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Prophecy 1 “Comfort ME!”

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on November 7, 2018

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John 6:66: “Because of this saying, many of HIS disciples turned their backs and did not walk with HIM.”

1 John 2:19: “They went out from us, but they were not of us. For if they were of us, they would have remained with us; but they left so that it might be revealed that they all are not of us.”

Prophetic Message

Comfort ME in song and praise. Comfort ME in dance, for I anoint your feet to dance before MY Throne, even as King David of Old danced before ME.

Just continue to obey, for none of your sacrifices are done in vain. Help one another, for the time is so short. Focus upon ME, your LORD, GOD, and SAVIOR. It is I, YESHUA, who am with you always. It is I, YESHUA, who lifts you up. It is I, YESHUA, who breathes upon you MY breath of life. Take not one another for granted. Be not a burden unto one another. Only edify, only correct when necessary and never rebuke in the flesh.

Meditate upon MY peace, MY love, MY hope, MY faith. I am there to build you up, for am I not the MASTER BUILDER? Yes, I, YESHUA, build you up and make you firm in this hour, in this season so you will not fall away, for you belong to ME and I love you.

Oh how I long to be with MY Bride! How MY heart yearns. Neither life nor death, nor height nor depth can keep ME away from you. I shall come for you in the midnight hour. Just be prepared. Let ME find you with oil in your lamps, shining bright for ME. I speak with you now, your LORD GOD and SAVIOR.

I speak to the core of your soul MY Son, such loving and tender words. I, YESHUA, build you up. I, YESHUA, encourage you in these end times, for I want you to be strong. I need you to be strong. Behold ME! Hearken unto ME, for I will not/never let you down. The arm of man grows weary, grows sick, grows fat, but MY arm is mighty to save. I will deliver you in times of need and I do. So behold ME, your Great GOD ALMIGHTY and never sway to the left or the right. I am here with you MY son and not a single hair on your head will be harmed. So do not doubt and know no fear.

Hallelu YAH!!!

So sing praises unto ME this day. Sing praises, sing praises, sing praises, for am I not worthy of your heart's devotion? Yes, I AM. So I leave you with this Word of encouragement, this Word of blessing, this Word of love. Now meditate upon it and give ME Glory. Yes, I, the LORD your GOD and SAVIOR – YESHUA HAMASHIACH is MY NAME!

Hear ME, MY Son. You have MY ear. Oh how I long to cradle you in MY arms. And I shall. All of you I shall cradle, for I love you so. Yes, your LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Situation by situation, long to hear MY voice, incline to hear MY voice, for I will not fail you but only cause you to succeed. Victory is MY NAME and I know no defeat. I encompass each of you about with MY Victory. Please ME and I, YEHOVAH, shall please the righteous desires of your heart. I am faithful to pick you up, for is this not what the loving FATHER does? That's because I am in him and he is in ME. Now settle yourselves on these words, words not of the flesh but of the RUACH HAKODESH.

Be there for one another. Love one another. Covet not or there will be severe chastisements. See each other through MY eyes and be grateful for the portion you have, for it is sufficient, it is enough. Always be grateful, MY Children, and never hearken unto the back-biting, ungrateful, complaining ways of the devil. He is defeated but/and I AM alive. Now pick up your weapons which are not carnal and carry on, press on, for there is yet a great war untold on the horizon. It is nearly here. Just be careful. Just be cautious. Take not for granted what your FATHER taught you about physical preparation, looking over your back, making sure you are not followed, for the enemy seeks to spy you out, rat you out.

But I will be there MY children, for I am your present help in times of need and trouble. For am I not the ALEF and the TAV? I know no beginning and have no end. Pray as Mordechai and I will always show you the traps of the devil ahead of time. You will not be caught unaware if you prepare in ME. Yes, your ABBA YEHOVAH loves you. Your YESHUA loves you. And your IMMA GLORIA loves you. WE cherish each of you so dearly. Harm not one another.

MY timing is always perfect, even with you MY Son. When I brought you to the sheepfold, you were so weak and scared. But I, YESHUA, raised you up. I, YESHUA, elevated you. I promote one and demote another. It is true, MY callings are without repentance. Yet how sad it is when someone forsakes their destiny. It is not MY will, for I desire all flowers to bloom and to prosper.

Gaze toward ME. Fix your eyes upon ME. I, the LORD your GOD, am with you even unto the end of the age. Now make haste and do what I have called you to do. Listen to the warnings of your FATHER, for HE loves you.

Patience is a virtue MY Son. You have much to learn. But I will get you to 100% if you will but let ME. Victory is MINE. Solace is MINE. I will not fail you or let you down. Just continue to hearken and obey.

Worry not but hear the sound of MY voice which is peace, which is a “yea” and an “amen.” I settle your soul and give you peace. The plans I have for you are for good and not for evil. I shall speak more loudly and more clearly in the days ahead. Just learn to hear MY voice and study MY Word. Do you know how much I love you? It is written in MY Word, a love letter to MY Bride, to MY children.

Come all ye who are thirsty and partake of the Wellspring of Everlasting Waters. Partake and do not doubt. Where you have known rags, I shall give you riches. I shall give you triumphant victory. You shall know the heights of MY joy and the inheritance of Jacob. This is MY promise to MY faithful and obedient children, MY obedient Bride.

Now tarry not but do quickly and expediently all I have called you to do. Night is coming when no man can work. So be faithful and be quick. Endure and persevere, for the time is oh so short. I AM coming back soon to this very generation. Warn them, for I come not as the first time, but with fire in MY eyes and a cloak of zeal, burning with the fierce anger of GOD ALMIGHTY. I shall vanquish MY enemies but embrace MY children, MY Bride. I AM coming back soon. Selah.

Forgive one another even as I have forgiven thee. Trust one another and see yourself in MY eyes. See each other through MY eyes, gems to be treasured, to be held dear to the heart. Not just ordinary gems, but Living Stones for MY Glory, Honor, and Praise. All of you have paid such heavy prices for ME. All of you will do what I say.

'Beauty and holiness becomes MY House,' says the LORD your GOD. Do not defile your Sanctuary, both physical and spiritual. Heed to MY ways and ye shall prosper. Heed to MY Prophets and you shall blossom. All of you are the finest of flowers. All of you sparkle for ME in unique ways. Just carry on and press on in MY business. MY business plans cannot fail.

Yes the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil. Heed to them, for by them ye shall prosper in ME. I never do anything unless I first reveal it to MY Prophets. That doesn't mean they will understand. It just means the Message is given and the people must seek MY face to discover the meaning.

So many times people seek to go by their own understanding because I don't answer right away, bend to their will. So they become frustrated and full of pride and rebellion, trying to tell ME MY business when all I want for them is for good and not the evil. But when a person wants it their way, calamity is all they can expect to find, for your own footsteps will lead to Hell. But MINE, MY footsteps lead to Heaven, to success, to victory, to beauty. All of these things are to be thought upon, meditated upon.

So take not MY righteous voice for granted but hearken diligently, for I speak not idly, puffs of air or smoke in the wind. MY Words are fire and they consume the chaff. MY Words are fire and they purge away the dross. I will protect if you obey MY voice. Don't play with fire but be humble and be quick. Don't be hasty in sin, but be quick to obey. These are the Words I have to say as you work this day.

End of the Word



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