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Prophecy 37 “O Israel, America and the World, The War Is Imminent!” — Group Prophecy

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Given to Prophets for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on May 19, 2019


The LORD has anointed us several prophets to stir up anointing within each other. There are many times that one would prophesy, then the LORD will tell the next person to continue prophesying. And this prophesy came just like that.

Prophetic Message

Come up higher. MY children, come up higher. Even sit by ME, I URIYAH (Click the link to get to know who URIYAH is). I AM your musical instructor, your musical teacher. Who do you think why do you think Jews they sing the Scriptures? Not just chanting, but singing at times. Cantors, cantors, they used to sing. Full of glory. Mighty glory. So see what the future beholds for you, Children. For WE have plainly told you, where your faith is the Passover will be.

For what I AM imparting, the nuclear blast power within you, within each of you. You shall feel the fire as you believe. So let this fire, this continual fire, this ring of fire to never go out. But the Ring of Fire [notes: the area where there are large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions] For it is coming quickly. You will see. If Judgment delays. If enough people, if enough as like in Ninevah prays it will be delayed. Pray for Donald J. Trump’s protection, do not neglect this, for America’s future at least part of the future is entitled in this man.

And within this man, the last righteous president you will ever see in the history of America. For have you seen America and even the whole world? Even with the recent Taiwan law, the same-sex marriage, which is outside MY will? They have gone away from MY way and MY commandments and MY constitution. So they will go further away. For the repentance work brings eternal life.

So be at peace, this day. And know all OUR Words are true, all our Words are true. Oh how I love when MY prophets speak, one after another, after the anointing started like the fire tornado.

Time is short, time is short, MY disciples. Time is short. Time is short. Just a little bit more things to do. Time is short. For as a tornado taking everything in the way, all of the sudden I shall come for vengeance is MINE! That this world least expected! I will swipe them! Also at them. New York, I will swipe you. For you mock ME! Day and night! Day and night you mock the GREAT I AM!

Israel, MY Israel, listen to MY word! Where I send you another prophet of MINE to warn you for many years I send MY Prophets to you to repent! And follow ME like your forefathers did! Serve ME as your forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! For they were faithful servants, come to ME as your King David with a repentance heart. For MY King David knew how to humble himself. And I want you, MY Israel, MY Jerusalem to humble yourself and beg ME for mercy. For I have been patient for many years, for you are not like your forefathers . They knew and right away they repented every time they knew they sinned against ME.

But you now, you cover your ears and don’t want to hear MY words. Because now you see the whole world, and you want to follow after this world. MY Jerusalem, MY Torah, MY Torah shines in Jerusalem through the whole nations, through whole world. And why, why Jerusalem, why you don’t look at MY Torah with your heart anymore? Why you only recite MY Torah with your lips and not your heart? Why MY Jerusalem? For I send the living Manna from Heaven to feed you. I AM talking to you, MY Israel, MY Jerusalem, I – your ELOHIM! I – El Shaddai! I AM calling you Israel and Jerusalem, for you are to be the light to the Nations. You are to shine like the bright star in Heaven! For I send you the living Torah. Open your eyes! Open your heart! And allow your MASHIACH the promised ONE, the Anointed ONE – allow HIM! ALLOW the greatest GIFT for HE is not those books, HE is not those pages. HE is the Torah, HE is the living Torah, MY Israel, MY Jerusalem.

Receive. Receive, receive YESHUA as your MASHIACH! And stop, stop thinking that HE is the GOD of the Christians. For I AM tired to see that! To see that you think that way. For you know your MASHIACH will not break MY commandments. I want you to know that it is people being manipulated by satan to break MY Commandments, to twist MY word to conform to man’s image. I tell you, Jerusalem, that you are missing the point! For I send you prophets again and again and again to warn you to receive YESHUA as your MASHIACH today before it is too late. Receive the gift of Salvation. Receive HIM this day. For time is short. Time is short. Time is short. MY people, time is short.

Time is short. America you are at the brink of war. Russia will attack. China will attack. Even little Japan. They will send missiles against you. Don’t think they have been stripped away of all their power. For they are building something inside, internally. North Korea is greatly against you, MY America. The forefathers you have forgotten the traditions. The foundations you have forgotten.

Oh America, it is true. You are at the brink of war. Watch your next step! For it will be your last! The store houses of your missiles have been exposed, where they want to attack. And I will have the last laugh if you do not turn back. For I have warned and I have warned. Year after year and you have not listened. When will you return to ME? So I can gather you to MY loving arms? But you would have none of ME. Brinksmanship! Hold on tight, America. For I have reserved the worst for last. Your judgment has come.

America, this is your last chance. I don’t care what they will say. Turn back! And support your president (Donald J. Trump)! For this is surely your last chance. Save the children, throw out the abortion! And take the steps of repentance! Maybe I will spare more, less people will die as you shake the blood off your hands. You have not listened to your own forefathers who set the groundworks for you, and [they] knew the Creator existed. But you threw them out too. And now I AM finished with you. For you are as a spoiled brat, as a baby shaking its fist at MY face. That’s enough of your childish play! For this is truly the end for you. And they bear down even your enemies, how they surround you! From Venezuela they will come and that’s just one launching point. The missiles will come! Your cities will be shattered! Devastation will come!

Joel Osteen, these are the types of people that fill your churches whom you have listened to (the American people have listened to people like Joel Osteen)! There is no Holiness in the land! And there is no Holiness in the land! And I cannot spare you without true repentance! MY wayward Daughter, you better repent now! For time is almost out! And there are no more warnings! Division shall come! As I MYSELF shall divide you! Even as I AM doing so, there is no stopping. The devastation from the seas, and the ship shall land on your coast. The soldiers shall meet your land, your beach, your shores. They will slay, take captive your people, they are cruel Mercenaries. They will stop at nothing to pillage her, MY Wayward daughter. For that is the judgment when you do not live Holy. For I YEHOVAH alone CALL FORTH wars! And I YEHOVAH alone END WARS! And you have called forth a war against ME! War against MY children! And this one will never stand! You do not poke ME in MY Eyes and do not expect that I will not fight back! And poke [you] back! For that’s all it takes for ME is to poke back! Everything falls apart! For I AM Almighty GOD! YEHOVAH! YESHUA! And I AM to be revered! You are to bow your knees to ME. And I have lovingly given you time to repent. I lovingly given you time to repent. And extended time after time after time. Sent preacher after preacher. Those who were true. And where is the repentance?

Look what is going on with your schools! And how do you think I will allow this stand? To go with transgenders and then teach children about homosexuality! This is an abomination in MY sight! The perversion of innocence receives the greatest judgments! For when you touch MY little children this brings the greatest punishment! I AM truly angry!

Yes, MY son, as you are waiting your turn, you felt and you saw and you heard the Word for Israel. This is I, your ABBA YEHOVAH and I speak to MY Wayward Daughter. I sent MY SON to Israel, bright burning flame of Eternal Love. But they turn their face at HIM, yet I knew they would not receive HIM at that time, instead HE laid down HIS life, and poured forth HIS love. And in that tomb HIS body did lay but after 3 days, HE rose. And the same YESHUA, the same MESSIAH is coming back soon. Just have faith to believe, have faith and believe! For it is true, where your Faith is your Passover shall be. Where your heart is, that is where your treasure is. For that is treasure with ME, that is where your heart will be found. So allow no distractions.

So Israel, I give you a great warning. I have already spoken forth the blood will flow to the horses’ bridle. You better get right with ME, MY Daughter. For there is a war coming. It is hid from your eyes, but not from MY Prophets, not from MY Apostles, not MY Evangelists, MY Pastors, MY Preachers, MY Teachers, for those who diligently strive to hear MY voice. I have revealed and I will reveal the nature of this war!

For although Israel you cry out for the Messiah, your cries are of the impure motive. For you did not cry for MY SON to return, you cry as HE never came to begin with. And I shall judge you for this. That is why anti-Mashiach is coming. For you will receive the one that comes with his own name, because you deny the one coming in MY NAME, I YEHOVAH’S Name. So read and weep, MY children, MY wayward children. Read your scriptures and weep. For two-thirds shall be cut off at the night. (Zechariah 13:8) In a moment in the twinkling of the eye. Sudden destruction shall come. But there is no Psalm 91 protection, for when you deny the Living Word you deny the Written Word. I shall have mercy on who I have mercy, I shall pour out MY wrath on who I shall pour out MY wrath. To whom the sword is destined to fall upon, they shall lay waste. To those who shall inherit famine and waste, they shall bow the knee, and be eaten alive.

Somber days, somber trials. Days of doom and gloom. But there is hope, but only if you trust in ME, I YESHUA. When you deny ME, you have no hope. For how can I honor the rebellious? This is the reason why Israel, o Judah, so many sorrows have befallen thee since the time that I ascended on high. Because you deny ME. You gave in to the Pharisees’ lies. You turned the way of Sadducees. You follow the way of Balaam, you are to ME as a Cain.

But I shall purge out the rebels of the land. Through many bitter trials and toils. I shall cleanse the land. The land where MY SON’S blood was shed victoriously. For HE did not die in defeat, HE died in obedience to ME. For did HE not say, this command HE got from HIS FATHER to lay down HIS life? HE came to preach the year and season of jubilee to set the captives free, open the eyes of the blind, to give a soft heart to those hard hearted; to those who would receive and believe that whom the SON sets free is free indeed. But Israel, when I blow MY breathe of fire, the year of vengeance will commence for MY SON did not come the first time to release that, but HE came to give Salvation. And although you abuse HIM and scoff at HIS Words and Parables, HIS stories of Truth and Revelations, I still have mercy. I still decide to show forth MY Grace. For it was not yet time to open the seal on the scroll of Revelation. In the book of Revelation I speak of.

But – seals have been broken. The scrolls have been unraveled. The time is nigh, the time is at hand, the time is here. For did I not say, no more delay? So this is with this ascension. All of your kings shall be as rulers of old, shall stand at attention. As they stand in awe, and shall soon behold you. Weep, Hezekiah weeps. Josiah [weeps]. Why are you so quick to cast off their testimonies, their example? I weep for you Israel, o Jerusalem, o Judah.What have you done? You shall pay a price on your arms of war. [Rely] instead on MY arms. For in MY arms there is safety, there is security, there is everything you can ever hope for. But you see, you harden your heart, when you did this you forsook the hope, the blessed hope.

You see, I send RUACH HAKODESH in that Pentecost day, and you mocked. You told and you said MY disciples, MY Apostles, MY Sent Out Ones were drunk, were filled with excess wines. But it is you who are drunk, drunk with your own foolishness. With strange wine mixture an abomination unto ME. And you are put to shame. Just as it was in the days of golden calf. For when Moshe returned, he recognized the sound of revelling debauchery. The sound of nakedness to your shame you were naked. It is you who is drunk, not MY Apostles not those waiting in the mount, not those with a heart like unto Joshua. For they stood vigilantly, valiantly, and they are here now.

Why, O Israel, you keep cast off the Torah? For what does It profit a man to observe the Holy Feasts, and yet cast off MY ONLY BEGOTTEN SON? Those Feasts point to [HIM]! Pure insanity! Yet I AM opening your eyes. I have a remnant, their eyes are open and I am using them to open the eyes of others.

For your tables have become a snare to trap unto you, for your foolish sins, your pride, your rebellion. It would not be so if you would but just obey. You’ve memorized the Torah, you’ve memorized the 10 Commandments but letter killeth. But soon, Sauls will become Pauls. Miracles, signs and wonders shall soon become common place in you, O Israel. But I warn you, do not allow Sodom and Gomorrah to rise up, and to condemn you. You better receive MY Two Witnesses, you better receive or those cities - MY only begotten son Shaddai condemned in the time HE was treading on the Earth - Those same cities HE condemned shall will rise up and condemn you. Do not allow this to happen, Israel.

Chorazine, you better be familiar with the New Testament, Israel. (Matt 11:21) You better stop turning away the Messianic Jews, I speak not those of the lukewarm, for I shall tread them under foot. They are vile in my eyes, putrid. Disgusting. Some will repent most will not. O you lukewarm! You call yourself Messianic Jews but you are of the Synagogue of satan. You are a cause of many blaspheming of MY NAME in all the land of Israel and throughout the world, you will pay and I shall have MY sword. And as I said before, not if I will whet MY glittering sword, for it is already been sharpened. You better fear, you better tremble.

For you are highly held accountable. For the Saints of Old tread the land of Israel daily whispering, ministering, even some showing physically to warn you. That is how much I love you. So you better turn away from your pride, I don’t want to have to beat you. You don’t want to drink from MY cup of wrath. But I know what sorrow must befall you, I know what Jacob must go through. Many tears, bitter times, bitter herbs. You better get ready for the Pharaoh of Pharaohs. That is your reward for denying ME, O Israel!

O Israel, I YESHUA AM coming soon. Do not miss your time of visitation. Your time of refreshing of refreshment. You better take up the Torah. But not of the vain ritual of vain tradition. For although you do rejoice, the great I AM give you the Word. Still, you are missing the point. For you, look to the Scripture for Salvation. But you only get half of the picture. You better rebuke your evil rabbis. Those that hide and conceal the truth just like Pharisees of old. These disgusting serpents. They know who the Messiah is. I AM not saying that all do, for I have a remnant that will repent. But for those who do, these reptilians, these infiltrators they shall pay. So I AM calling for all the land to show itself approved before the great earthquake that shall manifest physically and spiritually to wake you up, to shake and break everything that can be broken. Because you see, as I warn in Deuteronomy 8, when you became rich and wealthy, when you came into the land, I warned not to allow your heart to grow fat. Or you’d forget ME. So I must wake you up. I must allow what I must allow. Horrors will befall you. The aliens from above, the aliens from within and from below.

You can do your Kabbalah rituals, but they will not preserve thee. Only by the NAME and BLOOD of YESHUA. But only you’d be preserved, be saved. And even MY martyrs those they their physical lives are snuffed out. Don’t think that they are not still being preserved. For it is through this means, that I bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is through this they fulfill their calling. So you better pray that all those who are truly born to be martyrs, Holy martyrs, you better pray that their faith it is strengthened now. So their faith will be ready then. So that they will not betray.

So many betrayals will occur that time, because of the spirit of fear. In Israel and throughout the world and America. I already warned this in MY Scriptures but who is paying attention? They love to be in MY Presence but when it comes to apply MY Word, they shun MY very NAME and MY Words far from ME. For I was a beautiful love song to them, but that is it, it’s just a form of entertainment.

So be on guard against this, MY children, be on guard. Let not your minds be at ease unto the destruction of the soul. Always rely on ME, always acknowledge ME and I will direct your steps. You do not know, MY children, how many times I caused you to step over to step around the traps of the devil! All because of the NAME and BLOOD of YESHUA. You cannot save yourselves, you cannot save anyone. It’s only ME, only I YESHUA working in and through you. I preserve you. By MY Mercy and with MY Grace. I preserve. I save. I cause the blind man to see. I cause the lame to soar high in the sky. I cause the poor to become rich. And I speak first and foremost the rich of faith. For there will come a time when poverty will seize their land, in desperation they will throw their gold and silver in streets in despair. But the heathen’s woes, their economic woe, do not belong to MY children. So long as you keep your hands clean from the wrath of this world, from the path of disobedience.

So I want this Word on the website without delay. But Israel must be warned. It’s not up to you to originate the Truth, that is not your job, MY children. Your job is simply to respond. Simply to carry out the message who it is appointed to. You are the Messenger. I AM the KING. I AM the carpenter, you are the hammer, you are the saw, I AM the potter you are the clay. I am the good shepherd, you are the sheep. And I care for MY sheep, I beat the wolves away. I rescue you out of the mouth of lion, from the bear. And I slay at once. The workers of iniquity. Those that do MY servants harm if they do not repent.

Be not in the waves of the sea, tossed to and fro. Not as the ship the vessel caught up in the whirlwind dashed against the rock. But stay the course of the GREAT I AM. Stay the course. For each of you please ME, always be at peace. Do not allow the knowledge of knowing you are a working in progress to be used by the devil to condemn. None of you are perfect, but I AM perfecting you.

So harken not to the voice of the devil. But to the voice of good shepherd the GREAT I AM. And just know that all the prophets, all the apostles of old, they stand guard, they stand ready to assist thee, just call upon MY NAME. I YESHUA. Just ask for more wisdom, more understanding, more faith, be not ashamed to your testimony in ME.

End of the Word

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