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Prophecy 149 The Times Have Been Set by THE FATHER, Yes, YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY

Updated: Jul 9

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 2nd of January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 8th of Tevet

From one of the 24 Elders

Prophetic Message

Yes, children, praise the NAME of your FATHER YEHOVAH, THE HOLY and Glorious ONE of Eternity! There is NONE like unto HE in all eternity, in all the created universes! There is NONE like unto YEHOVAH your FATHER the GIVER of LIFE and peace and all that is Good! HALLELU YAH!

Children, evil permeates through the very walls of this Earth. Her fences are down. Iniquity has entered the souls and hearts of men and women alike. Many are gone astray after strange flesh and strange fire. Defiling themselves and all that is holy. But they shall be purged. The Earth shall be purged of all that is evil, of all that is wicked and that causes wickedness. Restoration shall be and has been brought to the Earth. The time of her restoration has come. Indeed, time is short, and the enemies know it, and they seek to buy more time. And madness drives them. Further on in the mud they fall, further on in the hole they dug, they fall and keep digging. Getting more evil as the day and seconds count on. But not for ye righteous. Ye shall be more Holy. Ye shall be more set apart. That is why also ELOHIM comes down, children, to perform the work. To quicken the work. HE comes to do a quick work upon the Earth. Sit tight. Stay your gaze upon YEHOVAH. For what goes on, on Earth cannot be allowed to go on for much longer.

The times have been set by THE FATHER, yes, YEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY. And the times have drawn nigh when HE performs all HE has sworn by HIS holy prophets. HE shall see to it. HE shall deliver on all HE has promised. But first children, you HIS loved ones must be ready. Stand at HIS command. As the soldiers ye are for HIS glory, stay the discipline. Yield yourselves to HIS beautiful POTTER’S Hands. They perform a magical work. So precise is HE in ALL HE does. Aren’t your hairs numbered to the last one? Even every little hair that drops down? Yes, children, everything that concerns you HE has it down to the last detail. HE is HE that knows how to take care of business. Trust yourselves completely unto HIM. Your rising up, your laying back down, your coming in and your going out. All of it. Let it be HIS and yours only to trust. For how else did the patriarchs of old live and made through? Is it not by faith? By total trust? Yes, children, the answers to these questions, your souls are well informed.

Let MY love and mercy always flow in everything you say and do. In all your conduct before and between one another. Yes, let the love bind you together. Holiness, righteousness, all that is pleasing to your FATHER, it shall be found there.

I love you so much beloved children! So much!

End of Word

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