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Prophecy 38 Israel, The day of the LORD is at hand!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Given to דוד בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on May 21 , 2019

Prophetic Message

[Thankful prayers]

“Jacob’s trouble is at the door! Israel, turn back! Cry out for your land! For the anti-christ is coming! Cry out for your land! The schools are defiled [with] false doctrines. And you need to return to ME. For many of your people will be deceived! And you need to return to ME! Torah, the Torah Law still applies for today! And how many of you obey? The little children are defiled by lies, and this is an abomination to ME. I AM finished with this world’s ingratitude, including you, Israel. When you should be standing for Holiness, you bring shame to MY name.

The enemies are bearing down at the door. Take yourself out of the picture and return to ME! For you live for the lust of the flesh! And don’t you know that you’re going to be judged for this? [ABBA YEHOVAH is displeased with wild parties in Israel] The lawlessness is rampant. And I AM coming soon! But the anti-christ goes before [ME]! And how many of you will receive the truth? And it’s been written all along in your Scriptures and Torah. Seek and you shall find. Turn from your pride, humble yourself. Return to ME. Allow ME to open your eyes by the light of MY word. By MY healing balm of Gilead. But in order for that to happen true repentance must take place.

Great atrocities must take place! Before you realize you are wrong! O is it so sad? Sad day for Israel! To see streets covered in blood! As anti-christ does come, the man of lawlessness. And all you have to do is call upon MY NAME. But even that is being kept from you. But it is up to you, to take those steps, to seek ME with all your heart! For you have the Holy Scriptures! For once you were set apart! Now all I see is lawlessness in you! What does Natanyahu do? But encourage. And where is the leadership that will show MY people to return? [vision: Naftali Bennett the education minister] He does a good job, but where is the true leadership? Those who stand for MY laws and will not back down!

Storm is coming! And it’s going to throw you through a loop! And you are to prepare yourselves! For the end has come! And MY arrival is imminent; to clean up this world and the filth that is in it! From sea to sea I shall restore! The lands, the seas, shall be healed! As I bring MY healing balm when MY feet touch the Mount of Olives. The Savior of the world, Savior of Israel! To crush MY enemies! When they are all brought before ME! And I say, slay those who did not want to worship ME! Slay those were MY enemies! For I AM empowering you, MY children. With authority given from Heaven! And you shall be with ME!

Even now, I rule from Heaven whether they acknowledge the rule or not. But the time shall come and the time is coming, when they shall see the SON of GOD and all the Glory of MY FATHER. And hearts shall drop for many will see how much trouble they are in! Their heart shall stop. Such fear and fright on their faces! The rocks cannot hide them! Though they call for the rocks to come fall on them to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb. But there is nothing hidden from ME. Even if you throw yourself in the depths of the sea. Even if you search out the stars in Heaven. Where could you go from ME? FOR I AM GOD ALMIGHTY! MY hand reaches to the ends of the earth! To the farthest reaches! And there is no hiding from ME!

Israel! Shape up! For there is no more time for you! And I waited long enough. The next thing that is coming is going to cause you so much pain! So it’s time to wake up! And call on MY NAME! MY People! Where are you? I know where you are! But you better come forth now! For there is no more time! And how many of you truly know ME? That is why you must call on MY NAME now! MY People Israel! Time after time, I have to chastise you. But this is different, for this is a thing the world has never seen before. For your enemies want to bring you to an end. And wipe you off from the face of this Earth.

But no one can do anything I do not allow! For no one can trample MY BLOOD! Even though most of you do! For it is in Israel that MY BLOOD was shed. And it was for you – and the Cross isn’t just for the Christians. It’s for all of you! So come running to ME! So come running to ME! For I AM coming for you to deliver you out of the hand of all the enemies! Those who hate you, despise you, call you terrorist! Please listen to ME! For I pour out tears over you! Please let ME deliver you! Let ME heal you! For I AM your only SAVIOR! There is no other!

But still, the counterfeit comes! And how many of you are ready? Oh it is the truth. O this camps will be filled with you! And don’t think that I want to see this! That is why I give you a Promise that I AM Coming for you! So you can look to the Eastern sky. O MY children! And know that I AM coming for you! For I AM going to heal you. Wipe all the tears away. Then there will be no more sin! But we must first do it MY way. And what does that entail?

But for you to accept, cry out for the only SIN SACRIFICE! For there is no other way to Heaven! No matter what anyone tells you! No one else is perfect! All have sinned and fall short of GLORY of GOD! It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD! Where will you be found on that day? The blood of YESHUA cover you or not? FEAR! You shall fall on your face! Trembling! If you are found without MY BLOOD! If you are in the category of not – and I tell you, “Depart from ME, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you!” and though I created you, I AM no respecter of persons. And as much as it will hurt, I still tell you "depart from ME, you worker of iniquity for I never knew you!" For I alone create, and I alone give life! And you be sure this, I alone take life. I choose who lives and who dies. I have the keys to hell for I paid the price! There is nobody to tell ME what to do!

So hear ME cry out for you! Turn back now for America is NOT YOUR HOPE! They need their own help! For that American flag is surely going to burn! They are on the same boat as you! They will be filled with the camps! Learn where to put your hope! Shouldn’t it only be [in] GOD (only put your hope in GOD)? The same one that met you on Mt Sinai? Where that mountain burned with fire! And all of you heard MY voice! As you heard what I expect of you! MY people! A HOLY PEOPLE! But you've been anything but! At the same time, I love you! With an everlasting love. Don’t trample on MY grace for the time is running out. Once you reach time, there is no more. And you are out! You are out! You are out! So put your hope in ME! YEHOVAH! YESHUA HAMASHIACH is MY SON!

(I see [a vision of] the president of China). China shall surely invade America! And I have special punishment for the president of China. How he mocks ME! You are no god! No Emperor! In truth, you are broke! And you shall fall, the Communism shall fall! For the only Kingdom shall stand is the Kingdom of GOD! So watch! As I move you around on MY chessboard, OH MY little piece move on MY command. How puny you are to fight against ME! MY right hand! The war shall come! A war of unimaginable proportion! It’s so near now! It’s so near now! The screams, the chaos, so many will not know what to do in fear! The screaming! So where will you be found? Where will you be found? Will you put your hope in some government? Who end up sending you to a camp or worse?

Or would you put your hope in ALMIGHTY GOD’S RIGHT HAND? YESHUA HAMASHIACH? On HIM will you stand? Savior of the world. The only Savior of the world. And even though there are counterfeits, only one will stand, only one does stand! There’s nothing like ME! YESHUA HAMASHIACH! So repent this day! So repent this day! And give your life to ME, put your life in MY hand. And I promise you, you’ll never be the same! For I do heal and I do save. I fill your joy! Joy of life you’ve never known, and hope of glory! Life that never ends! Paradise is in Eden! But there is only one way there.

End of the Word



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