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Prophecy 196 Safety is Only Found in ME I, YEHOVAH

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Given to Prophet חנוך בן עזרא for the Praise, Honor and Glory of ELOHIM in Heaven

Received the night of November 28th, 2022

(Kislev 4, 5783) from YEHOVAH GOD

Prophetic Message

MY children, hear the quiet trickle of the Living Waters in your lives. I call gently to each one of you. Selah.

Be blessed, MY children, as I pour abundant blessings upon you. Misunderstand not. I am your TRIDENT KEEPER. Selah.

Riches and blessings are with ME. I hold sway over the ocean's waves. I command the deep. The depths are MINE and the fullness thereof. Selah.

So honor ME this day, MY children, as I pour out more blessings upon you. Selah.

Worship ME with all your might, MY children! Worship ME in holiness. I am a good GOD the likes of which you will not find. Honor ME with your substance. Honor ME with you care. Daily, MY children, I lay down MY life for you. Daily you are to seek MY face.

Safety is only found in ME I, YEHOVAH. So look not elsewhere, not even to yourselves, or to one another. Yes, trust each other. Do not misunderstand. But I am your source, your life, your bread. I AM your everything. So give glory to ME, MY children, and know that you are not a lost cause or burdensome. At times you test MY patience, yes, but that does not mean I am against you. Quite the contrary!

Yes, MY children, bow down before ME. Kiss MY feet. I am the apple of your eye. Hear ME clearly. Selah.

Enjoy one another. Feast with one another. I dine with you. Carry out MY Order. Be about MY business and enjoy the day. Selah.

Bow down and worship ME. Take advantage of every opportunity to give ME glory. You know not how this blesses you. Selah.

This is your year of jubilee! Believe it! Be enthusiastic about it. Show excitement, for this is how you show your faith. The Israelites of Old were excited at the approach of this festive time. Who wouldn't be? Who wouldn't want to be set free or see their brothers and sisters set free? Only the evil. Only the evil, I tell you.

So rejoice before ME and thank ME for this year of jubilee. Selah.

The counsel, MY children, is to walk in unity. Birds of a feather flock together. Everything after its own kind. Each snowflake is different, is unique and yet many snowflakes coming together make the snow.

Learn the lessons of love. See the lesson of disunity. Loyalty is the key. There are so many life lessons to learn. What to do and what not to do. Pay attention, MY children.

MY children, hearken unto ME. I am YEHOVAH Hear ME clearly. I rule all ages. There is none like ME. I bend the waves, causing them to crash on the shore. I open the sun and cause his heat/rays to pour forth. Through the many gates I cause him to travel. In sickness and in health, I cause him to shine upon the world. Selah.

Do not underestimate ME, MY children. I may be quiet and humble, but there is a rod of iron within. I do not bend, but I do bind. I bind those who follow ME to be a sacrifice. Be a willing sacrifice. That is all that I ask. I require of you everything, for I MYSELF gave all. MY life was given a ransom for many. Selah.

Be advantageous. Know your enemy. Seek refuge. Use tactics and strategy. All of you. The path will get more slippery, but hold on to the lifeline I have given you, each of you. For hard is the way and narrow is the path that leads to life. I never promised this life would be easy. It hasn't for ME, but I take it in stride. It is a race of endurance. Many start out hot, running with speed and zeal, but then burn out, for they did not pace themselves.

As YESHUA had said, and as I taught HIM, there are those who take the seed with joy, but because they have no root in themselves, when the testing comes, the heat of the day, their plant withers and dies.

Be not like them, MY children, but pace yourselves. Consider the long term and build with understanding. Selah.

End of Word



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