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Prophecy 128 Come to MY Boat!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of Mar 13, 2020

Prophetic Message

Children of GOD. I AM alive. I, your Savior and deliverer. You wondered if I AM watching all that is happening to this planet Earth that I created? Yes, I AM. And I also watch every single move of yours, yes, all of you even within your heart. I can see clearly.

I show you, all of you what is to come. The greater disaster, storm, Noah's ark shall come again. What would you choose to abide? Is it your fleshly way or MINE? I am your Creator, wouldn't I know the best?

This coronavirus scares many, but if you are within Me, and fear me, you will have nothing to fear. But many will lose their life. If you have lost your life in ME you shall gain. Have I not said that? I rather you become saved on the deathbed than never. So I used this manmade disaster, manmade disease partially for MY glory. But it is not seen by many. For I worked in secret to bring souls to ME. I want you to come, come, to MY heavenly presence. So I can drench you with MY glory and MY praise. And cover you with MY wings. Healing belongs to ME, doesn't it say the healing in the Wings? To be more specific, it is YESHUA'S wings that is embedded with many jewels and rubies.

Come, children of Mine, the descendants of GODLY nature, follow the path of light and do not be distracted. For your life is filled with calling and trials, but I already gave you MY victory. Come, you have to abide in ME. You have to hold MY hand tight, at this time. Come to MY boat. I AM the driver, and you don't have to worry about your destination. I drive the boat; would I not bring you to where you are destined? So is the same with your faith. You all have to trust in ME in this hard time on this earth. But YEHOVAH'S hand is never, ever too short to reach. Only if you cry out to HIM and believe in your heart wholeheartedly truly! And it shall come to pass! For there is nothing impossible in the LORD YEHOVAH GOD, only if you believe it.

MY blood can cover many, and even now many over the death beds. For do you not think I weep or feel sorrowful for every soul that has gone to hell, or descended to their destiny before the foundation? I, even I know, but sometimes it doesn't make things easier. Imagine you already know everything, and still pretend you don't know. You watch them slide slowly because that's the mankind's choice. To slide slowly down to the path of hell. The path I never ordained. But only because they would not force to hear MY voice. They have not tried hard enough. Even some pastors you see on the stage, do they truly belong to ME? If so, where is MY glory? Where is MY signs and wonders? They are not to lead you astray, but the greatest miracle should be MY Saving power! I YESHUA'S! It belongs to ME! I died! It is ME that died! Not you all those pastors! Do not take glory to yourself, I warn you sternly. The glory does not belong to you. It will never belong to you, O earthly humans. The glory belongs to ME, and I alone.

For I shall have a seat by you given by MY Father. Rule and reign, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I share MY glory with those whom I call MY closest friend and bride. Come to Heaven and see ME, sit at MY banquet table and dine. Dine in with MY juice/blood, MY flesh and MY knowledge, MY brain.

I will have MY bride, that is brought washed clean. Learn, and be taught, children/little ones. Eternity you shall learn, learn of MY characters and why I have done the things which I did. I shall show you MY keyhole where you can insert your own and find MY knowledge. The children of Israel have forgot MY coming. They think that I AM just an ordinary man. But I AM not, I AM so much more. More than what the men can think.

End of Word



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