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Prophecy 183 Proclaim the Year of YEHOVAH and be Set Free

Given toחנוך בן עזרא for the GLORY of ELOHIM (GOD)

Received the morning of October 31st, 2022

(Cheshvan 6, 5782) from the YEHOVAH GOD

Prophetic Message

MY waters are deep and stilled. An ocean of calm I am and yet full of zeal. MY waters are not troubled. YESHUA drank from these waters continually and that is why HE overcame all things. HE even walked atop the water. And there is found your destiny, MY children. Sanctified by the BLOOD of the LAMB. Sealed by HIS fate. You are called to do many wondrous things. Eye hath not seen nor ear heard.

You shall bring ME glory. You shall show the world. Is there anything I lack? Pay attention to detail. It is in the detail that the foxes flourish. So be on guard and fulfill every jot and tittle of MY Word. Selah.

All of Heaven and earth kneels before ME. They are subject unto the GREAT KING and HIS MAJESTY. Selah. Oh earth, what have I to do with you? If it were not for the BLOOD of YEHOVAH and the BLOOD of MY SON YESHUA, I would be through with you. But I am merciful. I am kind. Each breath is on borrowed time and I shall come to collect. I shall come to see what has been done with the life given to you. Selah.

Be ready. Be quick. Prepare ye yourselves, for the GREAT KING comes down to judge. HE shall make a quick end in all the earth. HE shall stain HIS garments crimson red. The blood of the wicked HE shall trample, HE shall tread. Fall in line. Get behind the KING. HE is ready to come in full force, in full measure. So get ready, MY beloveds! Get ready and be prepared. Selah.

Hear the whirlwind blow, the voice of the archangel unity. Hear the mighty blast of the shofar trumpet horn! Incline your ears, oh MY children, for war is about to commence. Lift your wands. Fasten the bow. Raise the rod. Shout and proclaim, "YEHOVAH of hosts is mighty indeed! Everlasting is HIS covenant! Triumphant are HIS foot steps! All hail the KING of GLORY!" Selah.

Know and behold, MY children, the pocket of your protection, the pocket of your inheritance. Seek a Word from ME I, YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY. Know your fate. Your fate is sealed, oh MY children. Your fate is sealed in ME. Come down to the waters. Stoop. Bow. Kneel. Proclaim the year of your YEHOVAH and be set free. HalleluYAH!

Shout for glory, oh ye heavens! Shout and praise! The LORD YEHOVAH is here! HIS Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. Know the KING and the fullness of HIS fruit. Partake of HIS abundance and know no lack. HE is the SHEPHERD of your soul and the ANOINTED ONE.

Listen to MY SON, oh ye heavens. Incline and fall not short. Great is the inheritance given you. Great HIS is mercy and loving kindness. Forsake not the covenant. Though the heavens be shaken and the earth break apart, know ye that HE is KING and HIS Word stands steadfast forever. Selah.

End of Word

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