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Prophecy 171 YEHOVAH is Your Cup of Salvation

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received the morning of October 31st, 2022

(Cheshvan 6, 5783) from the Twenty Four Elders

Prophetic Message

Idle tales and idle hands are the work of the devil. They breed mischief and add corruption upon corruption. Avoid vain babblings as it is written. Speak truth in your hearts and words of love to one another. This goes for all.

Sit down with ME, MY children, and let ME tell you a true story, a story of love and compassion, of heartbreak and redemption. Look upon your FATHER YEHOVAH, your FATHER, for this is HIS biography. Selah.

HE is the GREAT KING who came down from heaven above. HE came down in humility and mystery. In every realm, HE laid down HIS life and gained the victory. HE is a GREAT KING and the NOBLE ONE. HE is the ONE through whom all nobility and noble ones descended.

Follow HIM, MY children, this YEHOVAH the GREAT of old and new. HE is your aged wine and your new wine. HE is your Cup of Salvation. Many have partaken, but who will stand? Who will believe HIS report? If you cannot believe earthly matters, how can you believe the heavenly?

Rest upon the arms of the NOBLE. Become nobility. Answer HIS call. HE makes holy those who draw near. It is a process. So do not delay. It is enough to be as HE is. With every revelation, lay your lives down. Seek not knowledge, but TRUTH. Pursue peace and you shall never go wrong. Adhere to HIS commands, for thus do all the Twenty Four Elders. Selah.

Bless YEHOVAH, oh ye mighty! Give glory unto HIS HOLY NAME! Shout for joy! Be blessed in the presence of the KING!

Arise, oh YEHOVAH, and judge the nations! Arise and give glory unto THY NAME!

[YEHOVAH:] I have both risen and judged. And now I shall come down. I shall come down and hand out the sentence. The scribes are ready. The executioners are quick. MY Word will not return unto ME void. MY Seven Spirits will not come back to ME empty-handed. They shall execute all that I require of them. They shall reap where I have sown; these (the Seven Spirits) carriers of MY Word, of MY Commands. And they shall make it quickly come to pass, for so have they been charged by YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. Selah.

Arise, oh MY Seven, and come down to the brook for slaughter. You shall not cease until I say so - these mighty Seven - for so have I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY, said so. Selah. And great shall be the slaughter in that day. Great shall be the triumph of the KING. Selah.

End of Word



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