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Prophecy 509 MY Signs in The Sky Are Drawn by MY Hand Alone

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received on March 30, 2024 in the year of our MASTER YEHOVAH, and HIS SON YESHUA, 20-21 Adar II 5783

Prophetic Message


MY signs in the sky are drawn by MY hand alone. For I put the Sun and the moon in the sky for signs, for seasons and for times. As the Sun leaves its gates running its course, I have set all things in motion, and the moon meets the Sun in the way, it is a cosmic event of cosmic proportions.

I shall ship MY angels to the Earth. Yes, to MY children in the Earth are they shipped, yes, to stand guard even more. Strengthening the defenses around MY children, as the world grows darker and darker. Run ye MY children under the shelter of MY wings. Turn ye away from your lukewarm churches, from your own lukewarmness within; and turn ye unto ME, I thy GOD of The True LIVING WATERS of refreshing. For your souls have long longed for refreshing, ‘tis only found in I, your LORD and GOD.

The defenses are thinning. As the Earth grows older and older, yeah, as the evil grows more and more, so do the raptures in the defenses of the Earth! And yea, I dispatch more of MY Angels to MY children for to stand guard.

For as in the days of Esther when the evil ones sought a special time, a special occasion to bring destruction unto MY children, MY chosen, MY Israel, so too they do with the eclipses. They seek the alignment of the stars and planets to wrought their great destruction unto MY creation. And so they plan great carnage against humanity, against the evil and the righteous alike, especially against the righteous. For there is no love, no compassion, no care for another among the wicked. So long as one can get ahead – that is what matters to them.

But MY Light that I have planted in thee is meant to burst forth and surpass the darkness destroying, removing the evil; all that which I have not planted in thee MY children.

As I have set the sun and the moon in the skies to mark the seasons and the times, so I have set the eclipse upon your skies to tell of MY judgments, MY mercies. Yes, that which I will, that which I have deemed fit for the Earth at this time and this hour.

So too as the light shines and the moon crosses its path by MY hand, for so I have ordained, I shield the Earth from MY light that they may marvel at MY works, MY might and MY power. I show the world as I did with Israel in days old and gone, when I turned MY face from their calamity because repentance they did not take to heart. They did not bring to heart. I show the world and stir their hearts and minds that they may remember I their CREATOR before calamity strikes. For I shall strike the Earth again and again and again! And I shall not relent for all the insolent words and deeds they have done against ME and MY NAME.

For the times and seasons are coming when I shall cover the Earth in total darkness! For wickedness from the depths of hell shall be unleashed upon thee o world that disdain MY Holy and Glorious NAME, YEHOVAH, The ALMIGHTY. I shall put MY hand to MY eyes and I shall not behold the evil, the iniquity that shall come upon thee o world of disobedience!

For as ye have allowed the lies, the darkness to sip in and embrace it, so too I shall allow the destruction that shall come upon thee! But indeed as the eclipse only lasts a couple of minutes, so too shall the works of darkness in this season and hour cease. For I have MY children sharpened for such an hour as this! Yes, for to bring destruction upon the evil hordes, their kings and rulers; yeah, all that is the kingdom of darkness.

Yeah, as the eclipse only lasts a couple of minutes so too shall their reign of terror, as compared to the years of light upon the Earth. Yeah, as the evil open their door, their window, their portal at this hour, I who knows all, hears all and sees all, had prepared for such a time as this. Yeah, just as I put MY Ester and Mordecai in Persia, so too I have prepared and placed MY children in this time and in this hour. MY works they shall perform. MY judgements they shall bring!

They shall unleash such destruction upon the kingdom of darkness that they shall be stunned! They shall not be able to comprehend it! Yeah, and they shall never be able to recover. I shall make such a display of them! Yeah, I shall make such a great display of MY glory, MY power, MY might and MY wit and Wisdom that will last forever! Amen.

The evil seek auspicious times and seasons for to perform their wicked deeds like wicked Haman. Not knowing that it is their demise they are promptly seeking. For to seek destruction upon MY KINGDOM is to seek the end of one’s life and very being; one’s very existence! But wisdom is not their strength, for to reject MY Torah, MY rulership is to reject WISDOM. They are void of any wisdom. For what is folly? But to reject I ADONOI YEHOVAH ELIYAHU YISRAEL and MY RULERSHIP!

And just as the eclipse only spreads over a small portion of the Earth. So too the darkness shall not engulf all. For I AM still KING! I AM GOD ALMIGHTY, RULER over all. And MY Light in all that are MINE conquers and shall conquer, overcome the evil, the darkness! For the Earth is and shall be full of MY Glory forever and ever. Amen.

MY Light in MY creation shall not be overcome. For a time and a season, it shall seem so but as is MY power and MY might, it shall be repelled and cast forth! Yeah, for forth from the Eastern sky I shall come riding on horses with thousands of MY saints, MY righteous, MY tsaddikim bringing an end to the reign of the wicked one! Hallelu YAH!

As the defenses of the Earth grow weaker, the wicked continue to flood the Earth with their evil. They are trying to overwhelm the Earth, to totally take it over with darkness, with their schemes. That’s why they chose this time and season, for to bring forth their ruler, their king, the antimashiach. In order for inflict the most damage and in order for his reign to be strong.

Yet all this I allow for to show creation the end of iniquity, the end of rebellion, of sin. Yeah, what it culminates to. Yeah, and also to reveal MY Glory, MY Wisdom, and MY great Power! Hallelu YAH! So that creation may fear I, its CREATOR forever and ever! That they may be in awe of their CREATOR forever and ever. Amen.

MY children, yes, all over this world, I have not brought you up to this and time and hour unto despair, unto hopelessness, fear and cowardice! But rather unto victory, overcoming, conquering in MY NAME that which has been an obstacle for a long time in your lives! Yeah, I unclog you up! That in ME ye may flow! That in ME ye may rejoice and magnify! Hallelu YAH! MY children, for this time and hour, I have given a sound mind, power and love! For to overcome all the wiles of the evil ones! For in ME to have peace! Yeah, in the world is tribulation! Yeah, but just as the light from the sun is only shielded a little by the moon and the rest of the Earth continues to receive the light, so I have made you to flourish in MY peace that surpasses all understanding! Hallelu YAH!

Therefore, children, flourish in ME in this hour! Yea, draw ever nigh and not further away. Yes, grow only more holy in this hour, and not less. MY children, I desire more and not less! For to be fully and truly guarded in this day and in this hour! For MY Psalm 91 protection remains true. MY Psalm 23 promise is still true today as it was when it was first conceived. MY Word is true today as it was the many of thousands of years long past.

Yes, only stand firm, stand fast in and on MY Word. Let not MY Torah leave your lips. Meditate on it day and night, in your rising up and in your laying down. In your coming in and in your going out! Yes, let MY Word, MY Torah be upon your hearts, upon your mind. Let it not leave your eyes truly. For in it stands MY protection, MY will, MY mystery. Amen.

I love you MY little lambs, MY beloved children! Take care!

End of Word



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