what I, YAHUVEH, do! MY SON YAHUSHUA will literally become one with you if you let ME break you, mold you, and if you lay down your fleshly lusts.

Oh, MY Men and MY Woman, no love can satisfy as MINE! I am YAHUSHUA, your REDEEMER! Oh Come Dance with ME, Lover of MY Soul!

Ezra, I want all of you to dance to that song by Paul Wilbur! It’s the ‘Song of all songs’. Great intimacy. Great unending love I have for each of thee! Open up, let ME in everyone. For I AM giddy with love. Head over heels!

This is your FATHER’s desire, for I YAHUSHUA to become literally increased to the point where it is I that liveth and not yourself anymore. Put away self! Come, MY Babies! Let ME caress thee! Dance with ME, oh Lover of MY Soul!

I love you, and when I gave MY Blood at Calvary I did it for each of you, for I love you with everything I AM! Oh, come unto ME! Follow MY footsteps! Picture ME holding you and now I, YAHUSHUA, say, may I have this dance, oh Lover of MY Soul, MY Beloved and Betrothed?

I sing unto thee a new song, selah!

Love, only yours, YAHUSHUA.

End of the Word

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