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Prophecy 153 Stars, Come Follow YEHOVAH!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on December 3, 2020

Prophetic Message

The world does not understand the power of mouth. Why does the devil want to use rap [quick mouthing] to defile mankind? Your temple? You really don't know when WE have come down to visit mankind. For in the beginning WE abide in men. Men abide in US. WE had our revenues.

The calmness of sea shall rise up the galactical storm. Galactical yet beautiful. Stars shall fall into the sea. And WE'll be together, forever.

YEHOVAH is in all, and all in YEHOVAH. The mystery of the planets, are they truly mysteries or are they gift from GOD? GOD reveals HIS Hand. HIS deck of cards, but no one sees.

Rejoice in the suffering, rejoice in the unity. Aleph and Tav, they have a bound. Just like AB compound, when they are finally together, they will be so powerful like dynamite! Explosive anointings.

I AM on the offering plate. Offering MY flesh and blood for GOD. GOD'S suffering no one knew. And no one knew GOD'S suffering. Glorious of ages, bound forever. Bound to each other, bound forever.

All the Earth is drawn to the Word of GOD. Thirsty for the Word of GOD -- GOD, is just like water abiding in you. In the beginning there is no water or the blood, but jewels. MY stones contained the power.

Why do you think there are so many movies about hidden mystery of stones? MY creation, I YEHOVAH’S. For HE is the king of Earth, Earth was a stone once in MY hand. I joined it with moon, and its friends. I aligned the universe. Appointed each with destines on the men of stars. For each [star] I know the names.

[The Mystery of Planet Stars]

I plant MY heart in it. In each of the golden planets. They were born as I was born.

The flow of time, golden flow of time and water. All the technology belongs to ME. All the angels rejoice. For the Kingdom is coming to place. Kingdom of Kingdoms. All the layers of past, present, future. Travel with US to the near future! Our Globe/Adobe. Build our walls. The golden stones (Let ME stretch you, stretch you, stretch you to the Earth's end - catch MY thoughts, catch MY breath, catch MY desire - MY Brides - Brides - )

Step by step, stone by stone, foot by foot. Move up and come up. Wash your garments clean in the moon cry river of YEHOVAH. Even his tears I honor. Move, move, move up and quickly.

MY Planet, MY gazers, come join the galaxy. Galactic party of many. Come join at midnight, where it's the darkest of the secret midnight blue. Golden time the edge of the plate and here we go!

Go, go, go, go, we're going above.

Go, go, go, go, we're going to disappear.

We're going to visit the most wonderful place - the Heaven.

The Heaven is the greatest honor. You never know when you had been invited in. Come join the journey, children. Come join the Millennial Age. Age of Rose is for the maturity. Mature in OUR Word. In Altitude and behavior. For then, I can call you MY Bride. Come join the journey.

Travel with the Stars, grab the guide in your hand. Watch the stars. They live and die. Some are at their last breathing end. And they know it not. How much I want to fill them not to be filled with loneliness and hatred. But most are not willing.

So come, follow MY YEHOVAH'S hand. Let water wash us clean. Come follow ME, to the deepest deep of the LORD. To HIS Stomach. Watch and rejoice the table HE sets before you! To mock on enemies!

End of Word



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