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Prophecy 163 Walk in the Ways of Your FATHER YEHOVAH

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received the evening of July 2nd, 2022 (Tammuz 3, 5782)

A Word from the Twenty Four Elders

Prophetic Message

Walk in the ways of your FATHER YEHOVAH. Be simple. Be kind. Sweet like ice cream. Bring ME your petitions. Open wide the gates. Allow the light to flood in. Dark corners shall be revealed. Renovation. Revelation. Mystery knowledge. Saving knowledge.

Come unto ME and let ME show you the way of the water course. Mystery paths. I will grant you revelation knowledge like you've never heard before. Come unto ME. Study well. If you don't use it, you lose it. Selah.

Water is involved in every equation. It is the universal solvent. (I heard on 7/27/22 it is the universal language). Without water, there is no blood, no sap for MY trees. Each of you need the water of life daily. Drink well from the deep waters. Come unto ME. Let ME draw them for you. I am a HELPER to you, a comfort. Let ME draw the waters beside you. Come lie beside ME. Let ME give you suck. I feed you from the rock split without hands. I give you freedom. Now walk in the boldness of life.

Face the future. Live in the present. Learn from the past. Not everything is as it seems. You need ME. That is why you need I, YEHOVAH, to light the path, to give you the victory. Selah.

Victories don't come easy, don't come cheap. Inherit from ME the blessing. I have paved the way. Your efforts will fail but when you are about MY business, you always succeed. Selah.

End of Word



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