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Prophecy 486 I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY Say Mankind Has Been So Defiled

Given to Prophet  שלמה בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on February 11, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 2 Adar I 5784

Prophetic Message


Yes, when I, YEHOVAH created Adam, I put in him the genetic code of all mankind so that his seed would come forth in MY image and likeness. And for this same reason, Adam had to die when he ate the fruit for in order to bring forth a mankind after MY image and likeness the genetic code had to return to ME.

I say again, mankind I, YEHOVAH created them male and female after MY image and likeness. MY image remained in his seed after Adam died but MY likeness within man was transformed to the likeness of satan, therefore an altered seed had come forth. Illegitimate children that I did not recognize for how can I call MINE, those who will not have MY likeness? For FATHER is who I AM. 

MY SON YESHUA came to restore the likeness of man back to the likeness of the CREATOR. But again I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY say mankind has been so defiled, blood, body and spirit must be made new. For 3 testify above, blood, water and spirit. The blood within thy veins, the water which reflects the face, and MY Spirit within thee. This is why you must be washed by MY blood and MY water, and MY SPIRIT must dwell within MY people, but this ultimately to bring forth the new mankind. For all three testify that you are of ME, MY children.

Mankind will indeed be transformed, but woe to this world, that care not that I, YEHOVAH do not see them as part of mankind if they receive not I, YEHOVAH. And this is also why the rulers of the darkness are able to deceive thee, mankind, for they can take your face, and appear in the image of a man or woman but what about their blood and is MY SPIRIT within them? 

For salvation is only for the seed of Adam. You do not want to hear those words, “Depart from ME. I do not know thee." I will say those words not only for deeds done but because I will not recognize thee as the mankind that I created. I promised I would not destroy mankind and all creatures in MY image in MY covenant to Noah. So what do you choose, oh man? Salvation is not a work that you can achieve on your own. You do not know the depths of the work and the plan that I, YEHOVAH had to conceive in order to save and restore all things and the price that had and has to be paid. None understand it except I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY for the blueprint of salvation is MY own. I, YEHOVAH AM Salvation. 

In the dream given to King Nebuchadnezzar I showed him the nature of man from the beginning to the end of the world. I,  YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY showed him how mankind was first perfect, made in MY image and likeness, which was the head of gold. But during the Earth's time and until the end, mankind changed. From gold to silver and from silver to bronze, and from bronze to clay mixed with iron. To clay mankind returns for it is from clay they were taken which is the testimony of death. The clay mixed with iron also meant that mankind will in the time of the end of the world, try to cheat death symbolized by mixing the iron with the clay. They will find ways to prolong their lives and with this defile their DNA to such a degree that they will no longer be considered mankind. But in the very end I, YEHOVAH will carve a new mankind from the stone of MY breast and destroy the defiled seed of man, that will be neither in MY image or likeness. 

When the three Hebrew children were told to bow down and worship the golden image, this was an attempt of the rulers of the darkness of this Age, even at that time to bring forth a new mankind, defiled, and made after their image. To bow down and worship an image, and at that time a gold image, that had nothing to do with the CREATOR, would transform the soul of a man or woman.

Did not Daniel cry out for he wished not to defile himself with the King’s food?  For the King’s food at that time was so defiled that their bodies were changed, altered. And this wisdom I gave Daniel. 

This is why I also changed the body of Nebuchadnezzar into that of a beast for a time, for his life was a prophecy of the end of the world. His changed body to that of a beast was to represent the Mark of the Beast that would come in the end of times. 

Thou, MY people, realize more and more how I YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY guide thee perfectly and safely in these end days, trust in ME  I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY AM Salvation.

End of Word



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