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Prophecy 147 All The Enemies Shall Tremble to Their Knees!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven Received on 7-8,11th January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 15,18th of Tevet

From The 24 Elders [2137—2205 hrs];

Prophetic Message

All the enemies shall tremble to their knees! They shall quake and they shall fear! For THE LORD GOD MOST HIGH, THE MOST HOLY, has come down and brought HIS Judgment! The whole Earth shall quake. It shall be seen upon the face of Earth what has not been seen till this very hour. Earth shall be declared HOLY to YEHOVAH. It’s a great mystery as it unfolds children. But all shall be made plain for you to understand, children.

The world spins forth on YEHOVAH’S mercies. On HIS goodness it goes round. It is fed, well catered for, receives its portion of heat, of light from השמש [hashemesh – the sun]. Revolving around the sun, rotating on its axis as ELOHIM YEHOVAH set it forth by HIS mighty Word and keeps it so to now. Man cannot play god. They cannot seek any other way of living other than YEHOVAH’S. They deceive themselves and are themselves already deceived. They think they can fight THE CREATOR. They can rebel, go on with their thing, do as they please and that without consequences.

YEHOVAH’S ways shall be established upon the Earth. The Earth shall be and is filled with YEHOVAH’S glory! All shall bow and declare that indeed YEHOVAH and HIS משיח [MASHIACH-Anointed ONE], YESHUA HIS SON are LORD indeed! The Earth shall be as a beam of Light. A beam of MY Righteousness! Yes, MY footstool shall shine forth for YEHOVAH’S Glory! I shall be exalted in the Earth! Earth shall acknowledge I her LORD and SAVIOUR and all I have done for her. Earth shall be restored to perfect Harmony.

There shall be unity upon the Earth. אחד [ECHAD (ONENESS)] shall be declared upon the Earth for YEHOVAH’S Glory! For YEHOVAH in HIS SON YESHUA came down to save the Earth! HE came and thus comes to bring ORDER and RESTORATION. There MUST be ORDER in all things, HE says. There will be ORDER on Earth, HIS Earth.

Behold children, The KING and HIS ORDER! Behold The KING mighty and glorious, a Mighty DELIVERER! HE conquers all from west to east! No kingdom not established by HIS hand shall remain standing when HE is done with the Earth. Only HIS Kingdom, the Kingdom of HIS SON YESHUA shall stand. All else shall be consumed as stubble. They shall be blown away as the dust in the wind and there shall not be a trace to be found of them.

The streets in that day shall be Holy to YEHOVAH (even) unto the stables! ‘HALLELU YAH!’ Shall ring out throughout the KINGDOM; Throughout Yerushalayim. HE shall cause mercy and grace to abound upon the Earth, upon Yerushalayim. HE shall cause singing and dancing, great Joy to swell in the hearts of mankind for HIS great Glory alone! Amen. HIS NAME be blessed forever! Amen.

Children, ye shall declare YEHOVAH and HIS goodness unto all great and small, the high and the low, the poor and rich, to the free and the slave. All shall acknowledge HIM, HIS ways and HIS WORD. There shall not cease praises from before HIM, HALLELU YAH! HE reigns with a sceptre of righteousness forever! Amen.

End of Word



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