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Prophecy 195 Behold the Mystery! Behold the Wonder!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the evening of November 21st, 2022

(Cheshvan 27, 5783) from YEHOVAH GOD

Prophetic Message

Behold the wonder! Behold the mystery! I AM ALEPH and TAV. Hear ME roar! At the head of MY camp I AM. There is none like ME, MY children. Proclaim it to the world. Soon MY garments shall be stained with the blood of the wicked. And what an offense I shall be. Offense is a destiny killer. Disinherit it today, MY children.

Flow in the free flowing, effervescent River of Life. I am Living Waters. Inherit ME. Drink from ME. Deeply satisfy your thirst and never look elsewhere again. Subtle are the ways of the flesh at times. Be on guard always. Selah.

The water of mystery surrounds you. I clothe you in mystery. You are kept secret in the shadow of MY wings. It is true they will mock, but then again, the servant is not greater than the MASTER, nor the child above his FATHER. You shall see, but keep not your gaze on the troubled seas. Let them roar, being perplexed in their minds and hearts because they reject ME I, YEHOVAH. They stand against all that is holy. SO LET THEM HAVE A FOOL'S REWARD! They shall beg for the days of mercy and none shall be had for them! Selah.

MY sons and MY daughters, perilous days lay ahead. As long as you are in ME, you are founded upon the ROCK. Do not lean over the edge, for a great fall awaits.

You need one another. Stay close to one another. The enemy seeks to trip you up. What he can't do spiritually, he will try to do physically. Learn from one another. The disciples stumbled many times in the hour of testing because they did not learn. So stay far from this mindset and keep I, YEHOVAH, first and foremost in your mind. Selah.

The earth shall rage and the oceans shall tremble exceedingly. But I shall keep you safe, hidden, protected in the palm of MY hand. It is about to get windy as I blow upon the wicked. But they shall not stand, for what stubble remains before a mighty blowing wind? What chaff remains in the face of fire? Nay, I say. It is all consumed. And so shall the enemies be all around you. Fret not. MY Kingdom is not out of order Selah.

MY beautiful child, you are MY pleasantries. Rejoice before ME always. I am your KEEPER. I am your SHALOM. Selah.

Ride with ME. Let us take a trip. Do not look back. I want to show you wondrous new realms. The earth is one glory. I want to show you many glories. Selah.

Hope with ME. Hope in ME. I am your new found glory. Selah.

MY children come gather round. Each of your orbits is to be synchronized with MINE, straying neither to the right or to the left. MY path is MY own and there is freedom/victory there! HALLELUYAH!

Yes, MY children, come to ME. I am your PROVIDER. Look upon ME and know. Look upon ME and know that I am your BEST and there is no other. Selah.

MY children, I AM WHO I AM. The tides of the sea cannot change this change fact. Neither can the blowing winds of sand in the Sahara. Look to ME, your MASTER, for guidance and direction. MY foot steps will not mislead you. I am only truth. Selah.

End of Word



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