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Prophecy 127 MY Time is Coming to Judge

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of Feb 16, 2020

Prophetic Message

I YESHUA AM to be sent out. MY Father will and is sending ME out to see MY lions. MY wrath upon this whole world. Listen to MY voice, children, treasure of MINE. Many in this world fear ME no more. They do everything their heart wanted to do. You have seen many examples at your jobs. You see how wicked this world has been? Fornications, pornography, all sorts perversion, bestiality - everywhere. There are no places that MY eyes do not see that don't have these evil present. In the heart men murder men. Brother against brother, sister against sister. There is no more peace! There is no peace - until that one day Jerusalem shouts "blessed is the one who comes in the Name of YEHOVAH!" Then there is the chance, a chance to be saved. But until the last straw is drawn, no Salvation will be extended. I AM at MY last breath, before I breath fire down to this earth. How perverse you think you are against ME. I will come with a mighty striking hand, come crash down on you Australia! New Zealand/New Jersey! New York! Paris! Many - many places, even Texas, California, Alaska. O do not think that I have forgotten all your hidden sanctuaries, your water tombs. Those are what I have called and will call. What will you do when the sewer water flooding you down at your expensive digged house? Filled with mice and germs. What will you do?

MY heart cries out for those who suffer in Coronavirus. MY hand does not orchestrate this evil simply by obeying/allowing it. The manmade tragedy it is. You have given them too much power. [citizens giving government too much power] Even have them control the water, portioned food. They will take more greedily.

I fill you with tornadoes, I fill you with crashing wind. I AM using MY New Prophets to prophecy the winter storm. Winter storm of ages, the everlasting judgment/tragedy. Curse upon the men, judgment upon many. Deliverance also comes and will come in greater ways. MY people, take up your New Weapon of Judgment and swing the scythe of wind. Cut down all those enemies [head] that I tell you. Judgment has come and will come to the enemies against YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY! HE will surely have the last. Say. The last. Word. to the world! Because I AM coming! I AM furious! I and MY time is coming! It is time, it IS time for US to manifest upon the earth once again. [Just like in the time of Noah] That GOD has to come down to interfere with man's foolish choices and chances they take in their lives.

Live not anywhere else but dwell in YEHOVAH's temple presence. YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, YEHOVAH GOD IS ECHAD. HE is the everlasting branches, the everlasting stream of powerline. Twist not the truth but let THEE will be spoken! Sayeth YEHOVAH Lord GOD of truth.

End of Word



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