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Prophecy 113 From of Old YOU Have Watched Over Yisrael, YOUR Beloved, YOUR Betrothed

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM Received on 21, 24th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 29th of Tevet, 2nd of Sh’vat

Prophetic Word

YEHOVAH is a lovely and wonderful HUSBAND! YOU are HUSBAND to all. YOU are HUSBAND to the widow, FATHER to the fatherless, STRENGTH to the downtrodden, the HEALING HAND to the abused, the neglected of the Earth. YOU pour forth YOUR compassion, YOU awaken, YOU heal and YOU restore! HALLELU YAH! O what a wonderful work YOU accomplish in the lost of the Earth! HALLELU YAH!

YOU are well worthy of all the PRAISE, of all the HONOUR, of all the GLORY due THEE, O HOLY ONE of Israel! From of old YOU have watched over Yisrael, YOUR beloved, YOUR betrothed. She has hardened her heart many days. She has turned away many days and she has not returned. She has coveted the ways of the world and her nations and she went a whoring after them. Lost in them, perverting her way before YOU, O HOLY ONE that does not behold sin. She asked for a king so she can look just like the other nations, and she blinded herself to YOU. And YOU gave her exactly that, what she wanted. A king after their own heart, Shaul. But yet, YOU had a plan. YOU always had a plan. YOU have never been caught off-guard! Never are YOU ever on a bad footing! YOUR steps are firm. YOUR counsel established.

There is no glory without YEHOVAH. There is nothing worth having without THE LORD of Hosts HIMSELF. The LORD of All, MAKER of all things, is HE that gives worth. Is HE that apportions each their lot. HE is HE that fulfills the righteous souls. Shall there be found one that relieth on YEHOVAH that sayeth he were forsaken? None! Come back O Yisrael. How do you hope to continue as it is, a nation such as you, so set-apart to the Glory of the HOLY ONE, BLESSED is HE? How do you hope to endure without HIS love, HIS protection? Shall you have and it is not YEHOVAH that has given?

Behold, there shall remain to you a small remnant indeed. They shall be saved a small bunch that shall be called holy unto YEHOVAH. Behold, Israel shall be gleaned and all them that be soothsayers among MY people shall be purged. All them that have hardened their hearts after money, after other elohim. All them that be liars, murderers, that fall upon the widow and the orphan to do them harm. They shall fall by the sword. They shall fall by pestilence, by famine and disease. Calamity upon calamity shall befall you children of rebellion till to ME ye turn. Till ye acknowledge, BLESSED is HE who comes in the NAME of YEHOVAH! Acknowledge your KING and be ye set free, be ye restored as in former days! As in the days of thine forefathers.

Praise ye THE NAME of YEHOVAH your LORD GOD! Stand in awe of your KING! For HE reigneth forever! Stand in awe of HIS beauty! Bow before HIS glory, HIS majesty! HE is regal. HE is the JUST KING. HE is HE that rules over Israel and over all the Earth. There is none besides HIM. HE alone reigneth in counsel and in wisdom. HE is HE that orders the steps of the righteous. HE is unto them a shield. HE is unto them a wall, a strong tower – they run to HIM and they are guarded. By HIS Words, HE guards, HE saves. By HIS Words HE protects against all the enemy wiles. When they come enticing, with soothing lying words, HE scatters them. HE gives discernment! HIS double edged sword cuts through their lies. It strips bare the lie and it cannot stand. No it cannot stand.

Every lie and the bearer of all lies shall be brought down to destruction. They shall be consumed – destroyed utterly! Children, Truth shall guard you, shall keep you. The truth sets you free. MY children, you are MINE to please, to please ME. Know your worth in ME. The worth I have put in you. Circumcise your hearts, not your flesh. Put aside from you every work of the flesh and stand before ME by MY SPIRIT. Let all Israel come to ME. Let them bow the knee and their hearts unto I their MASTER YEHOVAH, ONE and the same. Receive ye the precepts of MY Moshe and turn back to I your GOD and CREATOR. HALLELU YAH!

Spare yourselves o Yisrael. Spare yourselves the agony! Spare yourselves the strife, the pain! O ye shall weep, ye shall mourn! But if ye weep now, and mourn now, O ye shall all be saved! I will pour upon you the blessing of Yaakov your father. His dew. From his dew ye shall feed. Turn ye now, that I may have compassion upon you o Israel! MY mercies be poured out to you abundantly! HALLELU YAH! For I AM good! Absolutely Good! HALLELU YAH! Amen. Selah.

End of Word



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