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Prophecy 58 “Who Are You O Mighty Man? When I Give A Law All Creation Obeys!"

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Given to דוד בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received June 11, 2019

Prophetic Message

Release MY fire and don't hold back. For I am enraged with the nations and their disregard of ME. But this comes to an end now. You all listen to ME now. Repent and turn from your lawlessness. For this is your last time, for this is the end-time and the ark is quickly closing. The ark of MY safety. And all those who are on the outside, the rain shall come; the rain of MY terror (this is a metaphor for GOD's wrath, which HE will “rain down on earth”, and HIS reign [ Kingdom] that is coming. GOD has promised not to destroy the earth by water again). For you shall learn how terrible and fierce the LORD, the GREAT I AM is (2 Cor. 5:11)! As I send MY plagues upon you. Plague after plague and chastise you until you bow your knee to ME; and acknowledge your sin before ME. Your gross disgusting matters. And I have MY King speak unto you, repent and return to ME! All those souls who belong to ME before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3-5,11; Rom. 8:29-30; Rom. 9:23). For the rest of you are going unto hell, hell-fire. For it is appointed to you [those to hell-fire and also]: those to famine to famine, those to the sword to the sword, those to captivity to captivity, and the judgment shall not be turned back. For it has been ordained for you, of your betrayal of ME before all these things. And I establish MY judgment over you.

For though you do not acknowledge ME, I still reign over you. I AM YEHOVAH and all shall know ME shall know MY glory as it fills the earth, from sea to sea! And all nations shall bow before ME...before MY Son YESHUA. The KING of all Kings. And in these times I have appointed for you a chance, a hope to turn back. So I speak forth now unto all who will listen. Which will you be? One who bows their knee and repents? Or one who shakes their fist at ME? Even though in MY mercy I plead with thee. That's why judgment has come. That's why chastisements have come! For I plead with thee! As the tornadoes arise, I plead with thee. As the sea does rise, I plead with thee. Return to ME! You better return to ME! And climb into the ark of safety, WHO is MY Son YESHUA and save your soul. Even though in that time you will not have a physical protection, your soul I'll save.

You need a health and healing and only YESHUA can bring that. So for those of you who have been appointed unto salvation, come! For the Spirit and Bride say “Come”! And they call ME and I come. And I call you to take of this Living Waters freely. So come (Rev. 22:17).

For you all have corrupted the truth. And it is truly fallen, slain in the streets (Is. 59:14-15). But in these times, all shall know ME. I AM YEHOVAH and what I say goes. And MY decree stands. I rule and reign from the Heavens above, I reign over all man[kind]. You shall behold MY wrath. A very scary thing for who is there, anyone, to stand before ME if you're not covered with the Blood of MY Son [YESHUA].

So all you come. All you heavy laden with burdens, come. Find your rest in ME (Matt. 11:28). Find your health in ME. Give your souls to ME. For in that time, I promise to save you. But if you are found without MY blood, without ME, it is a sore pain you shall endure. For death shall flee from some as part of MY punishment, MY chastisement (Rev. 9:6). [That] It would be too easy for death to just come, but you will suffer the consequences of your sins on earth before you go to hell. So I beg you as I am apt to do to come and let ME restore you to what the truth is. Not what the world has taught you, but the truth. I AM the Truth, the Way and the Life. And nobody comes to the FATHER but through ME. And if you have any hope of HIS wrath to be appeased, then you will come to ME. And let ME cover you. And put new garments on you. Garments of righteousness. Clean garments. Shining garments, pure white without spot or wrinkle. Unless you yourself get it dirty. But even then, I will be with you to teach you the truth. True repentance and MY blood will cover you to wash them again. I am the GREAT I AM! And in this time, I say it again! All shall find out who I AM! There will not be an unbeliever in the earth! Only enemies who think they can fight against ME. I have a message for you: I shall slay you. It's as simple as that. I shall slay you. So line up for ME and make it easy for ME. For one fell swoop I shall go through you. All those who seek to get in MY way, the CREATOR, the GREAT I AM.

I speak to you earth, I AM who I AM. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever. And I do not change (Heb. 13:8, Mal. 3:6)! And the things that I made, I made for MYSELF and what I say is what I say and that stands (Prov. 16:4)! So you better change! For this is the message to all man! REPENT while there is yet time! Repent while there is yet time! For it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living GOD. And it doesn't matter how many times I have to say this in MY grace and mercy there is always the stubborn and stiff-necked who think they can test I AM. So if you want to test I AM, go ahead then. “Live your best life as they say.” For still one day before ME you will stand. Judgment! And I still say “depart from ME you worker of iniquity.” And off to hell you go and there is nothing you can do about it “O tough and mighty man.” For there will be no days in which I bow MY knee to you! For you tell ME when you stretched forth the plumb-line, measured the heavens, gave the stars their order and said “this is a law for you. Do not go past it!” (Job 38:8-11). Just like what I did with the sea and the sand! I AM the GREAT I AM! When I give a law all creation obeys. Who are you O mighty man? Puny man! For you to not obey MY laws? Not honor and reverence MY law? So you tell ME when you called forth a rose from nothing, set the stars above, created the sun, the moon and the earth by your power. And then I will give you honor. Until that nonexistent day, repent and obey.

End of word.



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