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Prophecy 138 Your Prayers I Despise Not!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 3rd December, 2022 on the year of our LORD 5783, 9th of Kislev

Prophetic Message

Behold beauty dear beloved children. Behold your FATHER, YEHOVAH. HIS Ways with you, HIS works, HIS patience, HIS mercy. HALLELU YAH! HE is Great in HIS right! HE is most humble and most exalted. HE is like no other beloved children.

Suckle at HIS breast, be nourished with HIS milk and LIVING WATERS. HIS Blood is drink indeed, yea, even this the Blood of HIS SON, even, I YESHUA your MASHIACH. Be washed in MY Blood, be ye cleansed in ME: conscience and soul. Let ME make you anew. Let ME mould you as I please. For as I please is truly good – truly absolutely good! For I do only that which pleases the FATHER, isn’t it so, MY children? HALLELU YAH! Children, ye shall grow. But if ye obey; if ye humble yourselves further. Seek ye, children, where ye need to grow. Don’t remain stagnant. Don’t lose hope. Stay hopeful always. The FATHER loves you and desires only the best for you. And to redeem you, HE has given so much! Paid such a price! And HE is here with you! Would HE come to ye if HE delighted not in HIS children? Sayeth YEHOVAH, the plans, MY thoughts that I think about you are innumerable! Every single one of them for good for you, always to give you a hope and a future!’ MY love is with you! Hallelu YAH!

Yes, I delight in your growth! Seek ME more, MY children! Seek ME more! I AM faithful. Your prayers I despise not! As they line up with MY will, they are a sweet incense before MY very nostrils. But I test MY children, I test and see. Shall you persist in prayer, in belief when you see your prayer not yet answered. As surely as I live, sayeth I, YEHOVAH, all your prayers, according to MY will and good pleasure, are answered before ME, I THE KING YEHOVAH. Fear not beloved children. Remember Daniel, that as soon as he had begun to pray, I had answered HIS prayer already. But HE persisted and pushed and persisted, till HE received it and pushed through the hindrances.

I have shown you MY child, that even some desires you had, before you even thought of lifting up a prayer, I had answered you and you received it and were grateful. For MY glory alone have I done this and so much more. For MY glory alone and not for yours or anyone else’s. So MY children, give up not your BLESSED HOPE! I AM very much Alive in your midst! Pray, believing ye have received and that your FATHER delights to give you good, good gifts! HALLELU YAH! Is it not so? Allow not despair to take hold of you beloved children! I love you all very much! And much comfort I give unto your souls!

End of Word



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