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Prophecy 168 Look at ME, MY Love

Given to Prophet ציונה בת עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Received on December 29, 2020

Prophetic Message

O Israel, hear MY cry. Thy Lord, GOD, Almighty. You know MY Name, You knew MY Name. Let it not be forsaken by Rabbis. For I never meant for Rabbis to never whisper MY Name. MY Name is Almighty. It helps Joshua to fight! It had helped Moshe to fight! And it will help you to fight too! Netanyahu, how I wished you had used MY Names to fight. MY Name above all Names.

I have loved you, and I still love you. I have not forsaken MY valley of death. "Even if you walk through the valley of death, I shall not fear." I have not forgotten you, those who sleep ages and ages. I shall come raise you up. And some of you are already joining ME in this after world - as they call. But truly, a Paradise like none other. YESHUA'S Bosom. They embrace you.

See, the idiom, as I cover you with both of MY Hands, MY lovely ones - My treasures - MY segulah. I have MY jewels, and I am coming to collect them, in MY timing. In MY timings - I am in love! Truly in love with you! And you do not look back at ME. O how it grieves ME, Israel. I wish you would look back at your love, who loves you above all else. You are MY heart, MY golden heart engraved. I AM love sick for you to look back at ME. I AM like Hosea, waiting for MY Gomer to return. MY precious one. You have MY heart. MY treasure. MY precious. I AM waiting for you to look back at ME, to return MY love. Selah.

End of Word

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