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Prophecy 143 Children, Your FATHER Is a Light; The Great Light.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on 8th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 15th of Tevet

From The 24 Elders [1153—1219 hrs]

Prophetic Message

Children, your FATHER is a LIGHT; The Great LIGHT. So are the Words HE speaks. They light up your world. Light up your souls and whatever enemy was hiding, his devices; they flee. They are destroyed from HIS Light. From HIS mouth cometh the sword. To cut you free from your shackles. Forth from HIS lips HIS light has shined that those in darkness be set free. Ye are they that are set free children. From the darkness ye have allowed into your souls. HE sets captives free. HE is HE that takes captivity captive. Ye are all bought, children; At a great price. Belonging to YEHOVAH, are ye.

A precious treasure HE has found and HE shall leave not without it; [not] without you, children. Ye are they to HIS Soul ye have clang. And HIS soul loves you greatly. HE’d do anything, and HE has done it all for you children, yes to be with HIM. Trust and obey. Trust, believe. It is accomplished by trust – by faith. Walk by faith not by sight. Listen ye only to MY voice. And MY voice ye know children. Don’t you? Only go about MY business. Let the voice of I, YEHOVAH, fill your hearts and minds. Let it always ring in your ears, as a sweet melody. Pleasant to listen to. For even when with a harsh tone, it is still the more pleasant. Let it remove the shackles, the veils from off you. The veils of darkness, what belongs to the enemy. Let it be consumed by MY Light. I save you by MY words daily children. Yes, I save you by MY WORD. Yes, even by MY WORD made flesh.

I do all things. I do all things perfect and good. Straightened are all things in MY hands. Nothing is crooked therein. All things in MY hands are hallowed. Magnificent AM I in all I do and set MY hands out to do. Amen. HALLELU YAH!

End of Word



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