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Prophecy 28 “I, YEHOVAH, say, Jezebel You Are Doomed!”

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on April 5, 2019

Prophetic Message

Oh Jezebel, you are a rose like none other, for I knew you would betray ME time and time again! Did you think I don't know? I am ALMIGHTY GOD, knowing the end from the beginning! I shall pluck you up and cast you into Hell fire! This shall be your eternal demise. Mock now, pay later. I have your soul in MY hands and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living GOD YEHOVAH (Hebrews 10:31).

Oh Jezebel, it is you whom I despise, whom I – the very heart and soul of YEHOVAH, of I, YEHOVAH the ETERNAL ONE – despise! You don't know the plans I, YEHOVAH, have for you – plans not for good, but for evil, plans upon whom the dread of Zedekiah shall befall (Jeremiah 39:5-8). I shall slay your son before your eyes for your negligence, your abuse of MY Jerusalem! Do you know how I shall allow the Babylonians to invade and divide? How I shall allow the tormentors and kindlers of fire to arrive?

Your walls, I already tear down! Your city stronghold, I already allow to be invaded, sabotaged! For what you have planned against MY People, I turn back upon your bosom. You are dead! You are dead! You are dead!

Oh how MY Soul your very existence does despise (Psalm 11:5)! Just wait! Just wait! Just wait! You and your brother – fornication! I shall destroy you both together! You want a bed of fornication?! Then the plagues thereof you shall partake in, oh damned ones for eternity (Revelation 2:20-23)!

Oh how I have a cup of trembling terror for you to behold and drink to the very dregs, to the very bottom thereof (Psalm 11:6, 75:8). Oh you shall drink, Jezebel you bastard child (Hebrews 12:8)! You snake! You viper! You daughter of the devil! I never knew you, you spawn of the devil, rose of iniquity and poison!

So many minds, so many souls you have soiled, destroyed, led astray to the very gates of Hell and beyond (Proverbs 5:3-5). Your crimes against the MOST HIGH – says I, YESHUA HAMASHIACH the Avenging REDEEMER – are those of high treason and sin! You violator and breaker of the Commandments! You persecute the righteous and the Holy, seeking to slay the Prophets - MY PROPHETS!!!

Oh you Jezebel of New, you shall suffer a fate worse than that of the Jezebel of Old, your fore-mother, your matriarch. She was devoured by dogs after being thrown from the window (2 Kings 9:30-37). Pride goes before a great fall and the stench of your pride has reached MY nostrils.

I, YEHOVAH, am furious!!!

You forgot that it is MY rage that fuels Hell and the Lake of Fire – both of which you shall taste! Your habitation, oh prophet whore of the devil, is below. I AM from Above, as are MY Children. You shall dread to see their faces again, for I, YEHOVAH, empower them as MY Mouthpieces, MY Instruments of wrath and cruelty. I used only a remnant under the hand of Gideon to deliver all of Israel (Judges 7:7). I used the hand of Moshe (Hebrew for Moses) to guide MY People through the Red Sea (Exodus 15:22).

I used MY Only Begotten SON to bring deliverance for MY People. HE shed HIS Blood to redeem MY Children. HE shed HIS Blood against you, oh Jezebel - despised one for all eternity!

You shall burn for playing with fire, with the MOST HIGH GOD YEHOVAH who is an All-consuming FIRE (Hebrews 12:29)! Though the devil has given you a crown, a throne, and a kingdom, it matters not to ME. Should I be moved at your promotion from the devil? Vashti! I strip you of your mantle of iniquity and treachery. You shall pay! You shall pay! You shall pay! You have no idea the kinds of cruelty instruments devised against you by MINE own Right Hand, saith I, YEHOVAH!

There is a Winepress of Wrath where I tread out the blood of the grapes of MY most wicked enemies (Revelation 14:17-20). MY Garments I stain with your blood, oh vile ones, commandment-breakers!

Oh Jezebel… Your grapes are ripe for the picking, ripe for the press of MY Almighty Wrath, saith I, YEHOVAH, ALMIGHTY ELOHIM of Eternity!!!

There is none like unto ME before whom all of creation shall bow, unto the NAME of YESHUA HAMASHIACH!

Oh Jezebel, I know where you live and everything else about you. You shall die! I know your going out and coming back in. I know when you are late for work and you usually are. Always you did things in your timing, despising MY timing. That is why right now you are outside of MY will with no way to return, for you have trampled the precious Blood of MY Only Begotten SON YESHUA HAMASHIACH!

Just wait, just wait. Calamity is going to come knocking, pounding at your door very, very soon. This Word shall not tarry, shall not delay, for these are the End Days of the End Times. These Words are faithful and true.

You shall hear from ME, oh Jezebel, in that fateful day, "Depart from ME you worker of iniquity! I never knew you (Luke 13:27)! Forever have I despised your flower of impurity, of disdain and disgrace. I hold you into account this day for your atrocities and high treason against the GOD of Creation. I AM YEHOVAH, the ETERNAL ONE, who alone is ALPHA and OMEGA, ALEPH and TAV. The account of MY Rage is brought up against thee this day and you are found guilty for prostituting yourself in mockery of MY Word, of MY Bride. For this you shall pay! Into Hell fire, the Lake of Fire with you!"

End of the Word



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