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Prophecy 102 "Introduce the FOUR PILLARS!"

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received Friday Shabbat night on July 16, 2021

Prophetic Message Begins

The FOUR PILLARS! The FOUR PILLARS! The FOUR PILLARS! The FOUR PILLARS! Introduce the FOUR PILLARS, MY son. Let it be known far and wide. The PILLARS sustain! The PILLARS provide! The PILLARS make known the mysteries of Heaven - the breadth, the width, and the height. The depths are MINE and the riches thereof.

Scribe for ME, MY son! MY scribe of ages. MY Ezekiel of New. Scribe and be inscribed, for I put MY Mark, MY Seal of Approval upon you. I, YEHOVAH. Share the Good News. Walk in faith. Be found in ME I, YEHOVAH. Is there anything better, MY children?

Everything is found within the א (ALEPH) and the ת (TAV). Everything I make known through THEM. Seek ME early. Seek ME true. Know that I AM GOD that sustains thee. The ONE who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I change not. Do you hear ME, MY children? I, YEHOVAH, change not. Not for your seasons (mood swings and emotional tirades) and desires. Not for your wants. I give you what you need. MY counsel which is not advice but Truth. I make known the Truth far and wide. From the rising of the sun to the going down thereof. From the א (ALEPH) to the ת (TAV).

Hide in ME, MY children. "I AM" is your bed of rest, your BEDROCK. There is no greater foundation. There is no greater CAPSTONE. Know ME through the א (ALEPH) and the ת (TAV) - MY TWO REPRESENTATIVES, TWO WITNESSES, MY TWO SHEPHERDS of GLORY. You shall see! You shall see! You shall see! Get excited MY children! The GLORY transforms. The GLORY between the TWO CHERUBIM, MY א (ALEPH) and ת (TAV).

Behold and know your place, oh ye sons of men! Behold and know your place, for you are but dust, the dust that I turn in MY Hand. Behold and be very afraid, for I try you for your iniquities, your sins, your transgressions before ME. Hallow yourselves in the fear of the LORD. Would you seek long life and obtain it? Inquire of ME through the fear of the LORD which endures forever, abides forever. Enjoin yourselves with HE who lives forever and you shall live forever. HALLELUYAH! Selah.

Be made known in ME. Sons of GOD. Do as I do. Be about MY business. The son does as the father does. Be about MY business. Inherit MY riches. Do as I do. As surely as the א (ALEPH) and the ת (TAV) do MY will, so be about MY business and prosper. For life is found in ME, MY children. Not in your ways and schemes, but in MINE I, YEHOVAH. So be about MY business and prosper. Selah.

Inherit MY ways. Walk in MY truth and know peace. This is the only way. Peace is found in no other (Philippians 4:6-7). Selah.

End of Word



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