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Prophecy 2 “ABBA YEHOVAH, Let Us Come Into Your Heart!”

Updated: May 14

Given to TORAH KEEPER for the Praise, Honor & Glory of ELOHIM (GOD) in Heaven

Written on December 29, 2018

Prophetic Message

(I see a vision of Dad Ezra before the Throne of the Precious HOLY TRINITY. It is a golden beautiful scene in Heaven with golden doors there. Dad is there and he is talking with ABBA YEHOVAH. HE is always there. HE is teaching us how to go back into ABBA YEHOVAH's heart. I see myself going toward ABBA YEHOVAH and I see the angel boost us up so we can go straight into the heart of ABBA YEHOVAH.

So beautiful, ABBA YEHOVAH, let us come into YOUR heart. YEHOVAH says, “Elijah will turn the hearts of the FATHER to the Children, lest I use Moshe to strike the earth with a curse.”

Great Teaching in this. Prophet Samuel. He is there while I heard this. We need to love one another so YEHOVAH's perfect unity will build/bind us in the golden chain. I hear YEHOVAH say…)

I use Ezra to rebuild, to build and to tear down strongholds. Deliverance has happened. Deliverance will happen. Miracles all over the earth. This is MY Moshe of New! How awesome is MY NAME! I am YEHOVAH! WE, the HOLY TRINITY give OUR Glory to no man! I use MY Apostles/Prophets to warn!

I wipe away his tears, as those once who were here to build him up, now tear him down with words of hate. Oh, come to ME, Ezra. Sit on I, YEHOVAH's lap. I am yours and you are MINE! I am your ABBA, you are MY Elder Bride! I cherish you Ezra. Your pain is deep but you reflect MY love.

I can run MY Living Waters through you because you allow MY love to bend you and not break you. I’m taking MY Elder Bride Home! Oh, prepare yourself MY Ezra! I AM your KING of Kings, LOVER of your soul, and there is no other who can heal you like ME!

I AM the faithful GOD of Eternity! I hold you in MY palm Ezra. Each line is so unique. Each line in your palm. I created each one to tell a story of your life. It is in your DNA and only so I can see, lest I reveal.

Compassion. Be still and know I am your HEALER.

Rejoice and praise ME for your affliction for soon I shall fill you with MY power from on high such as this world has not yet seen.

End of the Word

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