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Prophecy 152 Behold YEHOVAH’S Shocking Judgments!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on September 7, 2023

Prophetic Message

People of the world, you have seen many things happening in bizarre situations. Earthquakes, wind burst, fire burst, flaming forests, violent volcanos, wind volcanos - but I AM not done. I YEHOVAH say I AM NOT done! Realize when your building burst or broken in half, I AM not in there. And how much that should terrify you, that means I AM NOT IN YOUR CHURCHES OR HOMES! This is a warning, to those who have loved ME and are still loving me - as they proclaim.

Soon the judgment shall come and come with unpreceeding warnings. It will be a shocking, tiny moment, that none - even scientists shall test. I AM all wisdom and shall have all wise confounded. AM I not the one that provided Wisdom to the world? But how they abuse her. Porn, lust, bestiality, all the perverted knowledge and wisdom of how to use sex - a holy relic that I have given for mankind. But not animals and men, abominable! Abominable! Scientists! Abominable!

T-cell technology you continue to use, Nano technology you continue to use. And how far are you wanting to reach? To Mars or to MY Heaven? What you are doing now has no difference than the time of Babylon of many languages. Many of the nation come together, in difference languages, with interpreters - and they all speak English. That is the new language of Babylon.

Babylon, Babylon, I gave you the last King. King Donald Trump. I will raise him and shall raise him. But how few prays for him. Let ME see your fervent heart, children of the world, and those who proclaim to be MINE. I want to see your more fervent prayers, once a day, at least once a day, pray for Donald Trump to succeed in White House everything I proclaimed and destined for him to do.

I want to challenge you, I want your prayer, your time, your dedication. Come offer ME your candlesticks, come offer ME MY prayers. Come judge ME if you can! See if I will knock you right off from that prideful pedestal, Jezebel! You are a filthy rag in front of ME and I AM this close to throw you to the garbage that burns. Try it one more time with the MY apple of MY eye. Be prepared, to strike, to be stricken with even worst bedridden sickness. I want you to take notes, of the day and hour, the range of the stars, for I shall come collet MY star lights.

I AM coming, and soon coming Bridegroom. Be alert, be vigilant. Be aware of things happen in the world. For I AM signs also, the brightest northern shine star. I AM the bright star that shines in the darkest night. I AM here by your side. Watch for the wave side, for I AM here, singing at the night of the calming song. Lullaby, I AM your Lullaby of the darkest night [as I rock MY disciples in the past].

Fear not of the night time that comes. Fear the light, for when the light comes, the judgment also comes. But be weary not as you are all in MY hands, so shall I train and equip MY final calling-ones. To judge the earth - but you will first be judged.

Quick, quicker than quick. Repent all sins before ME. And fall on your faces to repent to ME, and to love ME. For I AM your King and I deserve all the Glory for all the mercy I have given you this day. Up to this day, you are still MY children. And the next day, are you still MY children? Follow the ancient path and not rebellion.

[For Saul is enough to be one]

End of Word



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