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Prophecy 100 "Scroll of Love – The Order of Zerubbabel"

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Started March 31, 2021 and ended June 25, 2021

Prophetic Message Begins

Love worketh no ill to his neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfilling of the Law.

MY Torah of Ages is love. Bend to HIS will and all shall be well. Drink deep from HIS Well, for it is Truth. And every well produces out of the abundance of its heart. Some wells are murky. Not fit to drink. Other wells are dry, dead. And still, some other wells produce fresh waters, living - with the spice of life.

Drink deep from MY Well and spring up unto everlasting. Become that fountain head. Become that producer of many colors. Allow MY light to shine upon thee, to pass through thee, MY child. I AM YEHOVAH of AGES. Become ONE with ME I, your FATHER. Do I not know how to give good gifts?

If you will but watch and listen, watch and learn, many good things will you observe, will you earn. Just stay close to ME, MY child, for I have promised never to leave or forsake thee. Watch and learn.

I AM your valley when you need to rest. I AM your mountain when you need support to stand on. I AM your Manna in the wilderness to ease your fears. I AM your all in all. In all situations, I AM there. I AM is LOVE. Follow MY example, follow MY lead. I lead to MASHIACH and in so doing restoreth your souls. Selah.

Come rest in the FATHER'S bosom. Come delight in HIS ways. HIS ways are not your ways but they are peace, they are rest, and they tend to life, are life-giving. Come follow HIS ways and be established in ME, the ALEPH and the TAV. Come know the end from the beginning, the allotment due to you at the fulfillment of all things, the fulfilling of the age, the revelation and the revealing of the ALEPH and the TAV - of who I AM. The GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY I, YEHOVAH!!!!

Follow the Yemenite Way, the Yemenite Order - MY Order. The Order of Zerubbabel. HalleluYAH!

You are to prophesy to many tribes, tongues, and nations of what will be, of who I am. Take up a lament for MY daughter Jerusalem, wayward daughter. In what have you not grieved ME, says I, YEHOVAH? In what have you not spurned ME? Am I the least that you should treat ME in such a way? I alone am GOD ALMIGHTY!

Where is your reverence for ME? I look from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof and find none but ONE. In all the earth I find but ONE who gives ME reverence as I deserve. Oh Israel, oh Yeshurun I gave you the Torah, did I not? You can study in your yeshivas all day long, but if there is no application, it is done in vain. Did I not say and was it not proclaimed that your walk should be by faith, even as the faith of Avraham?

Then why do you pronounce judgments against ME the GREAT GOD of Israel, MAKER of Heaven and Earth as you misinterpret MY Law thus denying the HOLY ONE of Israel? Answer ME, oh Israel. Answer ME! I require much from you, for to which other nation have I provided, have I given so much? Even the BLOOD of your MESSIAH cries out to ME from the soil to this very day. Answer ME!

Oh Israel, I lament for what must be done. It has been prophesied from of old. What must be is what shall be. Did you learn anything from your ancient forefathers? They prophesied to many tribes, tongues, and nations; upholding MY Truth, MY Standard. Standing on MY Promises though with their own eyes they had not yet seen.

Lament, lament for Israel - wayward daughter! Your men shall be scattered as dung upon the face of the land, your young men as hoarfrost. Oh lament! Take up a funeral dirge. Israel, MY Israel where have you gone? So far have you strayed from MY Commands! You honor ME with your lips, but your heart is far from ME.

Call upon ME! Call upon ME in the NAME of your SAVIOR, your MESSIAH. "YESHUA HAMASHIACH" is HIS NAME. Faithful, faithful is HE in all HIS Ways. Come unto ME. Let ME see you honor in the right way without hypocrisy, without lewdness. I AM your ALPHA and OMEGA, your ALEPH and TAV. Selah.

Turn with your whole heart. Let there be weeping and fasting. Rend your heart and not your garments. Turn to ME in the NAME of YESHUA. Repent of your sins! Wait not another day. Seek ME early while I may yet be found. Soon darkness shall cover the land, shall sweep this earth. Where will you be found? Underneath MY wings? Or in outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth?

The choice is yours, oh Israel. The choice is yours. Hear, oh Israel, for I, the LORD your GOD, am ONE.

Repentance! Repentance! Repentance! That is the key, MY daughter. That is the key, MY son. For what is the repentance of the Jewish people but life from the dead? Turn to ME I, YEHOVAH, with your whole heart. Turn to ME with fasting and weeping. I am YEHOVAH GOD and your repentance must be as loud as your sins. No one is exempt from repentance. All have fallen short of MY GLORY - of MY YESHUA!

Repentance is NOT a game! Hear ME! The BLOOD of YESHUA is not to be trampled upon. The Living Waters of METATRON are not to be fouled. Watch your step, Chosen Ones. Watch your step, oh world. I have a Day of Vengeance set aside for you, for do I not know how to preserve the wicked unto the day of judgment?!

Do I not know how to preserve MY Elect? I say, yea! Watch ME, oh world, for I AM is about to do a new thing, a new order - Order of MELECH HASHALOM. Taste HIS fruit and see. Hear HIS Word and believe. I come to try the hearts and souls of men. I come to try and test, to put to the furnace. And all that is dross shall melt away; all that is wood, stubble, and hay. Get not in MY way, I AM'S way! Be not a stumbling block. Be not a rock of offense, being offended. I tell you the truth. Those who are offended cannot serve GOD, ELOHIM.

The Spirit strives against the flesh and the flesh against the Spirit. MY ways are not your ways and your ways are not MY ways. Your ways are enmity against GOD, for the carnal, fleshly mind is hostile toward GOD.

That is why you must walk in the SPIRIT, walk with the SPIRIT. For only those who do so can please the FATHER. HE seeks those who will worship HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. HE seeks those who will follow in the foot steps of the ALEPH and the TAV. Come and see, oh world. Come and taste! Know that the LORD thy GOD is good and HIS love endures forever. HIS love endures forever but HE will not at all acquit the guilty. HE will not acquit those who are steadfast, who are bent on doing evil.

The humble, those of a contrite heart and a broken spirit - these HE will acquit. Those who show humility, who show repentance - upon these no sin will be imputed.

Blessed is the man who takes not counsel from the ungodly, for he will not fall with them in the day of their calamity. His dwelling will be in righteousness and for all eternity he will count the stars, knowing the end from the beginning. This promise I give to you.

Entertain not voices unaware. Know the spirit that speaks and discern whether it is folly. Trust not every voice, every song. Many voices have gone out into the world but there is only ONE you should adhere to, live by. And MY voice can be heard through MY servants, MY creation. Turn not away MY prophets! Turn not away MY apostles! And yes, they still exist. For when you turn away one of these little ones, you turn ME away. You turn away mercy. You turn away grace. Do you reject salvation? Then turn not away MY little ones. I AM in them and they are in ME.

Listen to ME. Hearken to ME, MY Son. Man's ways, man's order are not MY ways. They never have been and never shall be. When I place MY Order into your hands, it is for you to flourish, for you to prosper. You are bound by this Order. Bound for eternity. Love binds you to this Order. I AM is love. I AM is Order. I AM your all in all. Hear ME! I AM your ALL in all.

World, I AM your all in all if only you would drink of ME, receive of ME. Eat of ME. I AM the ALEPH and the TAV, MAKER of Heaven and Earth. Know MY ways and that they are good. You are on a path of rebellion, a path of death.

Oh America, all is not well. You see MY mercy and you see MY grace but that does not mean I condone what is going on. If it were not for MY remnant, it would all be over. Pray, meditate, oh America, and see what this means: I would rather have obedience than sacrifice. I would rather have mercy than the wicked perish. And yet justice must be served, for I AM is a jealous GOD, punishing the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those that hate ME. I AM is not a GOD to be mocked! I have MY way in the whirlwind! I have MY way in the tempest of the sea!

Seek ME early. Seek ME true. Seek ME before it is too late! I AM is the ONLY merciful FATHER, merciful GOD, merciful ONE. There is no other! I AM the only JUDGE and the Law, not lawlessness, proceeds forth from Zion! Hear ME!

Hear ME roar! Hear ME roar at the head of MY camp! I come to lay waste, to make desolate the habitations of the wicked. To the very foundation they shall be uprooted. Righteousness shall be planted in the earth and has been planted. MY vine shall grow to the ends of the earth providing sustenance, providing new wine to all those in need. Pluck from the grapes. Eat of the fruit. Taste and see the LORD is good. Know that I AM good and MY judgments are altogether true. Selah.

Rest in ME. Abide in ME I, YEHOVAH. Come underneath MY wings, oh world. I extend mercy. I extend truth. Take not for granted the seasons and the times, for soon shall the LORD Tsvaot make a quick work in the earth and cut short the time for the elect's sake. Come underneath MY wings and know salvation. Come underneath MY wings. Know freedom. Know liberty. Know your LORD, GOD, and SAVIOR YESHUA HAMASHIACH. HE is a lamb to you now but when HE returns it shall be as the LION from the Tribe of Judah!

Walk with ME. Come. Follow ME and I will make you fishers of men. King fishers. Spread your net. Cast it out deep. Let the weight of MY GLORY weigh it down. To the depths I take you. Treasures untold. Expect the unexpected as I try your faith, for you should be pure. Be holy as I AM is holy. Allow MY waves to wash over you, the cleansing tide. Allow the weight of MY GLORY to build your character, to fashion your nature. For you should be after ME I, YESHUA, reflecting MY image. Look in the waters of METATRON. What do you see? A reflection of yourself or holiness? Meditate upon these words this day. Meditate and reflect. Does it not say they shall know you by the love ye have for one another, MY love reflecting in and through you?

Then walk in this love. Take up this Scroll and do not depart from thence.

Love will make you. Love will break you. As the POTTER forms the clay, so do I shape you. Resist not in conforming to MY image. Conform not to the ways of this world, for those who do so are no friend of GOD. The love of the FATHER is not in them. The lusts of the flesh, the pride of life is found in them. The SPIRIT of HOLINESS will not always strive with men. There will come a day when MY patience runs out. Take heed to the days of Noah, for as it was then, so shall it be now. The love of many waxed cold. Hearts grew cold. Hearts of stone. Hearts of bitterness. Anger. Hatred. The seed of demons. Entertain not strange flesh. That is why I told you to hold every thought captive unto I, YEHOVAH, in the NAME of YESHUA. Allow the script of your mind to be rewritten. Allow ME to scribe.

Did I not say you were to meditate on MY Word day and night? Then allow ME and no longer see yourself as your own. Is not the death of YESHUA to be working in you daily so that you might know hope and the resurrection of a better life, eternal life? I say, "yea". Therefore come underneath MY wings. Trust in Psalm 91 as you keep MY commandments. MY commandments were not created or brought forth to suit your flesh. That is why you must walk in the SPIRIT if you are to be pleasing to ME because it shows ME your faith.

It shows ME your faith when in pain you still continue to believe in MY Word even when the healing doesn't come right away. It shows ME your faith when you suffer loss but don't give up. It shows ME your faith when you are blessed and don't forget your GOD but still continue to rely on ME. Does it not say that in all your ways you are to acknowledge ME, the GREAT "I AM"? And I shall direct your paths. Selah.

Meditate, meditate, meditate on MY love and how I gave MY SON, MY only SON for salvation. Was it not painful to watch? Was it not?

HE, YESHUA, was brutally tortured both physically and spiritually. Executed on a Roman stake. Betrayed by the ones who should have ushered HIM in. Snakes I call you! Pharisees! In what ways are you not defiled? Servants of hell.

It was for love that I sent MY SON! What price have you paid? Take up your cross and follow ME, says I, YEHOVAH! Take up your cross and follow ME! Know the end from the beginning! Hear the whole conclusion of the matter! Fear GOD and keep HIS commandments. Oh men, hear ME! Keep MY Word, says I, YEHOVAH, and I shall keep you. Selah.

Hear ME, oh earth! Hear ME and fear! For the GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY, YEHOVAH of hosts, has moved from HIS habitation! Come has HE to inspect the hearts of men. Even as one inspects fruit, so has HE come. Some fruit are rotten and are to be discarded. Some are bruised and need tending to. Which are you? Are you ripe in MY eyes (ALEPH and TAV), ripe for the picking? Many are called, few are chosen. Which are you? Are you fit for MY table? Answer ME. I hold you to account.

The tables of the wicked are filled with vomit and strife (Isaiah 28:7-8). All manner of unclean meats are found there. Conversations of disgust. I, YEHOVAH, hear their words against ME, against MY children. They will repay.

You shall possess the gates of your enemies (Genesis 22:15-19).

You shall possess the gates of your enemies, oh MY . HEAR ME ROAR! From the gates of the enemies I shall execute justice! The fear of the LORD shall be known far and wide. As the flood of Noah, so shall the fear of YAH be known. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the ONE - ALEPH and TAV (Matthew 24:37-39).

So get ready MY children and be prepared. Be prepared for the evil days are nigh upon you. Fast! Pray! Steady yourselves in MY Word as you study to show yourselves approved. Be sufficient in all things. Be efficient. Don't waste time. You know not the sunrise hiding behind the horizon. Who knows what a day may hold? I, YEHOVAH. Therefore acknowledge ME in all your ways and you will not be disappointed, for MY ways tend to life (Proverbs 3:5-6). MY ways tend to Truth.

Sound the trumpet blast*, MY son, for the Order of Zerubbabel is here (Zechariah 4:6-10). Order. Right ruling. The quenching of MY thirst. The satisfying of MY desire, of MY dream. I dream, MY children. I foresee and the age to come is glorious, is magnificent. Just lay hold of MY Word. Delve into the seven layers. Ask of ME and I shall show you great and marvelous things you know not of (Jeremiah 33:3).

YESHUA and METATRON are MY TWO WITNESSES before the whole earth (Zechariah 4). What ONE says, the other supports, and I guarantee. For I AM the only LAW-GIVER from Zion (Isaiah 2:3, 33:22). Hear ME roar!

I AM TRUTH and ALL the nations shall know. All the nations shall bow before ME and confess MY SALVATION. They shall confess MY RESTORATION. They shall confess MY JUDGMENT. The ALEPH and the TAV shall be known, shall be seen as ONE in ME. Behold I do a new thing! Behold the writing on the wall. The Right Hand and the Left have come to fulfill THEIR Ministry, have come to fulfill THEIR Mission. Mission Statement: to put ME I, YEHOVAH, above all else.

The mysteries of ages; beyond wonder. MY reality is Truth. The lense through which you look through is deception. Trust not the flesh and all its ways. Come walk on the water. Leave the boat of the comfort of your flesh. I AM MASTER and COMMANDER, AM I not?

See to it that you follow every precept, every prescription, every ordination. MY Ordination Priests. Walk holy before ME with all your might. The Seven Spirits have been sent to further holiness in the earth. They will ordain what I, YEHOVAH, the FATHER proclaim. Seek holiness without which no man can see GOD. Seek Truth. Seek the ALEPH and the TAV. Seek the HAMMER and the NAIL and know that I, YEHOVAH, am in control.

I spread MY vast wings over all of creation. There is nothing there that escapes MY gaze (I understood HIS wings are full of eyes).

MY gaze is endless. I see all. I know all. And what is it that I require of you, oh man? To love YAH your ELOHIM with all your might, power, and strength. I AM limitless. Seek ME early. Seek ME earnestly. I desire the whole heart, complete devotion.

"DEDICATION" is MY NAME. Will you allow ME to manifest MY NAME in and through you? Will you allow ME to glorify MY NAME in thee? Walk as I do. Inherit MY riches. Inherit MY honor. When you do as I do, this is love. Be ye holy, for I am holy. Lay your lives down for one another.

When you love, you will keep order, be orderly. This is what the Order of Zerubbabel is all about. The building up of MY church. Allowing yourself to be laid as a foundation stone - living, breathing, sacrificing. The sacrificing of yourself to bring in a better age, a better era that shall not pass away - MY Kingdom. For are not the apostles the foundation which I have laid with MY own two hands (Ephesians 2:19-22)? The ALEPH and the TAV.

I, YEHOVAH, call and ordain thee as apostles ye of the Order Of Zerubbabel. That ancient order.

The order of the stars is found in Zerubbabel. The Order of the Heavens. Watch and be keen. Watch and be clear. Observe your path and know that I have ordained thee, MY son, as a prophet to the nations, as a prophet to the stars. Some (stars) of them are here and some are above. All must watch their circuits and be clear. Watch the Book of Enoch. Read this holy manuscript. Forsake not the writings of the ancient fathers. Read MY Word. Immerse yourself in the Order of Zerubbabel.

MY Word is living. MY Word is active and not as yesterday's newspaper; to be discarded. MY Word and Report is fresh as manna. It is your daily manna. Feast on ME, MY children. I AM your love feast. Honor ME in all MY ways.

And I will honor you. See how the KING honors HIS friend and thus shall you be honored. Look not to the ways of this world for honor, for all of it is impure before MY eyes. In what are they not filthy? In what are they not unreasonable, unkosher? Their very breath is a stench to MY nostrils for they breathe out cruelty. I gave them breath. I gave them life. And yet they twist and pervert MY ways. That is why the Order of Zerubbabel must come down. Order must be established; line upon line, precept upon precept.

All of MY ways are a "yea" and an "amen". All of MY ways are tried and true. All of MY ways are found in the elements. MY element is love. Go ye and partake. Read of the Scroll at MY Right Hand and prosper. Read of the library at MY Left. Know ye MY ways, MY little ones. Know ye and prosper. Selah.

End of Word



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