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Prophecy 3 “Keep MY Commandments, MY Laws!”

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Given to Prophet D'vorah for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on December 31, 2018

Prophetic Message

Keep MY Commandments, MY Laws!

So you see MY darling Daughter? Quantum physics is the answer, but it’s not what’s most important, what matters most. It’s being filled with MY love. Look upon ME! No one else can do what I can do. Worship ME! Oh MY Daughter, I am your CREATOR! You are MY Chosen Elect, one MY beautiful Bride. Exhort one another and keep encouraging your Dad. Learn of ME. Learn of MY truth.

I will draw you all nearer than ever before. Oh MY precious Daughter, MY Bride, I am so pleased with you today. I am your ABBA YAHUVEH! You are made in MY WIFE’s image, IMMAYAH is your Glory! Remember that. SHE is MY Living Stone, MY Beauty.

The sanctity of Marriage is so precious to ME. You 2 (referring to a couple that YAH is talking to) don’t realize the storehouses I have waiting for your Marriage. Be assured of this MY Little Ones, every time you praise ME I only pour out more of MY love on you!

Don’t forget this. Be innocent, be pure. Hope in the things not seen, and in this I am your DADDY GOD, your ABBA YAHUVEH. I promise I will make MYSELF known unto you and I will manifest in you for you are righteous in MY eyes! Not because of what quantum physics does, but because of MY grace and mercy.

Remember, you keep asking ME to reveal more of MY love and humility, so the fruits of your IMMAYAH will grow and will progress, and I will hold onto you, and MY SON YAHUSHUA will breathe on you and make HIS Home abide continually in thee.

Oh, MY precious Ezra! Hang on tight MY Son. Don’t give up hope.

MY Son’s name is blasphemed! Oh promise ME, Ezra, you are MY Son, make ME proud and continue on. Be strong, encourage one another. Do not let your soul be troubled nor let strife stir between you (all of you). Just rest in ME and you will see blessings. The best, and nothing less. I, YAHUVEH, have spoken.

End of the Word

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