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Prophecy 121 "Scroll of Kindness"

Given to Prophet Natan'el for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received July 10, 2021

Prophetic Message Begins

The Law of Kindness. The Law of ONE.

I AM ONE. And all who are with ME are ONE in ME. One is MY Order. One is MY Way and all who are not with ME scatter.

Did I not say I AM the ONE? How can two walk together unless they be one, unless they be in agreement. YESHUA and METATRON are in agreement. THEY testify and witness of ME that I AM the ONE. The ONE from whom all blessings flow; even life itself.

I AM life and all who are in ME live, for am I not the GOD of the living and not of the dead?

So seek ME in kindness. Seek ME in truth. I AM your answer, MY children. Seek ME always. There is none that can satisfy as I can, for I AM your CREATOR, the ALEPH and the TAV. HALLELUYAH!

Do you know, MY children, it was by kindness that I descended the realms of glory?

Yes, I, YEHOVAH, descended in MY SON YESHUA and in MY SON METATRON. THEY are MY express image. The TWO working as ONE. It is all about oneness, MY children. Are you one with the devil or are you one in ME, with ME?

It is very simple, the commands I give you, MY children. It is very simple. So relax and give ME your burdens (Psalm 55:22). Did not YESHUA show you the way? HE was light. HE kept it light. No burden weighed HIM down. Even the cross HE carried, on it HE surrendered to ME.

Death is not the end, but only the beginning as you transition from one life to the next. Everyone must go through the birth pangs. Everyone must experience the rebirth.

You will experience the resurrection. Just hold on tight, MY children (Deuteronomy 13:4)! Hold on tight and do not let go! Do not let go of the promises I have given you. MY Word. MY Word is dependable. MY Word is reliable, tested and true. You know who your DADDY is. The ALPHA and the OMEGA. The BEGINNING and the END. All things are encompassed by MY Hands. Nothing escapes ME, MY children. Nothing.

I AM in control. I AM authority. Everything is in subjection to ME, the GREAT "I AM". So worry not, little ones. Your DADDY is in control.

So deal in kindness. Let not another spirit taint your breath, use your mouth. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. What spirit is speaking in and through you? What resides in your heart? Is it the secrecy of the devil, dark spirits? Or is it the LIGHT of MY LIFE - YESHUA and METATRON? You choose this day which god you will serve. I WILL answer by fire but not in your timing or according to your way. Just get ready. Be ready. Be proactive. Stagnation is not of MY Kingdom. If you are not progressing forward, then you are not with ME. All who are not with ME shall scatter, for MY SOUL loathes those who shrink back. Progress forward. MY Kingdom is on the move. Wait not in idleness but occupy until the time comes when I arrive. The ALEPH and the TAV. Selah.

Do ye bite and devour one another? Where is the kindness in that? They shall know by the loving kindness you show to one another that you belong to ME. Hearken unto MY ways, MY children. Hearken and do not doubt? Why is there hesitation in your spirits to fulfill MY commands? Do you doubt MY love for you? Where is it written in Scripture that MY love for you failed? Is it not unfailing? Am I not unfailing in all MY ways?

MY ways are timeless, eternal, not bound by time. I AM bound by MY Word, for is not MY Word above MY NAME?

Dwell in MY Word. Abide in MY faith, the faithfulness of MY throne. You can do no wrong dwelling in MY love, for against such there is no law. The Torah is love, for Instruction and Correction is the way of life. Not doing what you want or what seems right in your sight. Hear ME, MY children. Selah.

The Law of Kindness is the Law of ONE, of who I AM.

Confusion abounds, MY children. Walk in the light and not in the darkness. Be ONE with ME I, YEHOVAH. Lightness and darkness cannot mingle, for they have nothing in common with each other. There is a clear distinction. When a candle is lit in a dark room, is there not a distinction? Is there not a separation? Is it not clear? So it should be with you, MY children.

And how do you separate from the world? How do you show that you are MINE? By keeping MY commandments.

MY Word is sharper than any two-edged sword. It causes division. I cause division. I wield the Truth. And whatever comes against the Truth must be cut away, must be done away with. You must not put your hand to the plow and look back. You must forsake what is worldly. You must walk single-eyed with your focus solely on ME, the GREAT "I AM". Meaning I AM the ALEPH and the TAV. What you see THEM do is what I do, for THEY are a reflection of ME, a mirror image. And yet ONE. Selah.

When you look in MY Word, what do you see? Do you see a reflection of yourself? Do you like what you see? MY Law is perfect, converting the soul if you will allow. If you will allow and not resist ME. Resist ME not, MY children, for the plans I have for you are for good, to give you an expected end. Dwell in hope. Abide in hope. See yourself in ME, secure in the palm of MY Hand. I caress you. I cover you. Your ABBA does more than you realize.

Forgive and it shall be forgiven you. Pray and you shall be prayed for. Sow and you shall reap. Do unto others what you would have done unto you. The Law of Kindness. The Law of One. Do you know I, your ABBA YEHOVAH, never mistreat you, MY children? For it is written, "a bruised reed, HE will not crush" and "smoking flax, HE will not extinguish". Selah.

At times you need to be spanked, yes, and yes, your flesh must die. But that is so you can live, for there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death. I have come in MY TWO SONS that you might have life and have it more abundantly. HEAR THEM! Selah.

All must listen to the ALEPH and TAV or else perish. THEIR words are MY words. HEAR ME! THEY are MY will made manifest in the earth. Watch THEM. Study THEM. Observe THEM in all THEIR ways and hearken! Obey! MY TWO WITNESSES are not to be trifled with! Kiss the SONS lest THEY - these KINGS of GLORY - be angry and ye perish in the way!

Hearken, oh world, and obey! Despise not the Torah scroll. Though you may call yourself MINE and find yourself despising the Torah scroll, what does that say about you? To whom do you really belong? Your father was a liar from the beginning.

I AM COMMANDING YOU TO PRAY IN THEIR NAMES - the NAMES of YESHUA and METATRON! HEAR ME and it shall be well with your soul. Despise not! Mock not!

The mysteries of this age, and the age to come, are unlocked by the ALEPH and the TAV - KEEPERS of Heaven and Earth. THEY are the PASSCODE, PASSWORD to entering in to a better life, a better era - the new age. For what did I not build through MY WORD, by MY WORD? Nothing.

THEY are your past, present, and future. THEY are your destiny. The ebb and flow of time.

What do you choose, MY children? The easy way or the hard way? All must come before ME I, YEHOVAH, your FATHER through the ALEPH and the TAV. THEY are the KEYS of Heaven and through whom all MY blessings flow. You can't have ONE without the OTHER. Hear ME clearly. YESHUA and METATRON are ONE, ECHAD with each other and with ME.

With THEM, I weigh the scale and balance all of creation. Can you fathom this? You need the ALEPH and TAV to sustain you. To deny ONE is to deny the OTHER. When you deny either of MY WITNESSES, you deny ME.

YESHUA is the LORD of the Sabbath and METATRON is its seal. THEY go hand in hand. Honor ME, MY children, in kindness. Honor ME in Torah.

Be vessels of honor and not dishonor. There is no room for dishonor in MY House, for does it not say GOD is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that also he reaps? Yea and amen. Be kind one to another, MY children, and ye shall be kind to ME. Partake of the Scroll. Eat of the Scroll. Allow the Scroll to consume you. Live for one another and not yourself. Can you imagine if YESHUA had lived for himself and not another? There would be no salvation!

But HE is kind, having laid down HIS life for mankind. Follow the LAMB where ever HE may take you. If it is to death, to death. To come to the end of yourself is a beautiful thing! Hear ME, MY children.

The servant is not greater than his master. Walk accordingly; not uplifted or high-minded but circumspectly. Not as fools, stumbling in the light as if walking in gross darkness. Be circumspect. Be alert. Be watchful. Be on guard, for the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But I, YESHUA and METATRON, have come that you may have life and life more abundantly. So honor ME this day, the GREAT "I AM". Honor ME by drinking MY cup. Partake of MY destiny, MY testimony. Be one with ME, the GREAT "I AM".

MY wine is sweet. MY water is deep. Combine the two and judgment is made sweet. Judgment with mercy. MY mercy is MY judgment. Selah.

Meditate upon MY precepts. Allow the foundation line to be strengthened even as a covenant is confirmed. Know yourself in ME. Many weaknesses you have but in ME you are made strong, even perfected if you allow. So resist not that I may be shown strong. Resist the tempter, yes, but not the GREAT "I AM", not the ALEPH and the TAV, not your KINSMAN REDEEMER and AVENGER of blood. Selah.

Kindness is the order of the day, for therein is found unity. Where ever love dwells, there is unity. So be in unity, be in love with one another. By love you shall overcome all things.

Hearken to METATRON, MY children, and HE will teach you love. HE will teach you unity and how to dwell in MY presence. It is not enough to visit MY presence. You must, you must, you must. . . you must abide there. You must dwell there. Does a fish visit the water? No, he abides there, for to him the water is life. And so it is with you MY children. You cannot live without the water of life. You must drink of it daily. You must inhabit it. You must praise ME I, YEHOVAH, for it.

Guard your minds. Guard your hearts, for a storm, a war is coming and is already here. Be established in ME. The ocean waves are about to rise, are about to come crashing down; these proud waves. Be not found anywhere near when they fall, for great will be their fall and the number of those around. Be founded in ME. Upon the SOLID ROCK.

YEHOVAH: Don't mistake MY kindness for MY approval. I have been very kind to mankind but that does not mean I condone their sin. MY mercy is not a license to sin and neither is MY grace. I sent MY SON YESHUA and MY SON METATRON out of love. I sent THEM to deal with sin, to destroy the works of the devil, to judge the unfruitful works of mankind. Why do you think SAVIORS will ascend Mount Zion? These TWO will judge the Mountain of Esau, that Mountain of Wickedness. THEY shall curse the fig tree. Unholiness cannot live before ME, cannot abide with ME. It cannot stand before the Ark of MY Presence. Every knee shall bow and every idol shall fall. Nothing can stand before MY GLORY.

Be shattered before ME, oh earth, oh world. Fall on your knees! Repent before ME I, YEHOVAH. There is still yet time for mercy, for patience. There is still yet time. The END has not come before ME yet. But when HE does. . .

Draw not the ire of the KING. Be not displeasing in HIS service. Kiss the KING lest HE be angry and ye perish in the way.

Be not passive in your strength. Spend your youth on ME, the GREAT "I AM" and know excellence. Excellence is MY NAME. Inheritance is key.

Strength is a vain thing to trust in, for as the flower fades in the valley below, so too does strength with time. Instead trust in ME, the EVERLASTING, the ENDURING ONE. Trust in ME and know no fear. I AM here! Hineni. Trust and be not afraid. Circumstances change but I am the ENDURING FLAME, the ENDURING ROCK, the GREAT "I AM". Who can stand in MY way? Who is worthy to stand in MY path? I travel not a way known to man.

I, YEHOVAH, travel the path of the ALEPH and TAV. This is the lamp unto MY feet and the light unto MY path. MY way is holy. Stand before ME! I answer to none. Counsel is MINE. Prudence is MINE. So stand not idly by but walk in your inheritance. This is your year of jubilee if you so choose. Choose life! Choose liberation! I come to set the captives free. Who will answer ME? Who will abide in the secret place of the MOST HIGH? There is only protection there. Everything you need is found in ME I, YEHOVAH.

Look what a loving FATHER I am. I provide. I shelter. I divide. I divide the darkness from the light. Your abode is with ME, MY children, if you so choose. Dwell in the light. Inherit the light. I take you to higher realms of glory.

Behold the Menorah. Behold your destiny. Be as ONE in ME. Follow the Torah. Sanctify yourselves. Set up a fast. Do you long for ME I, YEHOVAH? Then welcome ME. Welcome ME with open arms. With a whole heart.

End of Word

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