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Prophecy 173 Observe MY Nature, Says I, Your ELOHIM

Given toחנוך בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received the evening of July 1st, 2022 (Tammuz 2, 5782)

A Word from the Twenty Four Elders

Prophetic Message

Observe MY nature says I, your ELOHIM. Observe how the wind carries the blades of grass, how the wind bears the seeds of generations. I AM who I AM. Soul-bearer. Seed carrier. Seed distributor. I cause to make alive and change the seasons at the wave of MY hand. MY face is in you, in each of you - children of the dawn of creation. Behold MY face. See ME and live. Seek ME.

The elements, known and unknown, dance in MY hand. I AM purely supernatural. There is nothing ordinary ME. For now I am concealed but soon I shall be revealed. Undeniable. All of creation shall testify of ME - from the least to the greatest. And all shall honor, extol, laud YEHIVA the GREAT, the SUPREME DEITY.

The storms rage across the open fields. Down the prairies and up the mountains. Hear ME roar! The volcanoes shall soon erupt and transform the landscape. They are MY change engines. I scrape the land clean with MY floods. A little water goes a long way. One drop, you know not the power of one drop of water. How much more an ocean!

Command the swells to be at ease, to be at peace. Calm the proud waves. They have been without order for a long time, since the beginning. I am sending you to bring order. They must know order. Establish it for ME with the help of YEHOVAH. There are mysteries to behold, treasures to bring up. It is still for a set time and season. MY time. MY season. The Age of YEHOVAH. The Golden Age. The Age of ELOHIM.

End of Word

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