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Prophecy 114 Word for President Trump

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Prophetic Word given to Prophet שלמה בן עזרא

on April 28, 2023.

Prophetic Word

It is a vain thing for the nations to gather against I YEHOVAH and MY SON YESHUA. It isn't about Trump, even though he will be greatly rewarded when his work on Earth is done. It's about your GOD, MY children of this Earth. The principalities and the powers do not fear earthen vessels, but it terrifies them to know what is in each vessel.

They do not recognize your faces, they know not who came down and know not how much I YEHOVAH fills that vessel lest I make it known. When I make it known to all in the SPIRIT that I YEHOVAH have come down, there shall be a great quaking in the hearts of the powers above and below.

They claim the Earth as their own, their territory. But I have said this is MY garden where I rest MY feet. And I YEHOVAH will kill and destroy miserably the evil in the way. The victory is already MINE, MY children. Gather around ME, I will give the victory shout. For read MY word, the end [of the Book] of Revelations what I shall do.

Bless MY name continually.

MY angels have already imprisoned layers of the souls of the wicked, those judged by Heavenly courts to be sworn enemies of I YEHOVAH's throne and likewise enemies against the throne of Trump. For in the Spirit he has a throne and he sits upon it and governs from his seat. The wicked who hold seats of iniquity shall also in the physical be imprisoned. Only a matter of time.

How important it is to call upon ME, I YEHOVAH your FATHER daily. For your daily help, blessings, provisions, strength, protection, forgiveness, victory and overcoming, and always to give thanks. For your enemies, those you all face in the spirit, are able to swallow planets except that I AM with you to shield you, and bind them, and you lift up the words with the power of the tongue. I YEHOVAH said in the tongue is the power of ELOHIM so it must be used for MY glory. Your enemies are not carnal though they seem to have a human face, see clearly who and what is behind them.

Blessed are you.

I AM with you always.

And the angels that surround Trump and they are many, say thank you. There is a camp of legions and myriads of angels that surround you, MY children. Because of I, the Great and wonderful LORD YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, they [the angels] are called the hedge. As in the days of Job, Satan approached MY throne and complained about the hedge I put around Job so that he could not penetrate to do him harm.

Trump is well protected and he recognizes it. He even looks in the mirror with the words upon his lips in amazement, "bullet proof!" When he thinks upon how I, YEHOVAH have kept him safe.

GREAT and all together good am I, YEHOVAH.

Trump is a praying man. Do you think he could be in office and in the political scene and not realize there are greater powers not of this world that every man faces? So he calls upon ME who is all powerful, your FATHER YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. One of his prayers is that MY children, though he knows not your names, nor your callings, would rise up to pray. It is because of I, YEHOVAH and the greatness of MY love, that your prayers rocket to heaven. For I guide your words, your prayers, as rockets fired from a war ship. For the effective words of prayer are as missiles into the Heavens at the enemies that fly about, the principalities of the air, bringing them crashing down into the waters of I YEHOVAH's consuming wrath. I YEHOVAH, the great war captain.

It took only two to destroy the city of Shechem. How many evil ones shall fall when you MY children all pray together for Donald Trump at I YEHOVAH's command. A Game of Thrones, this is the world Trump lives in and he knows he rightfully should sit upon the throne in the nation of the USA.

In I YEHOVAH you can do all things and overcome all things. You have heard before from MY lips, it's a walk of faith not sight. All who walk by sight, and live by sight, though he builds an empire, it will fall because he or she trusts not in ME. But the faith of one can deliver a nation. Not many understand this about Trump why he perseveres and has endured much. It is because he believes. But he is learning to believe in I YEHOVAH alone and in MY SON YESHUA, by which he can overcome the world. Place your faith always in ME, and harken not MY children to the spirit of fear for I have said I did not give this spirit [of fear] but love, power and sound mind.

The enemies of Donald Trump live in a continuous hurricane. Yes, I YEHOVAH send the rain down upon the wicked and the just. But I also change the weather in the lives of the wicked, so they have a feel of GOD ALMIGHTY. And learn that I AM good in all MY ways.

The humility of Donald Trump is truly a beauty to behold. Many perceive him a man that is proud and yet few understand how much he has given for the sake of the people of this nation. He spills his blood, spiritually. When blood is spilled, blood is required. So I YEHOVAH whet MY glittering sword against the wicked. A blood debt is owed by these evil ones and I YEHOVAH, have established from the beginning a holy, special and elite force assigned for one purpose to travel the universe to repay. For vengeance belongs to I YEHOVAH. After the good deed is done, the blood of the wicked are retrieved in a bottle and will testify against them on the final day.

End of Word



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