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Prophecy 168 Let ME Balance the Equation for You

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received between 9:06 a.m. and 9:25 a.m. on October 17th, 2022

(Tishri 22, 5783) from YEHOVAH GOD

Prophetic Message

See time and space as one. Truly no element works apart from the other. Did I not say that water is the universal solvent, the universal language? It is found in every equation known to man and unknown. Many equations are misunderstood or incomplete because they leave water out. Water is truth and will never lie to you. Although water can take many shapes, it is constant.

Water is an equation itself as is everything else (meaning everything in life is an equation). Will the equation give ME the answer I am looking for or is it an improper equation? I add water to every equation, MY mercy, to see if it (the equation) will balance, to see what will become of the matter. (Mercy is symbolized by the water)

I desire man to live and not die. That is why YESHUA came to the woman at the well; to add truth to her life because she was living a lie and to give her mercy so she could have another chance.

What will you do when I meet you at the well? Will you take of the cup or shun? Will you go on living a lie or allow MY waters to spring up in you? The choice is yours. Let ME balance the equation for you.

MY beautiful children, come to ME with arms wide open. Come to ME and inhabit the praises of YEHOVAH. Let ME teach you the full way, the whole way of how to honor your FATHER, your KING. Selah.

Many wonders and mysteries I desire to show but this takes the utmost care. I AM a good GOD and desires nothing less than the best for MY children, MY servants. Most masters, even good masters, unintentionally harm their servants. But with your FATHER, I am the caretaker of your soul and will never do you harm, not even accidentally. For it says a bruised reed HE will not crush, nor will HE put out the smoking flax. So rest assured, MY children, that your FATHER has your best interests at heart even when you do not know what they are. Selah. So enjoy this day, MY children, in MY presence and the start of this new year. Selah.

I am the light that binds. Woven in ME is the tapestry of Heaven. Come behold MY beauty. All who look upon ME and obey shall live. I am the tri-fold cord. Seek ME and ye shall reap a plentiful harvest. You must sow and you must reap. Consequences are real. I AM is real.

Be still and know ME for the GREAT GOD I AM. I am YEHOVAH NISSI and I shall grant you the victory. Drink from MY well of prosperity and be satisfied. I take you to new higher realms of glory. Trust in ME, for I sustain the weary traveler. I sustain the needy and clothe the naked both at home and abroad.

Be stars, MY children. Shine with the brilliance of your FATHER YEHOVAH. Selah.

End of Word



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