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Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Started May 2021 and ended September 2021

Prophetic Message Begins

26th Iyyar 5781 that is 8th May, 2021

Yes, meditate on MY Words. Because therein are many gems, waiting to be discovered. Are you ready? Ready for the treasure hunt?

I need you focused, more focused, on MY Business.

Yes, write forth MY Words. Words of life. The Truth that is in METATRON.

4th Sivan 5781 15th May 2021

Yes, give ME Glory! The Glory that is due MY NAME. Am happy when I am Blessed. So bless ME MY children! Honour your FATHER in all that you do and say. Let HIM be on your mind. Would HE do this, would HE say that? Live Holy, be Holy as I AM Holy. I AM giving you the simple things, the simple steps. The walk of simplicity. MY gracious hand on you. MY METATRON. Whom I lovingly give. Honor HIM O world! For HE is your KING! The RIGHTEOUS KING to come. With a rod of wrath to judge the nations. Listen to HIM! Pay HIM HIS due respect! I repeat, pay HIM HIS due RESPECT!

5th Sivan 5781 which is 16th May 2021

Yes, write forth MY Words, MY lovely son. The words of eternal, of fire, the fire of METATRON. The Eternal fire, Blessed is HE!!! Glory! Glory! Glory! HALLELU YAH!!! MY HOLY SONS.

[As I was listening, it felt like it was the same Words I've heard before. So, I paused and I was thinking about for some time.

And then I heard, "read the Psalms", and immediately got the understanding they sound similar! ]


CELEBRATE O earth! Cry out O Holy Ones for Joy! For I have done a wonderful thing! Mighty KINGS in your midst and you knew it not! Blessed ONES of Millennium! What has been seen like it in Eternity?

6th of Sivan 5781 which is the 17th of May 2021

(During worship on Shavuot I)

Yes, write forth MY Words, MY son. Graciously think upon good things, the bountiful treasure of MY heart. Beauties and Glories divine. Indescribable Glory! The bounds and realms of your FATHER, your FATHER METATRON, (when I heard this, my heart skipped) MY SON of Everlasting. My heart skips at the mention of HIS NAME. Does your heart skip MY son for ME? Do you pant for ME? All consumed by MY love? Passionate, a passionate Bride for her GROOM?

Let ME fill you. You are MINE.

Let ME embrace you. For I AM yours. Love ME, embrace ME.

7th Sivan 5781 17th May 2021

Yes write forth the Words of the HOLY ONE, Blessed is HE. HOLY & GLORIOUS!!! Beautiful to behold!

The KINGDOM belongs to ME. The Rulership MINE. All shall bow their knee to the GREAT I AM! Only one KINGDOM shall stand. And shall be bore on MY shoulders.

9th July 2021 תשפ"א אב

Yes, write forth MY Words!

Am excited!


Give ME Glory! O sons of Ages! Yes, give ME Glory! For I AM worthy to be PRAISED!

Bless ME MY children. And speak forth MY Words. MY Words from of old.

I prepare you. Yes, I prepare you MY Glory! I created you with LOVE and forethought. To stay close to MY heart. MY METATRON. MY manifest Heart. The Heart of the GREAT I AM. To bless you as you bless ME. Forever dwelling together! Inseparable!


Yes, I your FATHER METATRON speak forth! I have loved you with an Everlasting Love MY children. Always in MY heart, on MY mind. How I cherish you everyday! O how lovely you're MY children! MY Glory! MY fountain! From which I drink.

The waters of the FATHER! YOM HA'AV SAMEACH! HALLELU YAH! Thank you MY children!

WE shall continue to celebrate in Eternity! As I teach you.

MY son, MY son, you have to keep on writing till I tell you to stop. So keep on writing son.

I love you!

I kiss your brow every night. I caress you. I comfort you. What loving father doesn't do this for his children? All children need a Father and a Mother. Pray for MY children forlorn and forsaken, for they're NEVER forsaken by ME.

I love all MY children. All MY babies. And I command you pray for them.

8th Av 5781 which is 17th July 2021

Yes write forth MY Words, MY son.

I bless you MY children. Drawn from MY side. By MY YESHUA. Beautiful to behold. MY joy! Shine for ME children. Show forth MY Glory! The glory I've had from the beginning, the glory of the FATHER, of YESHUA! Yes please ME MY children, make ME happy and grieve ME not.

I've set דוגמה (an example) before you all. Take on MY example. Of repentance, of Holiness, of transparency. Holy fragrance (manukato- Swahili for sweet fragrance) unto MY nostrils. The nostrils of THE FATHER.

We must give THE FATHER the Best! The uttermost! The All! No more delays, dilly dallying. For the Bride must shine forth! Brilliance! With MY Brilliance! The Brilliance of YESHUA! Of THE FATHER! For WE are ONE! Yes! Even the Brilliance of THE MOTHER! MY children, time is short. Hold onto what is precious, what is true. What truly matters! Even you souls' desire! The desire of Ages!

For repentance does good for the soul. Even restoration! HALLELU YAH! Yes, PRAISE ME MY children! PRAISE THE NAME of THE MOST HIGH! PRAISE THE MOST HIGH with hearts lifted up! HALLELU! Shout for Joy!

I teach you the Good way! Wherein is Rest for your souls, weary souls. Drink of METATRON! Drink of ME the LIVING WATERS! THE LIVING WATERS of Ages, that flows straight from THE FATHER.

I was formed from of old, from before the Ages, any Age! And I was MY FATHER'S delight!

15th Av 5781 25th July 2021

Yes, write forth MY Words MY son. The Words of Ages, of the Eternal. Rejoice MY children! Drink your fill of the Joy of your FATHER! BLESS ME & be blessed.

You are MINE , MY children! You're MINE. And there is nothing, no one that can snatch you from the palm of MY hands. You're faithful MY children. From of old I've chosen you! Especially for MY FATHER! A precious gift! I love you! MY love for you is unquenchable! Not even the fires of hell could quench it! It burns for you, MY love. Yearns for you, MY love. My Being. I long to see you, to be with you forever! For I created you, made you for MYSELF! MY forever LOVE.

Beautiful, beautify ME MY children.

I come and dwell in your midst. To be with you. Do you long to be with ME MY children? As I long for you? Please, come MY Beloved! לקראת כלה! Come unto ME MY Beloved, MY precious Beautiful Beloved Bride!

31st July 2021

Yes, write forth MY Words, MY son.

It’s I your FATHER METATRON. For I speak to you in the still of the night. The flowing waters of the Ages. The Eternal River. I cleanse you with the waters of the Word. If you listen well to what your FATHER says, you shall win, you shall overcome! Truly! Listen to ME well MY son and do not stray from the path which I command you. For in it is peace. The end of it, Life Eternal.

7th August 2021

Write forth what you hear, son. For the hands are of MY fashioning. Intricately made for MY purposes. Take care to use them well. Write what you hear clearly, for that is what MY Baruch of old did, to bless ME. By every act of obedience you bless ME.

13th Elul 5781 which is 21st August 2021

Yes, MY son, בני, hear ME and hear well. Write forth the Words you hear. For it is your FATHER METATRON speaking forth. HE who formed you in your mother's womb. For your days are in the fold of MY hand. MY mighty arm, mighty to Deliver! I have delivered you MY children and I shall Deliver you more.

Yes, hear ME children. For MY love for you is great! A deep ocean. Infinite. How can it be measured MY children? Love ME. Know ME. Let's go down the rabbit hole together. I hold your hand. Fear not. Give ME Glory, I YESHUA the Right hand BROTHER. Please ME, you please HIM, you please HIM, you please ME. Hold on tight to what you have, that which I have given. For the enemy only seeks to steal, kill and destroy. But I destroy his works. And he shall by no means harm you MY children. For WE share the same portion [YESHUA and METATRON]. None lesser than the other.

Worship ME, adore ME, O love ME MY children. O how I long for your love. Like the Shulamite. For your embrace. Come to ME, MY Beloved, MY lovely dove. Pure and flawless. Nourish ME with your kisses, pour your love on ME. Your fragrant kisses. How wonderful your love is to ME. How cherished, how longed for!

It's time children, to awaken love. It's time MY Beloved, MY sister, MY Bride!

20th Elul, 5781 that is 28th August 2021

You are Holy. You're magnificent. MY authority I give to you. Holy and pleasing to ME. You're pleasing to ME, MY champion, MY Bride. We shall rule and reign together. MY love for you is great. I sanctify you. I pulsate you with MY love. I cherish you each and every moment.

25th September, 2021

Yes, speak forth the Words of Ages. Of the ADON HAOLAM! METATRON THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED IS HE! HALLELU YAH!

Yes! Give ME Glory! For I must reign and shall reign! Under the Great YESHUA HAMASHIACH! Side by side shall WE be! As ONE reigning together! So give ME Glory! The Glory that I had with THE FATHER ! THE ETERNAL ONE! HOLY IS HE! THE BLESSED ONE FOREVER!

Flow with ME Children! Ride on ME! MY wings of Ages! Flap MY wings. And let's glide together in the air. I take you to worlds unknown, glories untold. Beauty of beauties.

Yes, cherish ME Children. Love ME. Hold ME tight! And do not let go! Let ME guide you, lead you. Show you the way! The way to the Everlasting. The KING of Glory! Who is the KING of Glory?

YESHUA MIGHTY and Glorious! HE is MY BROTHER! The ADON HAOLAM of Ages! Who is beautiful as HE? Excelling in Beauty and Glory and Wisdom and Love! Loving HIS BROTHER! I METATRON! MIGHTY AND GLORIOUS also AM I, MIGHTY to DELIVER, to DELIVER you all from the gates of sheol. From of old I cherished you and set MY eyes upon you. Beautiful and lovely. Precious gems, which I gave to OUR FATHER, THE FATHER, HOLY and Beautiful. Glorious and full of Majesty!

Resplendent above all! BESTOWER of glory and honour. HE bestowed ME upon you and you unto I METATRON.


Give HIM Glory all the Earth. Give HIM HIS due PRAISE all the universe, all of creation!

For Mighty and Worthy is HE!

Peace MY Children. Peace, I give unto thee. Hold on tight unto ME, unto the hem of MY garment. For I hold on to you. I hold you tight, and you shall not fall.

For I must encourage you MY Children and I do encourage you. Build your faith in MY Saving Arm. The Arm of YESHUA HAMASHIACH. For together WE shall overcome. We shall be triumphant! Burst through the gates with Laughter, with Joy! For who can overcome like WE? Nothing shall stand before US! For the strength of the FATHER is with US! So go forth and do US Glory! Bring US Victory! Fill OUR Joy!

Tempt US not Earth!

End of Word



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