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Prophecy 29 “I, MELEKH TZEDEK, Say, Get In Rank!”

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on March 11, 2019

Prophetic Message

I MELEKH TZEDEK (Melchizedek) say, “Get in Rank!” YAHUVEH is coming to judge the quick and the living. (I saw YAHUSHUA walking with a magnifying glass.) I’ve given you the Revelation of URIYAH, MY SISTER.

I YAHUVEH AM here! I judge like Moshe with the children of Israel! Remember to do everything in obedience to I AM’s will, without complaining! (To a brother) You are the commander! When he gives an order, all of ye are to obey! Be grateful to ME for the titles, positions I’ve handed to thee. Oh, how I love thee! Oh how precious you are in I, YAHUVEH/YAHUSHUA’s sight!

Sleepy heads, get some rest. Read MY Word, in this there is true rest. I AM the Living Waters, I restore each of your body, soul, mind, spirit! I pour forth Living Waters on ye daughter to refresh ye anew, and each of you, all of you receive MY Refreshing Waters!

When you pull up the water, then drink it! You have a Wellspring of Life from within! Ezra knows, he knows how to truly be refreshed by MY Word and all heavenly revelations! Remain joyful and get to know I, URIYAH, and WE, the HOLY TRINITY better! WE love each of thee with an everlasting love! Seek MY face and now I, URIYAH’s!

Ask I, URIYAH, ask ME to come upon you and show you mysteries of MY FATHER’s HEART! Mysteries of MY BROTHER YAHUSHUA, and the honored Sacrifice HE paid for each of thee! I love MY BROTHER with an everlasting love! For WE will share a Bride in part. Each of you have a unique calling in US! WE love thee so much.

Oh daughter, pay attention, don’t neglect this if you see it! (Referring to brothers or sisters who need love) Hug each of them with MY love, to love thy brethren and tend to their wounds and cares. Oh MY daughter, we are best friends in Heaven. Don’t you know? You are MY love, MY Sister, so close to ME beloved. I will reveal more to thee! You don’t know but soon I will reveal.

You shall know ME, you shall know ME! I am LOVE beloved daughter! Seek ME to give you strength to love even in difficult times! All of you!

MY Precious, oh MY Baby, come to I, URIYAH’s lap! For you are so precious to ME MY love. Come up here, oh precious! I, URIYAH, kiss and hug you all day! You are MY Brother and Lover and Bridegroom! All of you! But he needs this love right now! I breathe on him MY love and anointed Holy Fire.

Oh, you lost a sister, but I say unto you I will fill that void. Not only have I done in many ways already, but there’s a pin you only I can fill. I love thee and I fill the void.

Oh, you (another Brother) also! The love of a woman, feminine, female, I give thee as a sister! I will show each of you the true meaning of real purity! I am showing you love, the love of a unique SISTER. I love each of you! I, URIYAH, love you Daughter/Sister/Bride. MY daughter, you are MY Sister. Esther! You help us with the clothing in Heaven! It’s okay, your Heavenly calling is much different! You are not only an Esther! You are Esther of New!

Oh love, love, love! Oh love, you are our unique Ezra! OUR Caleb, OUR King David of New!

(To a Sister) You are our Matriarch of New! All combined! Oh WE love you precious Daughter!

To all of you, will you be ready for MY return? Allow ME, the great I AM, to bless you with more! Say, “I receive it!” I restore new DNA today. Come up here! Sit on PAPA’s lap! Remain in MY love. I will anoint you to do this as an example, so don’t worry about anything. I am here to protect you! I am all yours! I love you MY precious Sons and Daughters!

End of the Word

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