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Prophecy 169 The Gan-Eden, HE Is Restoring It Upon The Earth!

Given to Prophet אברהם בן עזרא for the Praise, Honour & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven Received on 21st January, 2023 on the year of our LORD 5783, 28th of Tevet

From The 24 Elders [0423—0456 hrs];

Prophetic Message

Give glory to YEHOVAH O ye HIS beautiful children! Give glory to YEHOVAH your beloved and most gracious FATHER! HALLELU YAH! THOU O KING and GOD, YOU have ordained the blade of grass for beauty and glory! Its shoot for tenderness; and yes, to be consumed by the cows, to be snatched up and burned. YOU have vested so much in all that YOU have made. None is lacking in beauty and the wisdom YOU have created it with.

Yes, and the beautiful music! O the music! The tunes of nature! YOU have lavished them so! If you’d pay attention, you can hear them sing: the grass, the flowers, the trees, the plants! O they have a voice! It’s how YEHOVAH MY LORD and KING made them! HE is THE RESTORER of all things, isn’t HE? Yes! HE has restored and HE is restoring! Walk with new eyes beloved little children! Marvel at the beauty and wonder your FATHER has created and put all around you! The Gan-Eden, HE is restoring it upon the Earth! HALLELU YAH! PRAISE YEHOVAH from all the ends of the Earth! Praise HIM! Praise ye HIS HOLY NAME!

Let all the creatures sing for Joy! Let them shout to the Glory of THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED is HE!!! O beloved children! Ye shall see! Ye shall see creatures not seen upon the Earth in a long time! YEHOVAH has ordained it! Beautiful shall it be! Magnifique! All who shall prostate themselves at YOUR mercies, they shall be saved but all who will reject YOU, O YEHOVAH, woe is unto them!

YEHOVAH, YOU are wonderful! HOLY are YOU and YOUR Ways! YOU lead the saints to green pastures! YOU quench their thirst by YOUR rivers of FRESH LIVING WATERS! YOU have lavished them with good things! YOUR goodness, YOUR faithfulness surrounds them round and about! But for the wicked, they shall be brought down to sheol! To eternal destruction! There shall be no rest unto them! YOUR goodness, they shall not see! O they shall weep and mourn, for YOU they have mocked! They have mocked YOU and YOUR saints! What YOU did in the lives of the saints of the Earth, they did not understand, they did not know it. From them it was hidden that their just reward may be given them! HALLELU YAH! Give glory to YEHOVAH all ye HIS saints! Proclaim HIS goodness to all the ends of the Earth! Shout for joy! Celebrate your KING! HIS MAJESTY THE KING, YEHOVAH!


End of Word

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