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Prophecy 42 “One Kingdom Shall Stand!”

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Given to דוד בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on June 17, 2019

Prophetic Message

Trust in ME Son, you hear ME speak. There's rebellion in the streets of Jerusalem. I've had enough of this. First was spiritual Jerusalem and judgment has come. Now with physical Jerusalem, judgment has come. Stop speaking lawlessness! Netanyahu! How you have broken MY heart. MY Children weep for you, for what I am now going to do. You cannot live lawless lives without consequences.

MY People, where have you gone? Where have you gone? How low must you go before you return to ME? There's going to be blood in the streets for all that you have done to ME. For I walked those streets and MY Blood covered you for so long. But no longer can you continue to trample MY Blood. MY wrath is coming! MY wrath is coming! MY wrath is coming! Ministry of Justice (mockingly). This is a travesty. What a travesty. For there is no justice in the land with abortion. You slay your babies!

You feel MY fire, so let it loose. You slay MY babies! And this will not stand. You are sacrificing to Moloch and you know better. You know better. But you receive the lawlessness of this world. How long will you desire to be like the nations when I give you good Laws. When I gave you Holy Laws to show forth your wisdom to the world; to be a light to those who are in darkness. But now you are covered in darkness. You are consumed with darkness. Your streets are consumed with darkness. How can any of you see where your next foot shall go?

I am speaking to you Israel! I am speaking to you Israel! And this will not last. This season shall be very troublesome for you for all you have done to ME. When I have beared (borne - YAH means HE carried Israel) you up in MY wings. I have loved you and how you have forsaken ME... And not done right things though I have told you in MY Laws, MY Torah Laws that shows forth the ways of truth. But now you are blinded. Your sin is a stench to all of Heaven and to the world! You think they cannot smell you? MY Children all around the world hold their nose.

I am putting you in a jail cell as your enemies shall surround you. Encroach upon you. Take away your freedoms that I have given you. For this is MY judgment upon all of you who have forsaken ME. The Christian and the Jew. For the anti-christ is coming with concentration camps. And all of you who have forsaken ME shall fall to it. This shall happen to you. When you cry out for ME, I will not answer you. I will be no where to be found just as I found you (GOD is saying the people were not seeking HIM when HE says they were no where to be found). For I called to you in your streets and how many of you answered, responded to that call? I am a Holy GOD who demands Holiness. Especially in MY Land!

That is MY Land! I covenanted with Abraham to give [it] to you. That is MY Land. So now I bring atrocities to you as you have brought atrocities to ME and offered them up to ME: MY slain babies. What a tragedy! A tragedy, a tragedy has taken place! A tragedy has taken place amongst MY People, who are the light and know the way of truth, yet scorned MY Laws! And for what? You could not stand up for it (Law)!

You're stubborn! Rebellious! That's why the whip is coming for you. In MY love, you [shall] have one opportunity in that time to fall on your knees and repent of your sin. Yet, what will you do? But persecute MY Prophets, MY Apostles; but kill MY two Jews: MY Two Witnesses. But I will allow this to show you, even in that [it] is a mercy for you. As you watch and behold them arise again after three days before your eyes. It shall be televised worldwide. And in that day, you better cry out.

For if you don't, there's nothing left for you. An earthquake awaits you! A global tragedy! As I throw MY rocks at you! And pour out MY wrath. Completion of it all and be eased of MY burdens with which I am burdened by you. Day in, day out. Without end, your sins have piled up to Heaven. That's why I am chastening you. It shall not be painless. It shall not be painless. It will be very painful for you in that day. It will be very painful for you MY People, for the pain you have caused. As time and again you spurned MY Laws. But MY Kingdom shall come! MY Kingdom shall come.

Once I am finished with you, there shall be an Endless Life. For when MY feet hit the Mount of Olives, [they] shall spring forth life. For the PRINCE of Life, the KING of Life has come down to you. Just shortly after I ease MYSELF of MY enemies (Is. 1:24)! And I'll show you how I fight and you will have wished… Oh you shall mourn! You will have wished you had believed, you had stayed faithful, when MY KING comes to this earth. And he commands judgment for ME. I shall exhort you this one last time to turn from your sin. To repent! Repent! To repent!

Naphtali Bennett was truly a good man. [He] Tried his best with what he had to work with. He got screwed out of office by back dealings. This kind of thing happens all the time in Israel, in this world. It comes as no surprise, for those who will stand up for truth, will always have to clash against the lies. And it's truly a battle. A fierce battle.

So choose your sides. For one Kingdom shall stand. And it is exalted by MY Right Hand. And I shall send it forth to crush you! All the works of your hands. And there shall be a renewal in the land and the world as I take back what satan has stolen. And that shall be an easy job when I pierce the clouds and go to war with MY enemies and shall finish them in an instant. As I fight against them with the sword of MY mouth and destroy them by the brightness of MY coming.

In that time, you will cry for the rocks to fall upon you, to hide you. But there is no cover for you. For you spurned it long ago. And there's only one home for you and that is Hell below. Fear and trembling shall rip you as you shall see in MY eyes a burning fire. MY Land shall be cleansed of all evil. Never again to be defiled with the uncircumcised of heart! Of ear! [Of flesh!] (Ezek. 44:7-9).

And MY heart shall return there – [to] rule and reign from Jerusalem for a Thousand years. In that time shall be a Jubilee! And all the slaves, set free! Slaves of the mind, slaves physically. And all nations shall come to ME!

I, YESHUA, speak forth from MY Son. All that shall come and [it] shall be, and I am coming quickly to right the wrongs of this world (HE means that everything HE [YESHUA] has spoken forth will come to pass). And it shall be, because I cannot stand the lies of man. The treachery. The abortion. The mistreatment of MY Children. They shall call ME back (GOD'S children call HIM down). They shall call ME Home (Jerusalem). As they cry unto ME, "HESBHA, when will you come?" MY darling, I am on MY way even now! And also, you play a part in that. For you are supposed to be in a sparkling white gown.

So watch ME clean house and it shall be a frightful sight. For the things that I must allow to come upon MY People, MY Land. For they cast curses at you, your enemies that surround. And the amount of your sins… For them I must allow them to come. Into bondage you shall go, for this you know. For this is the curse of the Law. I put MY yoke upon you now. A yoke of Holiness. And those who do not line up, will be burned; will be burned down.

And this night, I take off MY Crown and I go to war. And I cut down the dry tree and pluck it up by its roots. And the good fruit shall hit the ground. And those I shall gather, and the rest shall be burned (The good fruit that fell off the dry tree shall be gathered). For I have waited long enough for you to return. And you know MY Holiness. These things that you allow, cannot stand. I cannot allow this to remain. So, night shall fall and consume you all.

Come quick to your only shelter underneath MY wings! Come quick! There's only one way. Only YEHOVAH saves! Call upon the Name of MY SON, YESHUA. Do it quickly!

For this night, I start MY countdown; there was another countdown. There was another countdown closer to the time of Jacob's Trouble. And it shall come swift upon you. The darkness I foretell of shall come quickly upon you; as a thief in the night. I told you Israel that night would fall. I told you before all. For it is written in your Scriptures - in Joel. How many times have you read Joel? For you know the "Day of the LORD" has come. A fearful sight; screaming. It shall be as a woman in labor pains to bring forth the SON of Man [Adam] to your streets, to your land.

For you know - for I came to you MYSELF and told you I send you scribes and those learned in the Torah! And you beat and stone them. And how I long, as a mother, to gather you under MY wings. And you shall no longer see ME until you say "Blessed is HE who comes in the Name of YEHOVAH!"

So MY Children, hear ME now. Those of you who truly know the Great I AM. Hide yourself for a little while, as MY wrath passeth over. And you better keep the Passover, for this time I require Holiness like never before. For even you too, need to get your act together! And understand that obedience is greater than sacrifice. For it is the time, that even if Noah, Daniel and Job would stand before ME, I would not hear their prayer for this people. And each to his own, a man shall preserve his own life by how they obey ME (Ezek. 14:12-21).

For there are no more slip ups. There are no more excuses! With the knowledge I have poured out upon you – where is the zeal? Where is the passion? In MY Body! Those who claim to be of ME! A higher level, a higher standard has come upon you. For this time, I measure MY House! I drop the Rod as I drop the plumb-line. How straight do you measure up (Amos 7:7-9)? How great do you fear GOD? I'll tell you this, it's gonna be a fearful thing if you don't hear ME clearly! If you don't walk with ME, obeying ME faithfully – by faith and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). It's gonna be a fearful thing, [it] shall strike your heart as you realize, 'Oh, Jesus, I never really knew! Oh, Yeshua, I never really knew!' But your bread, you shall eat by measure. For this is the judgment that has come upon you.

Oh MY People, do you know what happens now? I must hide MY eyes from you. I must hide MY eyes from you as I weep and travail [for] what I must do, what I must allow, what shall come from the pits - come up upon the ground (Jer. 13:17, Is. 1:15). For I send locusts among you. And they shall eat your storehouses down. And you shall look around for the bread, for the bread, for the BREAD of Life. But how many, by ME, will be found (how many will find YESHUA. There will be a famine of HIS Word).

End of the Word

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